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30 Nov 2014

Light control circuit

Case study - 12 pages - Electronics

This research is intended to be used to design a circuit that converts any sound to light, it is an electrical circuit with a Sound sensor, when it hears the sound wave, the sensor converts that sound wave to a certain volts (electrical wave), and the electrical wave runs through the circuit and...

21 Nov 2014

Electromagnetic Fields and their Effect on Human

Case study - 6 pages - Electronics

Electronic revolution has changed human life, since the early beginning of human being history humankind has always been trying to creative new things in all fields, the use of electric devices have became mandatory especially in communication like wireless communication links ex (mobile...

20 Jun 2013

How technology can increase organizational efficiency?

Case study - 3 pages - Electronics

Delivery of superior services and provision of quality goods to consumers is one of the basic managerial responsibilities. One way to accomplish this objective is to invest heavily in technology. To assess the implications of technology on efficiency of an organization is a difficult task for...

11 Jun 2012

The case of disruptive technology

Case study - 10 pages - Electronics

There are more people who are listening to music. Nowadays it is everywhere and every when: you are going to take your bus, you are traveling from a country to another, you are making sport... Each reason is the right one to listen to music. It is true that with the development of new...

17 May 2012

Video games and their influence on young people

Case study - 2 pages - Electronics

Video games and their influence on young people has been the subject of discussion for social commentators and the public during recent years. In this respect, several experts have highlighted the negative aspects of video gaming, such as the health risk like increasing the tendency to obesity...

03 Feb 2011

The traceability of A380 airbus

Case study - 8 pages - Electronics

Airbus aircraft manufactures, creates, develops, manufactures, sells and manages aircraft maintenance. Airbus Industrie was formed in 1970 as an economic interest group extending into the European level. The range of very large aircraft development has emerged recently with the A380. It is a...

03 Sep 2009

Occupational therapy: Assistive technology recommendations for client 'George'

Case study - 4 pages - Electronics

The enclosed case-study is a follow-up to the previous report on client “George,” a seventy-one year old high-functioning male retiree living in an independent unit with his spouse, and contains recommendations on an appropriate AT device usages which should prove beneficial to him in...