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Constructivism and intervention: The case of Kosovo

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  1. Introduction
  2. Constructivism and Alexander Wendt
  3. Constructivist theory
  4. A state's identity
  5. Importance of communication and the distribution of knowledge among actors
  6. The recent study of modern intervention
  7. Kosovo's historical and religious significance to the Serbian nation
  8. The war in Bosnia
  9. The humanitarian crisis in Kosovo
  10. Serbia's identity in the world
  11. Anti-Albanian campaigns and Milosevic's misperceptions of NATO
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Constructivism is one of the ?newer? theories of International Relations (IR) that attempts to build bridges between the existing theories of IR, most notably neo-realism and neo-liberalism. Constructivism has its roots in the pre-World War II (WWII) Utopian era, which then intermixed with the critical social theory movements of Foucault and others alike. Since then it ?has acquired considerable significance in International Relations? and as a ?phenomenon has become inescapable?1. Its goal is to explain how many core aspects of IR are actually socially constructed, contrary to the beliefs held by the neo-realists and the neo-liberals who believe that its structure arises from immutable forces in human nature. It claims that international actors are embedded in a structure that is both normative and material2. This is somewhat of a departure from the previous theories that largely focused on materialist aspects only.

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