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Case studies in constitutional law

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04 Jul 2012

Assessing the impact of parental marital status in relation to Irish child law: should Constitution be amended?

Case study - 10 pages - Constitutional law

“It cannot be contested that a person born outside marriage, is a human person, equal to one born within marriage” . In this statement, Justice Walsh points out the differential treatment between marital and non-marital children which is derived from the Irish Constitution. By...

11 Aug 2009

The states right to compel individuals to take medications

Case study - 13 pages - Constitutional law

A basic standard of health care for all American citizens is an idea that arose less than 100 years ago, but which today is a tenet that most people in the United States believe. Basic healthcare belongs, in my opinion, to the whole world simply due to them being “world citizens”,...

15 Jan 2009

Essay on the separation of powers in Europe - A comparative study

Case study - 16 pages - Constitutional law

“Each country must find a solution which is sensitive to its domestic culture” …this is the position of Lord Irvine of Lairg on the separation of powers. This can be regarded as a politically correct position on a very discussed topic in that it does not take part in the animated...