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Hotel automation

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  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to the project
    2. Need of computerization
    3. Proposed software
    4. Importance of the work
  2. System analysis
    1. Analysis methodology
    2. Feasibility analysis
    3. Choice of the platform
    4. Software used
    5. Hardware used
  3. System design
    1. Design methodology
    2. Database design
    3. Form/screen design
    4. Input modules/forms of the Project
  4. Tools used
    1. Visual basic
    2. Oracle
    3. MS Access
  5. Testing and implementation
    1. Testing methodology
    2. Unit testing
    3. Module testing
    4. System testing
    5. White box/black box testing
    6. Implementation manual
    7. Post implementation modification
  6. Conclusion
  7. Annexure
  8. Bibliography

With the manifold increase in our population and limited resources to accommodate the new generation in any of the fields they want to contribute during these days of competition and advancement, the need of an Entrance Examination has become an alarming one. This is all the more essential to impart justice to the deserving candidates in their chosen fields. At the same time, lot of efforts and labor are required to be put in by the entrance examination conducting bodies/employers to fill up their available seats/vacancies, may it be for admission to professional courses or recruitment purposes or others. This project deals in maintaining the step by step details for conducting the entrance exams and After the entrance exam , details of all the students who get admission according to merit list and staff are also maintained in the database.

In case of forms, the user interface is made or in other words, we can say that Screens are designed on the basis of the tables that are made earlier. Modifications are used for the modifications of data already entered in the Forms. The software serves the purpose of maintaining the information of the department, suppliers, product and order processing. To enter the main screen the user has to enter the correct user name and the password.

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