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11 Apr 2024

How Can a Smartphone Application Generate Money?

Presentation - 1 pages - Digital & e-marketing

NiteLife® is an application I would like to develop for a broad array of smartphone operative systems. The app would mainly be targeted towards tourists and allow them to find all the nighttime entertainment venues in a certain range, such as nightclubs, bars, exhibition halls and theaters.

06 Sep 2023

Cover Letter for a MEEF Master's Degree Application

Cover letter - 1 pages - Educational studies

This document is a cover letter for a MEEF master's degree application.

09 Sep 2023

Application Letter for an Internship in Drama and All-Stage Technics

Cover letter - 1 pages - Arts and art history

This document is a writing exercise in the form of a cover letter for an internship (high school) in drama and all-stage technics.

21 Feb 2022

A Holistic Approach to the Development of Sustainable Agriculture: Application of the ecosystem health model, Xiubin Wang, Wenna Liu and Wenliang Wu (2009)

Book review - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

The boom of demographics has led scientists and government leaders to reform agriculture policy, which is more sustainable and improves food security and social development. This reform has transformed the practice of intensive agriculture, using mechanization and fertilizers that have been...

24 Nov 2022

The application of an EIB to address environmental challenges in urban Belgium

Thesis - 96 pages - Finance

Cities face increasing environmental challenges including, but not limited to; air pollution, CO2 emissions, energy, transport and waste management. The success of Social Impact Bonds (SIB) by solving social issues in a public-private partnership has been the driver for the development of the...

11 Oct 2021

Benchmark: Definition and Applications of Benchmarking

Practical guide - 4 pages - Marketing theories

Developed in the 1980s, benchmarking is a practice regularly used by companies, in particular, large groups who want to measure the performance of their products or processes compared to their competitors. It is a tool for achieving many objectives, such as obtaining or maintaining a leading...

09 Nov 2020

Cover Letter - Application for Projects Management in Business Operations and Strategies at Google

Sample letter - 1 pages - Management

The job that I would occupy as first professional experience consists in the project management. The described competencies are very pleasant and my previous experiences have enabled an application for this kind of job. After qualifying with a Higher National Diploma in International...

26 Nov 2019

Assess the Online sales of fresh products in China - The case study of fresh products application (Freshippo)

Essay - 4 pages - Business strategy

With the popularity of the internet and the development of e-business, an increasing number of consumers tend to shop online. Fresh agricultural products also need to grasp this opportunity as there is a large potential market on the internet.

30 Jan 2017

Action research: definition, application, methods...

Essay - 13 pages - Educational studies

Recently, most researchers have cited that they incorporate action research in the problem solving initiatives (Groundwater - Smith, 2009; Dick, Stringer, & Huxham, 2009). As a result, this paper discusses what action research is and how it can be applied to produce actual solutions for actual...

16 Feb 2015

Application of Hotelogix PMS to Hotel Fairmont Heliopolis

Case study - 7 pages - Educational studies

The web-based Management Information System (MIS) currently used in the hospitality and tourism industry that is preferred for application to Hotel Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers, Egypt, is Hotelogix; a web-based hotel managements system for small and medium-sized hospitality...

07 Apr 2015

Application of Classical conditioning in Marketing

Case study - 5 pages - Marketing theories

The classical conditioning theory is among the most influential behavioral theories in the field of psychology. Behaviorists believe the environment is the single biggest determinant of human behavior, values and attitudes. Therefore, behavioral theories explain how manipulation of environmental...

17 Apr 2015

Console Applications - Making Soft wares

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

These applications are command oriented. They allow users to see and read characters from the application console. The console applications also allow users to write application code characters in the console, which are then executed in DOS(Rippee). Console...

12 Mar 2015

An Offer, In Business Law -Examples and Applications

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

An offer is a statement presented from one person to another with a willingness to enter into a contract with the other person. This contract is based on stated terms that are provided for in advance (Kelly 2011). These terms have to be in turn accepted by the further person to whom the offer is...

17 Apr 2015

Using the Disk Head Simulator application

Case study - 9 pages - Educational studies

Secondary storage is a very significant component of a computer's operating environment. It provides an important large storage space that can permanently hold systems software and any other desired user data. Secondary storage can also be utilized as a backup to ensure that the computer system...

19 Jun 2014

Grant Application Report

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Childhood discrimination, as well as, aggressive offending can be too widespread and fundamental social troubles that cautiously continually confront the present society. The current findings contain four vital goals: to record the pervasiveness of criminal behavior, grown up criminality together...

31 Jul 2014

Application of management information systems

Case study - 2 pages - Business law

In 1995 the World Bank introduced a knowledge management (KM) programs that is a new form of management information system (MIS). This was a system that could be used to define a strategy on the business needs of the organization (Zeleny, 2005). On the other hand, American airlines developed a...

03 Apr 2013

Individual research applications: HRM

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Research is a method used to gather and study information about a specific subject and data collection of information on the past and present or primary and secondary data. The purpose of these findings is to assist an organization in setting goals and making strategic decisions to remain...

21 Aug 2013

Applications of Clinical Psychology

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

Research conducted in the past finds that mixed receptive-expressive language disorder has no conclusive evidence of the causes, however; research does find two different types: developmental and acquired (Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2012). Current researchers continue to conduct studies to...

08 Jul 2013

Goals of punishment and their applications in corrections

Case study - 3 pages - Criminal law

In punishment, as in all aspects of our world, there is always a goal to an action. For this topic there are not one but five different goals related to punishment and the correctional system of the U.S. and abroad. These goals have evolved over the centuries to fit the needs of society at the...

09 Jul 2013

Shuar warrior head shrinking and its applications to modern day society

Case study - 2 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Throughout pop culture there are scenes and images depicting shrunken heads in voodoo rituals. However, throughout history there has only been one set of tribes to ever make such an act a part of their daily life and rituals. In the indigenous jungle tribes of the Amazon, along the Ecuador...

04 Dec 2012

Personal statement for residency application

Case study - 2 pages - Medical studies

It was during orthopedic surgical residency training that I came to deeply respect radiation oncology's pivotal role in medicine. As a resident, I cared for numerous patients with bone pain or impending pathologic fractures from primary bone tumors, metastatic disease, and multiple myeloma. I...

27 Jan 2011

FIAT launches a iPhone application for the FIAT 500

Case study - 1 pages - Management

Italian car manufacturer, Fiat is launching a novel mode of communication in collaboration with Six and Co. for the launch of its new car - the Fiat 500. This is actually a reinvention of an older model. The Fiat 500 is now accessible via an iPhone application. Fiat has used Six and Co...

16 Feb 2011

The FMEA and its applications in sectors

Essay - 10 pages - Business strategy

The FMEA was developed by the U.S. Army in the late 1940s as a military procedure (MIL-P-1629). It was used as a technique for assessment of reliability and to determine the effects of failures of systems or equipment. The failures were classified according to their effect on mission success and...

03 Feb 2011

Optical fibers and their applications in new technologies

Essay - 22 pages - Medical studies

The optical fibers are the source of a technological revolution in telecommunications, because they are capable of navigating light over thousands of kilometers.The main objective of our project is to show how communications using fiber optics can meet the explosive growth of E-traffic expected...

03 Jan 2011

Strategic Management: The market of applications for Smartphones

Thesis - 10 pages - Management

The Smartphone applications market is skyrocketing: While operators recorded 3% global profit in 2009, the application market is on track to reach 17 billion Euros in 2012, versus 4 billion in 2009 (with already some 7 billion application downloads). This means a growth of...

19 Sep 2010

Acquisition strategy specific to data centric applications and growth plans of EMC Corporation

Essay - 3 pages - Business strategy

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), has adopted a strategy of selective acquisition along with its own plans of organic growth to consolidate its leadership position. Recent company activities and initiatives point towards this direction. Such a strategy is in sync with EMC's aim of becoming a leader in...

31 Dec 2010

Internal control and risk management: Application to Eurostar

Thesis - 6 pages - Management

The Eurostar Group is an EEIG (European Economic Interest E) which is responsible for managing commercial passenger service on the Paris London route among others. The fleet of 27 trains is owned by three companies belonging to the EEIG (SNCF, SNCB and EUKL). Each of these three companies is...

29 Jul 2010

The lifestyles of the consumer: Marketing analysis, applications and outlook

Thesis - 7 pages - Services marketing

Nowadays the consumer is inundated with advertising from morning to evening. Advertisements abound on radio, television, print, on film, in the streets, in our mailboxes, on the internet, on our clothes; in shops etc. It was during the period between 1960-70 advertising became a determinant of...

14 Apr 2010

Web mail server for mobile mailing application

Thesis - 6 pages - Computer science

The Web Mail Server is a mailing system implemented to allow a user to access POP3 mail account through a Mobile SMS and also supports to access POP3 mail account through GUI on intranet. The server will be support to any mobile. To design a Mail Server to address the above problem and allows...

05 Apr 2010

RFID adoption timing: The application of option pricing model

Thesis - 6 pages - Finance

This paper aims to investigate the characteristics of RFID adoption and find a feasible way to decide the optimal adoption timing for RFID adoption. Due to the significant investment of this technology, RFID implementation could be considered in two stages -- internal and external adoption....