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A new era in MPSOC at runtime for DES using RTOS 10- steps algorithm

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction to existing problem
  3. Algorithm
    1. Step I
    2. Step II
    3. Step III
    4. Step IV
    5. Step V
    6. Step VI
    7. Step VII
    8. Step VIII
    9. Step IX
    10. Step X PSoC Designer 5.0
  4. Applications of a new system
  5. References

This research paper is on the design methodology required to make intelligent decisions about the a new ERA AND APPRAOCH for MPSOC At Runtime using RTOS Algorithm. However we see that evidence of the soundness of the methodology by applying it on actual applications is a major requirement. This evolution, embedded processors become ubiquitous(present every where simultaneously) and a new role for embedded software in contemporary and future Multiple-Processor systems -on-Chip (MP-SoC) is reserved. Next to these programmable components, they contain a large number of memories organized in many different ways. Hence there is a need for proper management of all the data and computation in these complex systems.

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