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The speech impediment stuttering

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In our language and culture class, we had several detailed discussions regarding speech disabilities and how they affect one's performance of language and others' views on that person's comprehension of, or competence in, language. We also learned that speech impediments afflicted a larger number of students in class than we would have imagined. This sparked our group's interest, and for our research project we have decided to focus on the speech impediment stuttering. We wanted to focus on the research methods that were used in speech therapy which could help children overcome this hardship. We hypothesized that there would be no single philosophy most effective for overcoming stuttering.

It is important that we understand more about this subject because it does affect a great deal of people. According to the Stuttering Foundation's official website, there are ?over three million Americans stutter.? Approximately one percent of the world's population stutters and up to ten percent have other speech impediments.

By the late 1800s, many studies and other documents were recorded about stuttering. Unfortunately, a great deal of these were based on ?armchair speculation and casual observation?(Williams). The State University of Iowa a instituted speech disorder program, the first of its kind, was headed by Lee Edward Travis. He published his book Speech Pathology in 1931, which may have something to do with why a majority of the research found on this topic was written in the 1930s and 40s, and why it was slightly outdated. Prior to these studies, tickling a baby was one of the many superstitious reasons that accounted for stuttering.

Early on in this field, observations and general statements have been declared without actual scientific data. Once awareness is spread on this topic, it stimulates new interest in collecting information about the subject at hand. This helps integrate people with disorders or disabilities into the greater society and promotes understanding and fair treatment of those with an affliction, while also providing hope for new treatments.

Studies vary greatly in their approaches, focuses and methods for recording data. Some are completely contradictory to others, and it is essential for more research to be done in this field to clarify the information available now. In the future, it would be nice to see more interviews with stutterers that provide insight into their feelings about their impediment and effectiveness of treatments.

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