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18 Jun 2022

Voltage and current measurement

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Electronics

In this experiment, we used a power supply and a digital multimeter to measure the voltage and the current. We measured these values using a closed circuit we created by implementing wires and resistors on a protoboard. The purpose of the experiment is to test how voltage, current, polarity...

07 Jul 2009

A study of global position system (GPS) receivers

Tutorials/exercises - 80 pages - Electronics

With today's global position system (GPS) receivers, we are able to pinpoint our own position, but what's more useful about GPS receivers is that they can transmit our position information to other receivers. We decided to use both of these features to create a wireless vehicle navigation system....

23 Apr 2009

Designing an electro-mechanical device with automatic target detection and firing mechanism and a provision for remote controlling the device

Tutorials/exercises - 35 pages - Electronics

The main aim of any security organization is to provide a comprehensive security net to its client. However, in the process the cost of the whole process in terms of labor and money needs to be considered. Many times the work force gets limited due to reasons such as unavailability of suitable...

11 Apr 2008

The Telephone

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Electronics

Phones have been integral to the evolution of communications and can be considered to have been the most prominent icon of interpersonal interactions over long distances. From the moment Alexander Graham Bell say those famous words to Thomas Watson over the first incarnation of the telephone...