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19 Jan 2009

The floods and the Cevenol phenomenon

Essay - 22 pages - Geology

Floods = natural disaster. Floods = hazard for human and several animals. The Mediterranean supplies water. The Cevennes block everything. Climatic situation between 8h and 15h. Formation of cloudy cells, break up in point of V, V cells aspirate everything. Most of impacts are centered in south...

11 Jun 2008

Soil degradation and water pollution in Africa and what other countries have done to tackle this problem

Essay - 4 pages - Geology

In recent months, Africa has been widely mentioned in the popular press. While the focus of this media attention has been the AIDS epidemic that is occurring in the region, it is important for Westerners to understand that there are a host of other pervasive problems occurring in the region. In...

28 Apr 2008

An overview of CO2 Sequestration

Essay - 33 pages - Geology

Climate change is now widely recognised as a long term threat. It is thought that the climate is being changed by the increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, arising from human activities. Useful reductions in CO2 emissions can be achieved by fuel switching and improving energy...

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