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30 Jul 2009

Basic skills of the petroleum geologist

Case study - 24 pages - Geology

A cross section is a profile showing geological features in a vertical plane through the earth. Some geologists prefer the term "section" for this type of diagram, reserving "cross section" to denote a section made perpendicular to structural strike. In practice, relatively few of these diagrams...

26 Jun 2008

Contamination of Groundwater in the Mahoning County by E. Coli Bacteria ( Pictures included )

Case study - 6 pages - Geology

The majority of the Earth's water, specifically 99% of it, makes up oceans, ice caps and glaciers, so only 1% is left for humans to use (What is Surface, 2001). Although we have a limited water supply, this does not stop us from wasting water or contaminating it. It's important to...

14 Apr 2008

Geographic Information Systems: Modeling and Analytical Shortcomings with a Landscape Archaeological Case Study

Case study - 24 pages - Geology

Archaeology has traditionally been defined relative to anthropology as “anthropology of the past” but an alternative viewpoint defines archaeology as “geography of the past.” As with other geographically-based fields, archaeological research emphasizes spatial information,...

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