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Conventional offset

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  1. Definition
  2. Production of the plate
  3. DTP / Direct-to-plate (direct-on-plate)
  4. Types of printers
  5. Conclusion

It is the main printing process since the second half of the 20th century, ensuring good quality for medium and large print runs and just about any type of paper and some types of plastic (especially polystyrene). Planográfico process, originating in lithography, he makes an indirect impression: there is an intermediate element between the matrix and the paper, which is called a blanket. The image that is in the array (which is metal and is simply called plate) is transferred to a cylinder covered with rubber (blanket) and, hence, to the role. In short: the matrix print blanket, prints the paper. The offset term comes from litographyque offset expression, literally, means lithography out-of-place, mentioning just will indirect printing (lithography, printing was direct, with paper having contact with the matrix).

In the second half of the 1990s, the offset now has a fundamental improvement: machines equipped with CTP systems (computer-to-press), which allow the entry of digital data files directly to the printer, where the recording is made of plates and dispensing Photolithography. Although not appropriate, this process mode has been called digital offset.

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