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The Courter - Salman Rushdie (1994) - Post-Colonial identity

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The consequences of British Colonial Empire can be felt in today's English society in various areas including politics, economics, culture, sociology, literature, linguistics? However, in this essay we will focus on the cultural impact of colonialism, and more precisely on the consequences on Post-Colonial identity. If at the peak of the British Empire glory, the old saying ?The sun never sets on the British Empire? made sense, today we can see this large spectrum of cultures through English society. Contemporary England is a nation made of multiculturalism where a lot of immigrants from ex-colonies such as India, Australia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, etc., co-exist. This is why, balancing between their roots and their new country, England, the immigrants, nowadays, raise the question of their identity, such as England's identity is related to them. In this essay, we will study Postcolonial identity through the immigrants, using as a support Salman's Rushdie's short story The Courter, originally published in 1994 in the short story collection East, West.

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