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Healthy alternatives to prescription medications

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  1. In general, the use of CAM does not imply the rejection of conventional medicine, but as a critical part of self-care management that shows ones responsibility for health and a pragmatic approach to managing the chronic condition in the best possible way
  2. Prescription medication is not always effective and in some instances, it is does not work well enough as the alternative form of treatment
  3. In a study, Tan, Alvarez and Jensen (1422) discovered that hypnosis is more effective on pain treatment in comparison to medication management and even physical therapy
  4. The usage of alternative medicine should be governed by acceptable principles of medicine use that applies across the board
  5. While some of the alternative medications are potentially harmful, others are almost completely safe
  6. As the world becomes more united through globalization and people get more informed through unrestrained flow of information, people are turning to the use of alternative medication from other cultures
  7. The subjugation of alternative cures does not augur well with the health needs of the society

Prescriptions that are made for various health problems under conventional Western medical practice often have alternative interventions that are mainly drawn from traditional methods of treatment in various parts of the world. Remarkably, there are a lot of non medicinal interventions that people have invented to cure diseases and deal with other health conditions in the absence of Western medicine.

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