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Social inequality, democracy, capitalism

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  1. Introduction
  2. Latin America
  3. Social inequality, democracy, capitalism
  4. This political-institutional
  5. Conclusion

In Latin America, social inequality can lead to the strengthening of anti-democratic convictions and further develop the "apartheid" prevailing social. The intervention of the political in the definition and implementation of economic and social policies is becoming more necessary, and the State fulfills that coordination of multiple forms task. As stated LECHNER (1996):

The carrying capacity is, in my view, the power of the State social forces around a development perspective. Refers, therefore, the political decision about the social objectives and design strategies consistent with such purposes.

The term substantive democracy, which comes from the political struggle between classes, would be intrinsically linked to the issue of social democracy, that is, the realization of the distribution of the material conditions of survival and rise in the social scale (health, education, employment, housing, among many others).

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