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The world hunger

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  1. War and conflict
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Everyone human being experiences with some form of struggle. It is an inevitable part of life. However, some struggles are a bit more serious in nature than others. Hunger provides an example of this. Hunger is a world issue that has yet to be resolved. The issue has been evident for several years. However, there are various views regarding the problem. Through research, the global view of hunger may be revealed.
In order to fully understand the global view of world hunger a definition for the term, hunger, must be outlined. One source outlines the term as a feeling of weakness or discomfort caused by lack of food and coupled with the desire to eat. (Jarosz) The definition of the term may be expanded beyond a feeling. Because of the fatal nation of the sensation, an additional definition may be rendered. The second definition identifies hunger as a suffering due to lack of food. (Jarosz)

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