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20 Sep 2013

The United Kingdom's Drinking Problem

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Alcohol has been a part of British society for many centuries. The idea of drinking was started by kings and queens in many different forms around the 1500's. Drinks range anywhere from mildly alcoholic beverages like beer and wine to a number of stronger drinks such as gin and rum. There are...

10 Jan 2013

Abortion argument

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Abortion is a difficult topic. I am not a supporter of abortion in all cases, but in the case of the 17 year old pregnant girl whose boyfriend was killed in a car accident, I will argue that her choice for abortion was the right one for her situation. I will justify my position using Judith...

09 Jan 2013

The effects of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) on Lemna minor

Case study - 3 pages - Medical studies

This experiment was done to determine how adding baking soda to Lemna minor's environment would affect its growth and survival. I hypothesized that adding a small amount of baking soda to the water would improve Lemna growth rates. However, the results of this experiment indicated my predictions...

09 Jan 2013

Debarking surgery

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Listening to a neighbor's dog bark constantly all day is enough to start a war in any residential neighborhood. Excessive barking is no doubt annoying and distracting, but is it really the dog's fault? A dog owner is responsible for training their dog to behave in an acceptable manner, especially...

04 Dec 2012

Personal statement for residency application

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

It was during orthopedic surgical residency training that I came to deeply respect radiation oncology's pivotal role in medicine. As a resident, I cared for numerous patients with bone pain or impending pathologic fractures from primary bone tumors, metastatic disease, and multiple...

04 Dec 2012

Sequential PET and local failure in patients being treated for Rhabdomyosarcoma

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

Local failure” has been defined as primary tumor growth any time following the last day of radiotherapy (RT) within or adjacent to the RT portal (but not in regional nodes) as assessed by physical examination and imaging (Wharam et al., 1997). The Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)...

02 Dec 2012

A spiritual procedure

Case study - 90 pages - Medical studies

The small studio apartment is cluttered with pizza boxes, cigarette butts, and ashtrays on the counters and floor. There are dishes in the sink, and numerous bottles of beer and wine on the desk. Also on the desk, next to the desktop computer, are many surgical textbooks and notebooks. Lee throws...

20 Aug 2012

Illustrating the Intimate Similarities between Select Classic Poems to Kafka's The Metamorphosis

Essay - 7 pages - Medical studies

If love is the language that transcends race, geography, and ideology, then it probably is the greatest form of plot and theme to every literary tongue. Truth be told, love is the lifeblood of most classical pieces: from Romeo and Juliet's unsurpassable tale of “love begets tragedy” to...

14 Nov 2011

Hepatitis B

Essay - 15 pages - Medical studies

According to Gould (2006), hepatitis results as an inflammation to the liver. There are a couple of different reasons for hepatitis: idiopathic- fatty liver resulting from a local infection, or from an infection somewhere else in the body, or from chemical or drug toxicity are all different...

07 Jul 2011

Richard Dawkins' arguments in 'The Selfish Gene'

Essay - 4 pages - Medical studies

Evolutionary theory, in particular Richard Dawkins' arguments in 'The Selfish Gene', has always been used as support for egoism. In Simon Blackburn's work 'Ethics: A Very Short Introduction', he attempts to argue against this particular flavor of egoism as a way of defusing a...

07 Jul 2011

Informational presentation on Dracunculus medinensis

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

Imagine that, one day, you develop a blister on your foot. After a few more days, the blister bursts, causing excruciating pain. You are unable to walk on the foot. The lesion persists for more than a month before finally going away, and the pain finally subsides. A few months later, a similar...

28 Jun 2011

Brain Swapping: Identity, Transformation and what matters in Survival

Book review - 6 pages - Medical studies

So here is your story: you are fairly unhappy with your life and who you are at present. You have always thought yourself to be a bit too tall and lanky, a little lacking on physical endurance, and much too emotionally sensitive. You feel that you have a few intellectual...

24 Jun 2011

The best way to manage sex addiction

Essay - 2 pages - Medical studies

Basically, the need for sex is one of the basic human instincts, like eating, drinking, etc. As a basic instinct, in certain limits, the need for sex is necessary and useful for human survival - to breed and continue the lineage. A more practical purpose is to give peace, comfort or...

09 Jun 2011

The Biology of St. John's Wort

Thesis - 2 pages - Medical studies

In a world full of medicine being prescribed to people, there is an element of potential negative impact to the overall makeup of the body's biological structure. Drugs seem to be the end of all, all for our desire to rid ourselves of the many problems we face and have. Our body is naturally...

28 Mar 2011

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Presentation - 20 pages - Medical studies

Sexual dysfunctions are disorders that make it impossible for a person to have or enjoy intercourse. The term sexual dysfunction means difficult or painful sexual functioning. Some sexual dysfunctions may occur in both sexes,others are unique to one sex. Until fairly...

22 Mar 2011

Case of Phineas Gage

Thesis - 2 pages - Medical studies

The brain in all of its complexity has fascinated philosophers and researchers for hundreds of years. The brain plays a role in all forms of behavior, sensory perception, subjective perception, subjective feeling, thought, and bodily function. The structures of the brain are responsible for...

15 Mar 2011

Phage Therapy: The Last Defense

Thesis - 5 pages - Medical studies

One of the most under researched medical fields in the twentieth century through to the present day is phage therapy. What is phage therapy? Phage is short for ‘bacteriophage' which is a virus that only infects bacteria (Ransford 2008). Increasing antibiotic resistance among several...

21 Feb 2011

Physical properties of drugs with regard to their use as local and general anaesthetic agents- Their adverse effects.

Essay - 4 pages - Medical studies

Local anaesthetics now have many clinical uses and can be applied in a number of ways; they vary in their pharmacological properties, and as such are used in various techniques of anesthesia. Infiltration anesthesia sees the direct injection of local anesthetic into tissues to reach nerve...

03 Feb 2011

Optical fibers and their applications in new technologies

Essay - 22 pages - Medical studies

The optical fibers are the source of a technological revolution in telecommunications, because they are capable of navigating light over thousands of kilometers.The main objective of our project is to show how communications using fiber optics can meet the explosive growth of E-traffic expected...

13 Jan 2011

Neuroscience in Film: Distinguishing Fact and Myth in the Portrayal of Intelligence in Defending Your Life

Thesis - 3 pages - Medical studies

Humans have the potential to use most of their brain if they choose to use reason and logic in their everyday decision making process. The movie 'Defending Your Life' examines how using more of one's brain power and overcoming earthly fears can propel an individual to move on to the next...

11 Jan 2011

Genetically Modified Food: A trip to your grave

Thesis - 3 pages - Medical studies

Have you ever wondered if what you are eating is pure or not? Or whether it came from a natural plant or a laboratory experiment? GMF is ruling the world as we know it. People will anything that tastes good, but what about health? Is it not important to consider health in your life? Because...

05 Jan 2011

History and characterization of Tay-Sachs Disease

Thesis - 4 pages - Medical studies

Tay-Sachs disease (TSD) is a rare autosomal recessive genetic disorder that causes fatal neuro-degeneration in the brain and spinal cord and usually results in death by the age of 2 or 3. The disease is caused by the fatal accumulation of ganglioside glycosphingo lipids that are a...

25 Nov 2010

Small-Pox: Remedies and diagnosis

Course material - 9 pages - Medical studies

Owing to the beneficent discovery of Edward Jenner the full terrors of small-pox as it used to prevail can now hardly be realized. In unvaccinated persons, and those upon whom the operation has been performed imperfectly, the disease may still rage with all its natural violence, but in ordinary...

07 Nov 2010

Overview of hemophilia

Thesis - 5 pages - Medical studies

Hemophilia is a congenital tendency to bleeding which manifests itself shortly after birth and lasts the life of the patient. The hemorrhage occurs either spontaneously or upon slight provocation, and can only be arrested with great difficulty. The subjects of the disease also exhibit a curious...

29 Sep 2010

Production of bacteria colonies containing normal and mutated version of the same gene (encoding for Bacillus thuringiensis toxin) to compare the activity of the corresponding proteins

Essay - 13 pages - Medical studies

The Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a bacterium which mostly has insects as hosts. When the growing conditions are bad (lack in nutrients, bad temperature etc.), Bt produces spores, sleeping forms of the bacterium, which are able to resist even extreme conditions. What makes Bt different from...

21 Sep 2010

Health concepts

Essay - 3 pages - Medical studies

When going to the doctor's office or hospital many things are going through an individual's head. The individual is most likely experiencing some very high anxiety at this point, not knowing what to expect. The anxiety can come from the pain and suffering, financial concerns, or...

20 Sep 2010

Remedies for insomnia

Thesis - 2 pages - Medical studies

Sleep is a wonderful health formula. When tried, the limbs are aching and the mind is in a spin. After a few hours of peaceful sleep you wake up completely fresh, a totally new person. Most men and women spend a third of their lives in sleep. Infants seem to enjoy sleep the most- sleeping...

20 Sep 2010

Remedies for constipation

Thesis - 2 pages - Medical studies

We are a nation of bowel-conscious people, obsessed with the regularity of its functioning. Both at the outpatient's clinic and in the wards, people complain about constipation. But on a closer look, the problem often lies more in the mind than anywhere else. Tracing the roots of this...

20 Sep 2010

Remedies for childhood stuttering

Thesis - 2 pages - Medical studies

The development of speech in a child begins as soon as he is born. While he sucks and swallows, belches and smiles, he uses the very same coordination that he needs to use in speech. Yet it is not until he is 12 to 18 months old that a normal child begins to say his first meaningful...

20 Sep 2010

Remedies for cataracts

Thesis - 3 pages - Medical studies

At birth, a normal human eye is endowed with a wonderful lens, brilliantly clear and transparent. It allows the light to enter the eye and focuses what we are seeing on our retina. The lens burdened by age, becomes thicker. A cataract sets in. Lesser light enters the affected eye, and...