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23 Jun 2010

Concept of communication technology

Presentation - 5 pages - Electronics

Communication technology is an important tool for computerized information systems as data is communicated by using communication technology. Data communication refers to data transmission and receipt thereof from one location to another. Computers transmit data for many reasons. The problems of...

12 May 2009

Universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter (UART) (17 slides)

Presentation - 5 pages - Electronics

Serial communications is the process of sending data one bit at one time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. Serial communications is used for all long haul communications and most computer networks, where the cost of cable and synchronization difficulties make parallel...

05 May 2009

Smart wireless foot pedal: How to make one specific to medical equipment

Presentation - 25 pages - Electronics

In this project, we will be developing a micro controller based wireless foot pedal system to be used along with medical equipment. Most of the surgical equipments will be controlled by the foot pedals. Most of the surgical equipment will be controlled by the foot pedals. The parameters such as...