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How can we claim that the sport at the world level became a real business in our time?

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  1. The business in the sports field
    1. Definition and history of sport
    2. Evolution of the sport: factors and consequences
    3. The behaviour of ''viewer''
    4. Positive aspects of the sport business
  2. Analysis of a case particularly concerned by this phenomenon: the football
    1. What are the persons concerned by the football field
    2. How works this business in the universe of football
    3. Real Madrid
  3. The limits and drift of this phenomenon
    1. The doping
    2. The corruption
    3. The loss of identity
    4. The violence
    5. Others cases

Today, it is difficult to deny that sport takes a considerable importance in our society. An importance which can be characterized at several levels: economic, social, or even cultural. Thus, we can assist different sports events all the year round, but also do our Sunday jogging, or go to the closest shopping centre to buy the last shirt of the star that has just joined the team which we support. Sport is everywhere: on the TV at every hour of day and night; on the walls of the city, the back of buses or back of newsstands, in our cupboard( shirt, racket, sporting shoes) and it is also a part of our landscape where playgrounds and sports centre are increasingly numerous. But if there is a level at which sport is important, it is at economic level. Indeed, it has become a real phenomenon of society; it is a source of development as far as new employment, research and important technological applications are concerned. We may note that sport is the third world legal industry after the oil end the automobile sector.

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