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Law case study in civil law

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12 Mar 2021

Legal Philosophy - Value judgments and how judges decide cases - Mapodile v Minister of Correctional Services 2016 (2) SACR 413 (GJ)

Law case study - 5 pages - Civil law

This case concerned the rights of gay prisoners and their treatment in prison. The applicant was a gay prisoner who brought an application to the court seeking the court's assistance in establishing the rights of gay and lesbian men and women to be confined in cells with people of similar...

25 May 2020

Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) - The Right of Privacy and Abortion

Law case study - 5 pages - Civil law

First of all, it feels right to define what's the right of privacy. Several definitions can be found. The right of or to privacy is the right not to have one's personal matters disclosed or publicised - Louis Brandeis who will be appointed to the Supreme Court qualified it as the...