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07 Sep 2016

The analysis of the link between posttraumatic stress disorder, stress-induced cortisol production, and heart disease

Case study - 5 pages - Medical studies

A number of links between posttraumatic stress disorder, cortisol, and heart disease have been established, although the final synthesis has yet to be developed. The pure correlation between heart disease and posttraumatic stress disorder has become a standard conclusion. Recent studies have...

27 Feb 2015

On Slavery - a history of slavery and antislavery

Case study - 3 pages - Medical studies

Slavery is forced labor. In some quarters, it is considered the biggest tragedy in the history of humankind. Slavery is perceived as degrading and robbing people of their dignity and right to freedom. However, despite the negativity associated with slavery, slavery is not necessarily a bad thing...

27 Feb 2015

Forensic Evidence - Making of the Fittest

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Suspect identification is a complex process in the justice system. It is aimed at identifying perpetrators of crime by eliminating people from the list of possible suspect. In contemporary times, advancement in technology has seen the use of advanced techniques in forensic analysis to...

27 Feb 2015

Political Theory review - Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, Marx, K

Case study - 3 pages - Medical studies

The advanced learner's dictionary defines alienation as a state of being isolated from a group or activities that a person should be a part of. For example, keeping a person from their families fits in to the definition of alienation. There are many other applications of alienation, but this...

12 Feb 2015

Efficacy of treatment approaches in out-patient therapy

Case study - 7 pages - Medical studies

Anti-depressant medications have been considered as the best outpatient treatment for most depressive disorders, despite the fact that reviews and evidence suggesting otherwise that evidence-based psychotherapies are just as effective as pharmacotherapy when it comes to treating major depressive...

12 Sep 2014

Effects of intensive policing tactics (like writing lots of UF-250s and summonses) on the community

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

According to researches, evidences consistently showing that, in the minds of police officers, as well as civilians, being black and male is inextricably accompanied with beliefs of criminality and dreadfulness leading to a habituated reaction of distrust and alarm that then results into...

25 Aug 2014

Emergency management based on a historical perspective - case study

Case study - 3 pages - Medical studies

Previous study proposes that emergencies are accidents and therefore are unforeseen. While the term emergency implies a condition of urgency and need, and thus implies lack of preparation and need for a response, this view is not accurate. While the incidence of accidents leads to crises, it is...

29 May 2014

Management of CHD and other chronic illnesses

Case study - 7 pages - Medical studies

This report presents Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) also known as Coronary Artery Disease, a condition that affects a large number of people and which causes a lot death as it affect a most vital organ in the body - the heart. Once we have looked its definition, diagnosis and treatment options we...

22 May 2014

Mental Health and Deviancy - 'From Madness to Mental Illness and Back Again'

Case study - 37 pages - Medical studies

Over the last few centuries, our perception of mental illness has changed considerably, from the view that the ‘insane' were a deviant group who needed, for the sake of society, to be controlled and hidden, through the age of psychiatry, medical-ism and cure whereby medicine became an agent...

20 Sep 2013

The United Kingdom's Drinking Problem

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Alcohol has been a part of British society for many centuries. The idea of drinking was started by kings and queens in many different forms around the 1500's. Drinks range anywhere from mildly alcoholic beverages like beer and wine to a number of stronger drinks such as gin and rum. There are...

10 Jan 2013

Abortion argument

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Abortion is a difficult topic. I am not a supporter of abortion in all cases, but in the case of the 17 year old pregnant girl whose boyfriend was killed in a car accident, I will argue that her choice for abortion was the right one for her situation. I will justify my position using Judith...

09 Jan 2013

The effects of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) on Lemna minor

Case study - 3 pages - Medical studies

This experiment was done to determine how adding baking soda to Lemna minor's environment would affect its growth and survival. I hypothesized that adding a small amount of baking soda to the water would improve Lemna growth rates. However, the results of this experiment indicated my predictions...

09 Jan 2013

Debarking surgery

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Listening to a neighbor's dog bark constantly all day is enough to start a war in any residential neighborhood. Excessive barking is no doubt annoying and distracting, but is it really the dog's fault? A dog owner is responsible for training their dog to behave in an acceptable manner, especially...

04 Dec 2012

Personal statement for residency application

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

It was during orthopedic surgical residency training that I came to deeply respect radiation oncology's pivotal role in medicine. As a resident, I cared for numerous patients with bone pain or impending pathologic fractures from primary bone tumors, metastatic disease, and multiple...

04 Dec 2012

Sequential PET and local failure in patients being treated for Rhabdomyosarcoma

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Local failure” has been defined as primary tumor growth any time following the last day of radiotherapy (RT) within or adjacent to the RT portal (but not in regional nodes) as assessed by physical examination and imaging (Wharam et al., 1997). The Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)...

02 Dec 2012

A spiritual procedure

Case study - 90 pages - Medical studies

The small studio apartment is cluttered with pizza boxes, cigarette butts, and ashtrays on the counters and floor. There are dishes in the sink, and numerous bottles of beer and wine on the desk. Also on the desk, next to the desktop computer, are many surgical textbooks and notebooks. Lee throws...

18 Aug 2010


Case study - 6 pages - Medical studies

A dying patient challenged me during my internship in the 1st year of nursing in the gastro-enterology north-east ward of Erasme Hospital. I had seen this person for six days (from 12 to 18 April 2008), and during these few days, her son made a euthanasia request for his mother to the medical...

12 Aug 2009

Isokinetic strength

Case study - 8 pages - Medical studies

Injuries and age lead to progressive declines in muscular strength and lean muscle mass. Evidence exists that age-related and injury related declines in muscular strength and lean mass (Feigenbaum & Pollock, 1999) can be impeded following mechanical stress on the body resulting in the form...

29 Jul 2009

Case study: Early-episode psychosis as the onset of paranoid schizophrenia and the direction toward holistic and client-centered occupational therapy

Case study - 7 pages - Medical studies

The following paper will present a clinical assessment of the subject, provided by a Mental State Examination (MSE), in order to produce a diagnosis consistent with the current ICD-10 and DSM-IV-TR classifications of psychiatric disorders. After determining a diagnosis of the patient's mental...

09 May 2009

A comparative study of the market potential of different cardiovascular drugs in the pharmaceutical industry

Case study - 56 pages - Medical studies

A sample size of 20 hospitals and 33 chemists was chosen from the region. The survey method chosen was pharmacy to pharmacy by conducting personal interview, the data collection was extended for over 45 days and 20 pharmacy in-charge and 33 chemists were interviewed and asked questions regarding...

13 Apr 2009

How does dietary status affect carcinogenesis?

Case study - 10 pages - Medical studies

Cancer is a multi-factoral disease resulting from the perturbation of the normal regulatory processes of a cell. Cancer cells are generated from healthy cells by an accumulation of genetic alterations. These alterations can take the form of mutations, losses, amplifications or re-arrangements in...

13 Apr 2009

A critical analysis of issues in nursing management

Case study - 12 pages - Medical studies

As nurses strive to be recognized as professionals, the expansion and application of evidence in nursing is progressively becoming vital within the nursing discipline (Achterberg et al 2006). Patients have the right to expect the best care that will promote their well-being. This essay...

13 Apr 2009

Neonate with severe hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy

Case study - 6 pages - Medical studies

This case study is about a neonate with severe Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy, therefore it will take into account pathophysiological, diagnostic and grading issues surrounding HIE, and how these reflect on prognosis; consideration to the ethical issues associated with withdrawal of intensive...

07 Apr 2009

A comparative study between propofol and thiopentone with topical lignocaine for the insertion of a laryngeal mask airway

Case study - 48 pages - Medical studies

LMA is a device commonly used in the practice of anesthesia. A condition for insertion of LMA, haemodynamic stability and respiratory depression following induction with Propofol was compared with Thiopentone preceded by topical Lignocaine. The study was a prospective, randomized,...

25 Sep 2008

Medical negligence: Minor patients & consent

Case study - 8 pages - Medical studies

Modern legal and ethical requirements have significantly impacted doctors' approach to patient involvement in decisions in relation to treatment with a “discernible tendency to overload the information dumped upon patients about infinitesimal risks until the unhappy souls are either scared...

09 Jun 2008

Brain Craniotomy

Case study - 10 pages - Medical studies

Undoubtedly, the brain is an essential organ of the human body. Without this vital organ, senses such sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling cannot be put to use. The brain controls everything in the human body 1 and is considered a complex structure. It is a mass of nervous tissue...

04 Jun 2008

AIDS in Africa (2005)

Case study - 12 pages - Medical studies

Research on the historical development of HIV/AIDS demonstrates that the first cases of this disease can be traced back to 1978. Although AIDS had not been identified at that time, five men in different parts of the world had died from unusual, yet similar diseases. These five men were all...

30 May 2008

Menstruation Suppression, Seasonale, and Women's Bodies in the 21rst Century

Case study - 8 pages - Medical studies

For many women, a menstrual cycle is an inextricable part of being a woman. From the onset of menarche, through childbirth, and into menopause, a woman's feminine nature is defined by menstruation, a uniquely female experience. In the twenty-first century, women are becoming aware...

15 Apr 2008

Running head: Circadian Photoreception A look at circadian photoreception in blind people

Case study - 4 pages - Medical studies

In humans, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) controls the body's circadian rhythms. Each day, sighted people have the opportunity to reset their internal clock based on the amount of ambient light entering their retinas. The retina contains a subset of retinal ganglion cells specialized in...

23 Oct 2007

Bacterial transformation lab report

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Bacterial transformation is the transforming of a bacterial cell using plasmids spliced with various types of DNA from other cells (Miyazaki, 201). Instead of a nucleus with chromosomes, bacterial cells have one large circular chromosome in their cell. They also have much smaller rings of DNA...