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04 Jul 2016

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

In the 1960's, our country went through many significant transformations. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 which was passed by President Lyndon Johnson gave enormous rights to black people, women, all ethnic groups, and the Act made it illegal to discriminate against people for trivial reasons....

29 Mar 2016

UK revenge porn laws: Literature review

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Revenge porn is a type of illegal activity where a party exposes explicit images or other materials such as videos, of a person whom they had a relationship with but broke up in retaliation to the break up with the aim of hitting back at their significant others. It may also occur when hackers...

25 Feb 2016

Criminal justice ethics

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

The processes and systems set to prevent and mitigate crime, impose criminal punishments to those who violate the law and recommend rehabilitation is criminal justice. (Banks, 2013).Criminal justice ethics focuses on enforcement of the law being guided by social institutions and values. A...

08 Feb 2016

Separation of power in Australian law

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Principally, it refers to constitution principle and ideology that offers check and balances to any power vested in any institution or person. Governmental authorities are divided into different branches for example, there is legislative arm that comprises of senate and parliament, executive...

16 Sep 2015

Comparative law : relationship between law and religion

Essay - 7 pages - Other law subjects

The promotion and securing of peaceful dispute settlement is typically one of the most critical, although difficult, objectives of the international legal system. The fundamental principles as well as methods, which govern the settlement of such disputes today, especially interstate disputes, are...

14 Sep 2015

Airline and pilot safety

Essay - 25 pages - Other law subjects

Safety has consistently been one of the primary concerns in the aviation industry. The crucial nature of safety in this sector is accentuated by the fact that most airplane accidents result in catastrophic loss of life. Such accidents also lead to incurrence of significant costs in terms of...

24 Jul 2015

Gay rights and human rights

Essay - 1 pages - Other law subjects

All humans should share certain rights, regardless of their identity. However, this is not the case in multiple states. Our country has been rid of laws that discriminate based on race. Nevertheless, one discriminating factor is prevalent within our nation. Homosexuals are still discriminated...

24 Jul 2015

The need for moral rights for animals

Essay - 1 pages - Other law subjects

Animals are a crucial part of our society. However, they are not respected in this manner. Most people do not recognize or appreciate their existence. Several authors have observed the schizoid quality in the relationship between humans and animals. An Animal's Place by Michael Pollan and The...

15 Aug 2013

Write an essay or a story to illustrate how as a victim you came out as a victor at the end

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

Monday morning's general assembly at the school was the most dreaded event. On that particular day the head teacher of the local Methodist Primary School at Bodum, Mr. Rufus Obiri, put in an appearance himself. He would, in a stern mood, read out the names of students who were to be subject to...

13 Aug 2013

Components of the court system

Essay - 2 pages - Other law subjects

Every aspect of our society has varying proponents. Nothing goes without refute. This is evident in politics, economics, and history. An exemplification of this may be presented through our court system. Court proceedings vary based on the nature of the hearing. Civil cases drastically vary from...

20 Oct 2010

Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District 393 U.S. 503 (1969)

Essay - 1 pages - Other law subjects

John and Mary Beth Tinker, high school students, decided with their friend, Christopher Eckhardt, to wear black armbands to school in protest of the Vietnam War. The armbands included a peace sign and were meant to support President Kennedy's call for a Christmastime truce. The...

29 Sep 2010

Contracts and tort law - Causation and loss of chance

Essay - 10 pages - Other law subjects

When it comes to tort or contract litigation in the aim of obtaining damages, the most important aspect to take into account is the issue of causation. Indeed, without proving a causal link between the defendant's action and the claimant's harm, no liability can be held. This rigor is a means of...

29 Sep 2010

Family Law: Comparison France Vs. China

Essay - 20 pages - Other law subjects

During the last century, the Chinese government decided to abolish the old family system and establish a new family idea: the socialist family system (the Marriage Code of 1950). This marked a turning point in Chinese common law and the beginning of a new family way of thinking. With this new...

29 Sep 2010

The discussion of Hart and Fuller

Essay - 7 pages - Other law subjects

Natural law has to explain the nature of morality. The natural law view believes that the creation of law should be based on natural laws or common morals. Laws are based on purpose, not on meaning of the words. Natural lawyers do not separate law and morality, since an unjust law is not a law at...

29 Sep 2010

Introduction to torts and the nominate torts

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

The word ?torts' is used to denote many civil wrongs. A tort is defined in formal terms as a civil wrong which gives rise to an action for damages, other than the one which is exclusively breach of contract or breach of trust or other equitable obligation. As common law, the law of torts grew...

29 Sep 2010

The economics of the no-fault divorce law

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Marriage is a specific kind of contract "based upon a voluntary private agreement by a man and a woman to become husband and wife?. So in a sense, marriage is a contract like another one, the only difference being that the two contracting parties are strictly determined by the law as "only a...

29 Sep 2010

The rule of precedent

Essay - 4 pages - Other law subjects

In a society ruled by law, it is essential that the law is applied in the same way to those in similar situations. This way people know when they are breaking “the law”. It also ensures that citizens are treated fairly, in the sense of being subject to the same judgement....

29 Sep 2010

The protection of consumers on Internet

Essay - 15 pages - Other law subjects

The recent boom of the internet in Europe and the emergence of a new kind of commerce (e-commerce) led to a widening of the commercial offers that can be proposed to the consumers. Simultaneous with such an expansion in internet offering come the demand for online security regarding the rights...

16 Jan 2009

Controversy around memorial laws

Essay - 12 pages - Other law subjects

A controversy recently arose in France in which historians played a significant role. This controversy involves a number of actors: The French government, which passed the so-called “memorial laws”; the interest groups that lobbied the Parliament to pass them; the historians who became...

16 Jan 2009

The class action lawsuits

Essay - 3 pages - Other law subjects

We read about class actions almost everyday in the newspapers. The idea to gather together in order to sue big companies such as tobacco or food companies originates from the United States; however, as these lawsuits are increasingly successful, the phenomenon currently spreads into the whole...

15 Jan 2009

Jürgen Habermas overemphasises the role of the public sphere in his theory of law and democracy

Essay - 7 pages - Other law subjects

Jürgen Habermas (born June 18, 1929 in Düsseldorf) is a German philosopher, political scientist and sociologist in the tradition of critical theory. His work focuses on the analysis of advanced capitalist industrial society and of democracy and the rule of law in a critical social-evolutionary...

08 Dec 2008

Legal and policy issues and campaigning strategy relevant to the 21st congressional district election in Florida

Essay - 16 pages - Other law subjects

This paper will outline the legal and policy issues that are pertinent to your election campaign against incumbent Lincoln Diaz-Balart in the 21st U.S. Congressional District of Florida (herein after the 21st District, the District, or the 21st). We start with a general fact summary of...

21 Nov 2008

Robert Oppenheimer and the FBI security clearance hearings

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Nobody can definitively say whether Oppenheimer truly deserved to lose his security clearance. He made several mistakes of great import. However, he loyally served the United States throughout his life and was instrumental in creating the weapon that ultimately ended the war (whether that weapon...

19 Nov 2008

Consumer motivations regarding non-ownership decisions in the automotive industry

Essay - 6 pages - Other law subjects

In the analysis of non-ownership decisions in the automotive industry “non-ownership” must first be defined. Non- ownership is simply referring to a leasing type of contract, this type of a contract allows for consumption without ownership. Traditional purchase, cash or...

06 Nov 2008

Bias against blacks and hispanics in the criminal justice system

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Is there a racial bias in America's criminal justice system? This seems like a fairly straightforward yes or no question, yet it has caused heated debate between researchers throughout the second half of this century. Recently the debate has intensified as several states move to enact a...

15 Oct 2008

Property law: Landlord and tenant law

Essay - 7 pages - Other law subjects

In 2000, Oliver's great aunt Fran, died leaving Oliver “all my right, title and interest in Blackacre”. Fran's will left everything else to her next of kin Everett. In 2003, Oliver subdivided Blackacre into Yellowacre and Blueacre. In 2003, Oliver entered into an agreement with Tania to...

14 Oct 2008

Dissolution of assets and unincorporated associations

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

During his life time Brendon was a member of the Tetherdown Theatre Club, which was a non-charitable unincorporated association. Membership fees were used for various purposes, including for rental of a local theatre space. In the summer of 2004, the club organised a workshop for local children...

09 Sep 2008

Battered woman syndrome and New York city

Essay - 5 pages - Other law subjects

Though domestic violence, as an issue, is important enough for the mayor of have an office dedicated to the phenomenon (Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence) and several local laws that protect victims of domestic violence, the city government remains largely silent on the concept of...

20 Aug 2008

Child advocacy groups and class action lawsuits

Essay - 9 pages - Other law subjects

Children's Rights, Inc. is one organization dedicated to improving and reforming state-run child welfare systems, and ensuring that those state-run child welfare systems are held accountable for providing safe and adequate environments for the children under their care. Since the mid-nineties,...

18 Aug 2008

Family law - Problem question assignment

Essay - 4 pages - Other law subjects

Maria and Homer are not married and in order to apply for a protective order Part IV of the FLA Maria will have to come within the definition of “associated persons” as prescribed by the FLA (A Diduck., & F Kaganas., 2006). Section 62 of the FLA defines “associated...