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Cancer patients receiving hospital care

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  1. Cancer which is well known as the malignancy, is the unusual growth of cells in the body
  2. Since the caregiver is relieved from giving so much attention to the patient suffering from cancer, then their relationship has become so friendly
  3. Hospice care was presented in the nineteenth century, whenthe malignancy rate was on the ascent
  4. If the hospital care for the patients who are suffering from cancer is not initiated, then there will be increased deaths caused by malignant as this malignancy has become the world health problem
  5. The faculty of nursing educates on how to apply fully the concept of silver hour as this is the best criteria of bringing the relevant comfort to the cancer patient during the time of hospital care

Cancer which is well known as the malignancy, is the unusual growth of cells in the body. Different patients who are having cancer suffer from different types of cancer, which is approximately one hundred. The patient treatment of cancer also varies depending on the type of cancer which include, the chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Treatment of cancer is very expensive and the concept of the cancer patients receiving hospital care, has really assisted the affected population who are the families of the patients by relieving them the hard task of catering for the expensive bills. So the cost which they could have paid for the cancer patients, can be used to support the family of the patients and also support the lives of the members of the family. Also by introducing the idea of hospital care, it significantly solved the problem of the relationship which is strained between the family or rather the caregiver and the cancer patient (Ahlner-Elmqrist et al. 2004, p. 585).

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