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A research on case tools in software development life cycle

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  1. Introduction to software development
  2. The product of the software engineering
  3. Software engineering for the future
  4. Historical evaluations of tools and equipments
  5. Definition of CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools
    1. Major points about CASE for future
  6. Designation of the study
  7. Company profile:Vision Infotech
    1. Origin
    2. Future of Vision Infotech
  8. Profile of CASE tools
  9. Theoritical perspective of the study
  10. Analysis and inference
  11. Recommendation and conclusion
  12. Bibliography

Software has become the way we engage the world. And software is ubiquitous. It's everywhere, from the cars we drive (with more software in the average car than in the Apollo spacecraft); to military equipment (today 80% of a fighter jets capability is capability is performed by software, compared to 6% in 1960); to the cell phones that are allowing us more freedom and mobility. Software even exists in household appliances like refrigerators, and in tiny devices like the cochlear ear implant for the hearing impaired.

Software is the world's most critical industry and will be for years to come. Yet most companies are spectacularly unprepared to create the software that will redefine how they interact with customers or that will help deliver their goods and services in new ways.

For business the world over, the software continues to drive more change - and more opportunity. That includes all the software that runs the infrastructure of the modem economy; the computing and telecommunications platforms, all the operating systems and middleware, and all the underlying switching and routing software.

It also includes our electronic devices and embedded software systems, everything from phones to refrigerators and transportation vehicles of every kind. Then, of course, there's e-business, whether it's done by tradition brick-and¬ mortar firms that are embracing new ways of developing relationships with customers or by Dot-Corn's that exist only online.

Software Engineering is the systematic approach to - the development operations, maintenance and retirement of software.

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