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Motivation at the workplace

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  1. Employees are the most important part of an organizational structure since they shape the performance levels of an organization
  2. Work can help employees realize their inherent, individual strengths and weaknesses
  3. There are different parameters that are used to measure the level of motivation of individual employees within the organization
  4. The achievements and efforts of employees are recognizable and organizations need to engage their employees and ensure that they have ensured that they have rewarded the effort and dedication
  5. Work is also important in helping an individual improve and maximize on their strengths and look for ways to curb their weaknesses
  6. There are different needs that ought to be satisfied for an individual to improve their performance and give their potential best
  7. According to Maslow's theory the ability to work to satisfy various needs of an employee is important in ensuring that the employees continue to work in the organization of their order of hierarchy of needs is met by the work that they engage in
  8. Herzberg also developed a motivational theory that was referred to as the two factor model in trying to explain the motivation as a functional concept that improves the employees' performance through satisfaction of their needs
  9. The achievement motivation theory asserts that the personality traits and the background of an individual may influence the need for achievement

Employees are the most important part of an organizational structure since they shape the performance levels of an organization. In order to perform to their level best employees need to be properly motivated towards achieving the goals and vision of an organization. Employees are motivated by different factors at the workplace that may drive them to work more and push for their different motivation aspects at the workplace that is understandable through understanding the psychological factors that influence an employee. This paper looks at the work and the workplace environment as the motivator for employee actions and behavior.

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