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Scientific revolutions as defined by Kuhn

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Thomas Kuhn was born in 1922 and died in 1996. He was an epistemologist and historian of American science. He earned his Ph.D at Harvard in 1949 and then taught the history of science in several ivy league American universities such as Berkeley, Princeton and MIT.
Thomas Kuhn is best known for his book ?The Structure of Scientific Revolutions' which was published in 1962. It was sold over a million copies and has been translated into sixteen languages.

Principle of Scientific Revolutions
Kuhn uses the history of science to explain the dynamics of science. What is unique about his approach is that it uses more cognitive elements to explain the dynamics. It is based on the social factors that were in place at the time of the scientific discovery.

It should be noted that many Marxist authors have wanted to opt for the externalist view of the history of science. Nikolai Bukharin, Boris Essen and John D. Bernal were such authors. But it was really with Kuhn's book that this approach became formalized and important.

To explain the dynamics of science, Kuhn demonstrates the importance of the social factors that were in place at the time of the scientific discovery. This encompasses a whole range of parameters such as the economic and social situations of the country, the philosophical perceptions of the time etc.

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