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Political Theory review - Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, Marx, K

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  1. Introduction
  2. Political Theory review
  3. Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, Marx, K
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The advanced learner's dictionary defines alienation as a state of being isolated from a group or activities that a person should be a part of. For example, keeping a person from their families fits in to the definition of alienation. There are many other applications of alienation, but this paper will consider the definition applied by Carl Marx on the effects of labor in the contemporary society on workers. Marx proposed that in the contemporary society, there is an alienation from the product of work, process of production and society. Following the model proposed by Marx, simple jobs such as sales representatives in the contemporary society alienate workers.

One of the primary results of alienation is a loss of identity for the workers. While capitalism has its advantages, Marx proposes that it offers comfort to the rich as well as opportunities to discover themselves while doing the opposite for the working class (Marx, 1884). For example, in the contemporary society, one of the main themes of the social circles is the search for identity. However, the capitalist economy requires people to work to earn sustenance. Therefore, they have no time to take quests for identity. For example, all people have an internal desire to have an aspect of identity in their work. However, in sales, the main objective of the job is to generate as much sales as possible. Therefore, the workers do not personify their works because they are expected to perform in a specific template that has been established to be successful.

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