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Does class still explain how people vote?

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  1. The class-voting phenomenon was disappearing
    1. Social and political structure
    2. Emergence of the dealignment's theory
  2. New cleavages have emerged and can explain how people vote
    1. Misinterpretations and early conclusions regarding the death of class-voting
    2. New cleavages

"People think politically as they are socially. Social characteristics determine political ones." Wrote Lazarsfeld in The People's choice published in 1944. As this statement highlights the paramount importance of social class on electoral choices, it is often used to explain the sociological perspective on votes, i.e. the fact that vote choice is a function of a group membership. Historically, class-voting, in the Marxist sense, existed, as the working-class used to support the left while the middle class favored the liberals and the conservatives. However, since World War II, social classes appear decreasingly relevant to explain voting patterns. Hence one question must be asked: Does class still explain how people vote?

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