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Human geography of Cuba

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As the head of Cuba for nearly 46 years, Fidel Castro still enjoys a remarkable notoriety. He continues to resist the policy of the United States and does not have the need to revive the spirit of the revolution. The actual position of Cuba is critical. When Communism crumbled, the island, which carried out more than 80% of its trade with the Eastern European countries, collapsed. Today, the situation has somewhat rectified, but life remains very difficult. Even a social analysis of the country remains difficult by the lack of information and its handling by the State. This paper will initially study the physical geography of Cuba before demonstrating that this revolution deeply modified the life of the population by many economic and social reforms.

Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands just as a large crocodile,hence the term "crocodile green Caribbean." Thus, this archipelagointo account both the island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and 1,600 cays(from English key which means island) and are in most reefs due togeomorphological environment Cuban. So, the mainland can be divided very roughly into two between the West and the East (commonly known as Oriente), plus the center,which focuses on the most important cities such as Santa Clara.

When Fidel Castro entered Havana surrounded by his loyal supporters he was looked upon as the Liberator but the difficult years were to begin almost immediately. The whole early history of the Castro revolution is that of a headlong rush, unavoidable consequence of the contradictions that would arise between a Latin American country that actually decided to make its economic and political revolution, and escape from the great protecting power of the United States.

Tags: Cuba; Revolution by Castro; consequences of this revolution; economic and social reforms

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