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03 Mar 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

Artificial intelligence is a concept which, owing to its intricacy, is difficult to define with complete accuracy. In a way, it is a field of computer science whose goal is to recreate a technological counterpart to human intelligence. And, to do so, this discipline is focused on the search for...

08 Feb 2021

Analyzing an organization in search of a technological problem

Essay - 4 pages - Computer science

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more computerized and technological. Lack of technology in your company can thus be a weakness and a big problem that companies have to solve. To reach a certain level and be known, you have to adopt this change and implement these strategies in your...

08 Feb 2021

Implementing a database

Tutorials/exercises - 17 pages - Computer science

You are required to write a summative report for the company's senior management and shareholders, who you are to assume are not digital-literate in relation to databases, therefore the language should be clear and any technical terms used should be explained. The report should introduce the...

08 Feb 2021

Computer network

Case study - 12 pages - Computer science

ESDLAB (Electronic System Development Lab) is a company specialized in Computing and digital services. It operates in many computing sectors like web development, electronical conception (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and digital communication. Sometimes, the company offers seminars about web and...

25 Sep 2020

The place of artificial intelligence in our world

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Our modern society is a very unique period due to all the progress we constantly see around us. We qualify as progress any improvement or development in every field that brings a positive change. Of course, there isn't a unanimous opinion about which change is positive and which is not....

10 Sep 2020

Digital Innovation: the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Automation on Jobs and the Economy

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

While it is certain that AI and robotics are already automating low-skilled jobs such as the job of the cashier, the argument of the article displays a dystopian and technological determinist point of view. The idea is that AI will destroy more jobs than it creates and that robots might take over...

25 Apr 2020

Idea of progress - How does modern technology affect today's society?

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

I'm going to talk about the notion of 'Idea of progress'. Nowadays, technology overwhelms our world more and more. We live with technology every day through smartphones or computers. But how does modern technology affect today's society? We will see that modern technology can have...

30 Jan 2017

Software requirement development - The airline ticketing reservations software systems

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

The purpose of this software development is to come up with the system analysis of the actual procedures that are involved in the reservation of airline travel tickets. As such, this should be utilized as efficient as possible to ensure that the advantages of the software are achieved fully. The...

04 Jul 2016

The positive effect of Internet information gathering on society

Essay - 5 pages - Computer science

Technologist has been pushing technology boundaries beyond our imagination. This has given rise to the digital world and technology is being used as a medium of expression, learning, entertainment and interaction. This has made digital devices the most important part of the human being. This is...

15 Sep 2015

Surveillance, accumulation of capital and exploitation on social media

Essay - 10 pages - Computer science

New technologies have changed the way people communicate and see each other: we all became the objects of surveillance voluntarily and non-voluntarily. Social networks, closed-circuit television (CCTV) in supermarkets and in railway stations, marketing agencies - all these are slowly turning our...

15 Sep 2015

Ethical consumerism concept and analyses at Google Inc - Case Study

Case study - 3 pages - Computer science

Different companies believe in giving the best products to their consumers through enhancing and promoting their brand in the market. One of the ways that is becoming more popular is Ethical Consumerism where the companies believe that the consumers will take more of their products on the basis...

15 Sep 2015

Computer Crime Rules According to Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Computer crime has today become a global phenomenon. It entails the use of a computer to commit a crime or even the criminal exploitation of a computer or the internet. It can as well involve offences committed against people or groups of people mainly with the criminal motive of harming the...

10 Sep 2015

The Third Party Doctrine - Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

It is a United States legal theory that holds that information that is freely given to third parties should not be expected to be private or people should not use the Fourth Amendment Act as a defense against the convictions. The rule gives the government and government agencies a Right to...

29 Jul 2015

Primary School Setting - Local Area Network (LAN)

Essay - 10 pages - Computer science

Local Area Networking technologies utilizes the concept of Local Area Network (LAN), which refers to the data communication network that connects computers, terminals, and printers in a building or within geographically limited areas. Wireless links or wired cables could be used to connect...

24 Jul 2015

Standardization of the electronic medical record throughout the Commonwealth

Essay - 1 pages - Computer science

Change is an inevitable part of life. The recent influx of technology is a testament to this occurrence. Every industry has become susceptible to change because of technology. Companies that once thrived have been taken over by their counterparts that cater to technological advances. Healthcare...

08 Apr 2015

The History of the High School Journal

Essay - 5 pages - Computer science

The United States public schools today are unique in their nature of education provision and the diverse population whose educational needs they are now catering for. The government now plays an active role in education with schools receiving funding through the No Child Left Behind legislation....

08 Apr 2015

Screen Culture Review on the Screening Materials

Case study - 4 pages - Computer science

In 1982, Peters and Waterman published the book “In Search of Excellence” that was based on McKinsey's model elements (Collins, 2007). It focused on structure, strategy, style of management, skills, staff, and shared values to determine the exact nature in which those elements...

19 Feb 2015

Logistics and Supply Chain Practices

Case study - 8 pages - Computer science

Lean thinking is essential to improve supply chain management. This is because lean thinking ensures things are done just as they should. As an example, Toyota has demonstrated superior results with regard to quality, cost and lead-time compared to most (if not all) of its competitors. This...

27 Jan 2015

Cache coherence - survey

Case study - 5 pages - Computer science

Many multiprocessor chips and computer systems today have hardware that supports shared-memory. This is because shared-memory multicore chips are considered a cost-effective way of providing increased and improved computing speed and power since they utilize economically interconnected low-cost...

14 Jan 2015

The Solar system discovery - A Scientific historical advancement and implications in science

Case study - 5 pages - Computer science

Art and science are related fields but have a different view on several phenomena. Scientific arguments are considered to involve more thinking and even research work. Art is considered as not involving much investigation. The science and art are interrelated; hence they are beneficial concepts...

05 Jan 2015

Underage Internet Use

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

Social media has greatly influenced communication between people. Some of the two most popular social media that are significantly restructuring how we relate and keep in touch with one another are Facebook and Twitter. Research has been done on the growth of internet use among children and...

24 Dec 2014

Video Games Console Prizing Puzzle in Microsoft and Sony

Case study - 10 pages - Computer science

Entertainment is a big part of the developed countries economies. A greater part of the entertainment is mainly on the video games, software products, which exist solely for the amusement of the users. Video games can run on modern computer platforms but there are also dedicated machines that...

24 Nov 2014

Theme of Change in Hessler's Country Driving- A Journey Through China From Agricultural Farm to Factory, Hessler, P

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

This book depicts Peter Hessler's journey that started in the summer of 2001 through 7000miles of China. Hessler made this book comprehendible by subdividing it into three sections. In the first section, he analyzes the Great wall starting from Beijing and venturing to the Tibetan plateau...

28 Oct 2014

Technological life cycle, Cradle-to-cradle design Concept

Case study - 5 pages - Computer science

Cradle-to-cradle design is a human based thinking system that believes on effective and elegance approach of human design to the natural system through learning from the incorporated patterns of nature. This revolutionary approach of human industry of redesign base on science and design rigorous...

12 Sep 2014

Article Critique: Equine-Assisted psychotherapy (EAP) in Children

Case study - 6 pages - Computer science

The article aims at presenting a mental health intervention modality for children who are or have experienced intra-family violence using an equine-assisted psychotherapy. The article links violence between parents to the adverse effects they have on their children. Children are at greater risks...

19 Aug 2014

Picture archiving communication systems (PACS) in the medical sector

Case study - 3 pages - Computer science

In the past, there were many channels and steps that were followed in the transmission and storage of images. However, the introduction of PACS brought a solution to this problem. There is a requirement to review this newly introduced technology. It is instrumental, especially in the medical...

11 Feb 2014

How to assemble a Desktop PC

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

The first step to assembling a pc is acquiring all the necessary parts needed. These parts are encased in a case known as the chassis. The parts are; The PSU (the power supply unit) whose role is to convert outlet power (AC) to direct current which will then be used by the internal parts of the...

26 Nov 2013

How internet drives the modern society

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

The advent of the internet has caused a lot of changes in society today. Many people are spending a lot of time online. Technology has influenced lives in a massive way, dictating how fast things are done plus social behavior of individuals (Slevin 31). The internet, most importantly, has become...

07 Oct 2013

Local government profile

Essay - 2 pages - Computer science

Government is an important aspect of society. Several things are made possible by the government. However, the government may be divided into sections. State, Federal, and City governments provide an exemplification of this. Each of the previously mentioned bodies operate independently. However,...

15 Jul 2013

Cloud computing - published: 15/07/2013

Case study - 2 pages - Computer science

Cloud Computing is a new technology, which is delivered as a service rather than a product in this modern technology driven market. In olden days, people used mainframe computers widely for various reasons. With the changing technologies, the bigger and most expensive computing devises are...