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Is NATO still relevant ?

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  1. Introduction
  2. General framework around NATO's controversy
    1. The military alliance
    2. Prevention of the USSR and Communism from spreading over Europe
  3. The arguments of NATO's advocates
  4. The increasing irrelevance of NATO
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

General De Gaulle once said that all alliances are like roses: they wither and decay. NATO might be a counter-example or it might not. While during the Munich Conference, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, claimed ?As an alliance we have never been stronger. We have never been more united. We have never been more resolved to move forward together,? the general opinion was quite the opposite. On both sides of the Atlantic, no one would say that this statement strongly reflects the current reality. On the contrary, NATO is actually a huge object of controversies and is at a crossroads, trying to define its future, if any. Is NATO still relevant in a world of evolving coalitions and global economies? Is there a place for a military partnership originally formed to counter balance the Soviet Union (USSR) that no longer exists? Will the eternally-fraught transatlantic relationship be the downfall of the most powerful military alliance in the world? In order to understand this debate better, I will first present the framework of the current NATO's controversy, and then describe the NATO's advocates' point of view. I will consequently discuss the fact that, without reforming, NATO is no longer relevant in a post Cold War world.

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