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The various components of a computer

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  1. Introduction
  2. The reasons for the Irish "no"
    1. The context of the referendum
    2. The reasons for the rejection
  3. The ways out of the crisis
    1. How did the crisis happen?
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Nowadays, computers are everywhere. Unfortunately, it is often a significant investment, and is not for everyone. Of course the needs and therefore prices vary depending on the uses we make of this machine. Thus, for a player, the performance requirements are more important than for someone who is content to do word processing. In this document, we will study a way to acquire a very powerful computer, with an interesting price / quality ratio. Excerpt from document: "The motherboard is the platform on which all components are connected. It is therefore essential to choose wisely, for it connects all the elements together, and defines the connectivity of your future machine (USB, audio outputs, optionally display etc.). The motherboard is also crucial in the type of processor, RAM, etc., that it will accommodate. A more expensive motherboard will support more advanced components and will therefore be more efficient, thus increasing the power of your computer. "

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