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Philosophy of Motion: Newtonian thoughts and interpretations of Aristotelian traditions within the natural philosophy

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Ancient and Modern Thoughts on Motion
  3. Comparison of Modern Philosophical Thoughts and Ancient Philosophical Thoughts
  4. Conclusion

The post-Newtonian world assumes the motion to be related to locomotion of bodies in space and usually is associated with physics. Philosophy, on the other hand, shows that this is a relative recent understanding of motion. Philosophy argues that prior to the scientific revolution; motion was a broader and mysterious category, which applies to moral and physical movements.

Presenting fresh interpretations of key figures of western thoughts like Plato, Aristotle, Newton and others, motion has been of great importance within philosophy and science development, especially in the relation between God and motion. For instance, the traditional doctrine of God, according to Aristotle, understands divine as the ?unmoved mover." However, the most recent philosophical thoughts suggest that, for God to be involved in cosmos, the divine must be subject to motion. Arguments are that while God is beyond all qualification of change, motion is, therefore, a means of perfect creation and participation of God's eternal life.

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