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11 Jan 2017

American police history

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

In the foggy streets of London in 1829 a ruling made by British Parliament would change the system of policing around the world drastically and forever. This ruling was based upon the ideas of a man named Robert Peel, and these ideas are still the major basis for police in America today.

24 Mar 2015

Strategic problems facing Human Resource Managers (HRM) operating in multi-national companies (MNC)

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

A multi-national company is a company that has been formed to operate across known international physical boundaries (Cooke, 2003). These companies are often located to other international countries apart from the parent country in which it was originally founded. These multinational...

13 Jan 2014

America's changing workforce

Essay - 1 pages - Criminal law

The workforce in America is growing older. Many workers are approaching the standard retirement age and if they retire as scheduled, there will be a shortage of workers available to meet the demands of today's businesses. To make sure they have adequate personnel, American businesses have to take...

17 Aug 2012

The Patriot Act: Why it's Constitutional as well as vital to American Freedom

Essay - 13 pages - Criminal law

The Patriot Act is often thought to be a breach of civil liberties but in reality it is just an extension of laws that already exist. The Patriot Act allows investigators to use the tools that are already available in the investigations of counter terrorism within the world of organized crime and...

29 Sep 2010

Is the adversarial system of criminal procedure more or less effective than an inquisitorial system in finding out the truth about an alleged offence? Advantages and disadvantages of adversarial and inquisitorial criminal procedure

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

As early as 1866, Faustin Helie, a French judge and legal author, underlined the idea of a necessary equilibrium between the interests of the society (which needs to be protected from infringements) and the interests of the accused persons (whose rights must be totally guaranteed) in the criminal...

29 Sep 2010

Criminal law: recklessness and negligence

Essay - 4 pages - Criminal law

Subject: “Risk takers” present problems for the courts. Critically discuss this statement with reference to the courts' management of defendants who claim “I did not think”, “I did foresee a risk and took it but I intended no harm”, “Awareness of a risk...

12 Jan 2009

Law of war crimes: command responsibility and the Yamashita precedent

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

In an interesting article from the Legal Times untitled ‘From the top on down'1, two American military judges, namely J.D. Hutson and J. Cullen, lay emphasis on the need to hold Secretary of Defence D. Rumsfeld accountable for abuses on his watch mostly directed at Afghans and Iraqis....

14 Oct 2008

Are sex offenders rehabilitative and should the government impose the death penalty on them?

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

Recent, emerging academic debate has polarised opinion as to whether rehabilitation programs geared towards the treatment of sex offenders are in fact successful in reducing “sexual recidivism” (Marques 1999). Resolving this debate is a difficult task due to the inherent limitations of...

20 Aug 2008

Criminal Law problem question

Essay - 9 pages - Criminal law

This document provides an analysis in answer to a criminal law problem question relating to the law of murder and manslaughter. The problem is set out as follows: Alan and Betty are contestants in the Big Sister game show. They do not get on and Alan feels that Betty is two faced....

18 Aug 2008

Tearing the tag off the mattress :Why over-criminalization is an escalating epidemic

Essay - 6 pages - Criminal law

Many law scholars and experts in the area of law and society can argue and disagree on many different issues. However, many can also agree on one thing and that is that the justice system suffers because of over criminalization. With outdated offenses, too many laws, and new...

18 Aug 2008

How should we punish offenders?

Essay - 9 pages - Criminal law

Criminological debate has propounded polarised theorem as to the most efficacious method to punish offenders within the criminal justice system. Whilst academics agree on the concept of “punishment” as a necessary means they “disagree on the underlying reason that makes...

18 Aug 2008

Nature of aggression and the law

Essay - 6 pages - Criminal law

The nature of aggression has always been troublesome to settle as a legal concept, especially as it is “intertwined with political elements” . The concept of aggression as a criminal offence was fuelled by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in the wake of the Second...

13 Aug 2008

Applied criminology - How are we best to describe the actions of a serial killer?

Essay - 4 pages - Criminal law

The definition of “serial killing” has proved problematic within the confines of narrow legal definitions of murder. Moreover, serial killing adopts multifarious forms brought on by many different states of mind (D, Wilson. 2001). Holmes attempted to define serial murder as...

08 Aug 2008

Criminal law - prison industrial complex - too complex? Criminal law - prison industrial complex - too complex? Criminal law - prison industrial complex - too complex?

Essay - 8 pages - Criminal law

A third party has entered the scene of the U.S. prison system: the private sector. A handful of for-profit Wall Street corporations are currently making millions of dollars from what some critics call “dungeons for dollars.” Such corporations claim they can build and run...

11 Jul 2008

A descriptive study on the people's opinions towards the legalization of death penalty

Essay - 4 pages - Criminal law

The study explores the opinions of people residing in a particular community towards death penalty. The information will be gathered through self-administered test questionnaires and focus group discussions. Moreover, the test will also take into account the factors that affect the perceptions of...

07 Jul 2008

The issue of White collar crime

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

In recent years, corporate scandals such as those that occurred at Enron and WorldCom have brought a more focused spotlight on the issue of white-collar crime. Although white-collar crime has remained a pervasive part of social discourse throughout the course of the twentieth century, the...

17 Jun 2008

Exploration of the concepts of criminology and criminal justice as sciences

Essay - 7 pages - Criminal law

Throughout the course of the twentieth century notable advancements in science and technology has enabled researchers choose significantly improve their overall ability to conduct empirical research. Although the advancements have taken place have impacted almost every field of study, and...

27 Feb 2007

"In sum, at night, young people seek excitement in cities, not safety": discuss the relationship between young people's leisure activities, crime and the fear of crime.

Essay - 8 pages - Criminal law

Young people's behaviours are seen in the society as a catalyser of change, a vector for social and moral evolution. Usually our societies, often driven by a sense of cautious conservatism, are prudent or even resistant towards youth's attitude. Contrary to the common thoughts youth delinquency...