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16 Jul 2021

The Universality of Fundamental Rights

Essay - 5 pages - Public liberties

The concept surrounding the notion of the universality of fundamental rights, and more precisely that of human rights, implies in reality rights that would apply to all of humanity. Its point of origin, both historical and philosophical, in fact, lies in an 18th-century French text, namely: The...

26 Mar 2009

Whereas the crucial importance of freedom of expression/freedom of the press cannot be in dispute, some feel that the development of the "Reynolds defence", has gone too far in relegating the role of libel laws to a position of secondary importance

Essay - 4 pages - Public liberties

In most areas where the tort law exists, the concentration is mainly with regard to the protection of personal safety against harm caused by physical interference. The tort of defamation is however concerned with protecting the claimant from harm caused by harsh words (harm caused verbally)....