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05 Nov 2023

The case of free movement of goods

Law case - 3 pages - European law

On December 22nd, the Yellow Vests, a movement of demonstrators, organised several roadblocks on all French borders, including the border between France and Italy, the Mont Blanc tunnel. You would like to take legal actions against France for having failed to lift the roadblock to allow the...

05 Nov 2023

Memorandum - Free Movements of Goods

Law case - 5 pages - European law

"Dear Sir, As discussed, we revert back to you with respect to your request for legal opinion regarding the following matters: - whether a Member State can be said to have infringed EU law, in a case where it merely abstained from adopting measures necessary to remove obstacles to the free...

29 Sep 2010

Foster v. British Gas plc: A European mirror of the French Public Service?

Law case - 4 pages - European law

Most of the developed states are aware of what public service is through facts. But only a few of them have come up with a legal definition of what it really is. In French Administrative law, the notion of public service has never been and will never be easily displayed. Major academics are still...

05 Sep 2006

CASE No COMP/M.3099 : Areva / Urenco / ETC JV

Law case - 12 pages - European law

In its decision of the 6th October 2004, the European Commission has assessed the compatibility with the common market of the concentration of two firms from the nuclear industry sector, following the procedure laid down in the merger regulation. This concentration was proposed by the French...