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Far-right parties in France and Sweden: are they equally on the right?

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  1. "Sociocultural conservatism" and "nationalism"
  2. Far-right parties
  3. Differences in the political programs

The last Swedish elections have shown the progression of the Swedish far-right party, the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). It appears that the rise of far-right parties is a general tendency in Europe, France is not an exception, the influence of the National Front is also growing up. Nevertheless, despite being both situated far-right on their national left-right political axis, the Sweden Democrats and the National Front wouldn't be situated on the same position on an international left-right political axis. These axis take into account two main dimensions: socioeconomic issues (should the state intervene or not on the market?) and sociocultural issues (mainly divided that way: right parties are conservatist about cultural behaviour, freedom and autonomy; whereas left parties are progressist). We could therefore wonder to what extent the Sweden Democrats and the National Front, despite being both situated far-right on their national political axis, would not have the same position on a common international axis.

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