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23 Aug 2021

Olympic Games and politics

Presentation - 14 pages - Sports

Are the Olympic games a politic weapon? The Olympic games have walked across the time, so we will see the most important incidents during the Olympic games.

08 Sep 2015

Sports development and governance in Russia

Essay - 5 pages - Sports

Governing bodies happen to be an integral part of the industry of sports. Whatever governing body happens to be organized in some manner that allows it to accomplish its specified mission within the surroundings in which it operates. There exists inherent change within this process since the...

23 Mar 2015

The relationship between sponsorship, patronage and sponsorship

Essay - 4 pages - Sports

"Sponsorship is an institutional vehicle for communication. It is a financial contribution (and / or technical) to discrete cultural action, scientific, social or general interest, which helps maintain or improve in the medium / long term, the company's image patron. It must be...

23 Mar 2015

The different types of sports sponsorship

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

The choice to sponsor a sport is based on different criteria. First of all, this sports must match the company's image. It must be recognized and loved by the public, which will allow the company to improve its reputation and brand image. It is a marketing strategy, as the company uses the...

23 Mar 2015

Sports sponsorship and indicators for measuring efficiency

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Since the late 1990s, companies multiply communication activities to stand out from their competitors. Today, companies have many tools to achieve their goals, and many of them have taken a liking to sports sponsorship. 4 billion euros, the amount invested in France in 2006 on the sports...

23 Mar 2015

Measurement indicators of economic efficiency

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Before analyzing the measures of economic efficiency sponsorship, we must remember that the ultimate goal is to increase business revenue. Sponsorship is a real strategy for businesses. In times of sponsorship operation, and if the growth of the company exceeds the periods without sponsorship,...

23 Mar 2015

Sponsorship and companies

Case study - 4 pages - Sports

The first level corresponds to the participants in the event. We do not often think of the participants when measuring the visibility of the sponsors, as participants in a sponsored sports event are not always professional. Many amateur likely to consume also participate in these events. For...

23 Mar 2015

The third level of exposure corresponds to the media audience: Media and sports

Case study - 3 pages - Sports

The media audiences are used to calculate the indirect audience of the event. There are four types of indirect audience: • Spectators live: it is the people in front of their television or those who listen to the radio. These people are the most vulnerable to persuasion, they live...

23 Mar 2015

The goals and targets of sports sponsorship

Case study - 4 pages - Sports

Sports sponsorship is now a powerful marketing tool. The many companies that integrate it into their strategy traditionally target the cognitive objectives (increase awareness), emotional (developing branding) and conative (increase sales) are quantified in terms of quantity and / or...

23 Mar 2015

Indicators to measure image: Sponsorship for sports

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Sponsor of the image measurement indicators are essential to business. A sponsorship deal is in place to naturally enhance the brand image and thus favorably influence the audience. To be effective, sponsorship should produce a positive image and brand quality. Image Measurement Indicators will...

23 Mar 2015

Roland Garros 2007

Case study - 5 pages - Sports

Roland Garros is a clay court tennis tournament held annually since 1928 in Paris, in the Roland Garros stadium. It takes place on the last week of May and the first week of June. Roland Garros is considered the second most prestigious tennis tournament in the world after Wimbledon, but above...

23 Mar 2015

Indicators to measure awareness and image: Sports and sponsorship

Case study - 3 pages - Sports

The sponsoring companies setting up a sponsorship deal also want as many people as corresponding to the intended target and way to remember the brand. This marks the memory that will affect its reputation, that is to say the number of people who know their name or existence. To measure the...

06 Aug 2012

Era to Era: The NBA's evolutionary debate

Case study - 7 pages - Sports

Is it a basketball blasphemy to think that Kobe Bryant or LeBron James are better than Michael Jordan? Then again, what makes it so that Jordan is untouchable? Of course one cannot doubt his undeniable athletic ability and unparalleled knowledge of the game of basketball. Certainly the era he...

18 Nov 2011

The French Soccer Team as a National Brand

Presentation - 28 pages - Sports

Nowadays, Media are playing a major role in the football landscape. Most relevant for this type of situation, the most recent example is the crisis of France during the last World Cup. To avoid this there is no better means to have good relations with journalists and opinion leaders. One of the...

15 Apr 2011

Strategic analysis of Liverpool FC

Case study - 21 pages - Sports

This assignment is to provide a strategic analysis of the football club Liverpool FC within the business environment of the English Premier League. Liverpool FC is historically seen as the most successful football club within the Premier League, having won 18 League titles, seven FA Cups and the...

25 Mar 2011

Will practicing yoga on a daily basis help ward off back and articular pains?

Essay - 1 pages - Sports

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise that combines relaxing, breathing and stretching. This form of exercise is appropriate for people who suffer from painful joints and lack muscle balance. Yoga, which systematically works all the muscles of the body, involves various kinds of stretching poses...

29 Sep 2010

How can we claim that the sport at the world level became a real business in our time?

Dissertation - 28 pages - Sports

Today, it is difficult to deny that sport takes a considerable importance in our society. An importance which can be characterized at several levels: economic, social, or even cultural. Thus, we can assist different sports events all the year round, but also do our Sunday jogging, or go to the...

29 Sep 2010

Bodybuilding and its Influence upon American Sport - published: 29/09/2010

Essay - 14 pages - Sports

American sports has evolved from the simple folk games and premodern pastimes of the colonial era to the highly complex, commercial spectacles of the early twenty-first century.Many factors shaped the development of sports in colonial British America and in the United States. Among the most...

18 Aug 2010

The FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Thesis - 4 pages - Sports

The FIFA World Cup was the most awaited event in the calendar for all enthusiastic football fans across the world. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world after the Olympics. According to Franz Beckenbauer, the president of the bid committee, "the organization of final match...

17 Aug 2010

Sports photography

Thesis - 2 pages - Sports

By sports photography we mean taking pictures of sporting events that involve action and movement. If the pictures are not sharp and do not depict fast movement that take place in a sequence, the purpose of a good sports photograph will not be achieved. That exciting movement of action must be...

17 Aug 2010

Fitness experiment

Thesis - 3 pages - Sports

This experiment's goal is to find out if people who exercise regularly are truly “fitter” than those who don't exercise regularly. Since a person's level of cardiovascular fitness can be measured through his/her heart rates, we believe that the people who are fitter will need less time...

23 Jun 2010

The 2012 summer Olympic Games

Thesis - 6 pages - Sports

The Olympic Games was first started in the year 776 BC, according to inscriptions in Olympia. The origin of the games is mysterious. The Olympic Games was started by Heracles, who first called the game “Olympic” and established the custom of holding it every four years. The first modern...

04 Mar 2010

Strategic management assessment: Barclays Premier League & Manchester United

Thesis - 9 pages - Sports

The last decade has seen has radical transformation of the UK football industry, with economic indicators pointing to football has a viable business model (Johnson et al, 2008, p.20). A prime example of this is the Barclays sponsorship of the Premier League, who has recently announced a...

30 Nov 2009

An analysis of nutritional requirement for athletes

Thesis - 9 pages - Sports

This paper examines the nutritional needs of the athletes. Though there are numerous sports, this paper evaluates Marathon and racing as the example of stressing the importance in athletes. This paper is designed to provide recommendations for British Athletes during the Olympic Games to be held...

30 Nov 2009

An analysis of drug abuse in sports: Why sportsmen resort to drugs to enhance their performance?

Thesis - 4 pages - Sports

Athletes face tremendous pressure to succeed during an event. They are not only pressurized by their peers but from external groups like fans, family etc. At times this pressure becomes extremely difficult to tolerate and affects the performance of the athlete. The high expectations from them...

30 Nov 2009

Evaluation of sports development as a policy initiative for the benefit of the society

Thesis - 7 pages - Sports

There is no denying the fact that sports contribute significantly to the development of the society on the whole. Sports education is considered to be the integral part of education. The role of sport development officer assumes significance since he is responsible for planning, implementation...

14 Sep 2009

George Best (22nd May 1946 - 25th November 2005)

Thesis - 3 pages - Sports

George Best was born in East Belfast on 22nd May 1946. Even from a young age his parents, Anne and Dickie, acknowledged George's passion for football. He was a Northern Ireland International football player. He was married twice with Angela Douglas-James who died in 1986 and with Alex...

14 Aug 2009

Principles, values and ethics in sports

Thesis - 14 pages - Sports

A Principle is a basic truth, law or policy. Principles are standards that define moral behavior. A principle in sport might be that the officials treat all equally on the field of play. Values are ideals that form the basis of actions and beliefs. Values in sport include enjoyment, quality of...

14 Aug 2009

The principles of sports coaching

Thesis - 10 pages - Sports

The major goal of any sports coach is to maximise the potential of the individuals or performers. This unit helps you learn the roles, skills and qualities of a successful sports coach and the knowledge and responsibilities of a sports coach are covered. Historically sport coaching has...

13 Aug 2009

Sports doping and performance enhancing supplements

Thesis - 5 pages - Sports

As I embark on my journey of college swimming, there are several things to expect. There is what many believe to be,” glamour's” that come along with being a Division I collegiate athlete. The state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, the top of the line gear and endorsements,...