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26 Oct 2011

Business Report- How to enter the Asian market with the Dyson Airblade(TM)

Market study - 12 pages - Services marketing

Dyson Ltd. is already exporting its products successfully to 49 countries with an increased turnover of 23% within the last year (The Telegraph, 2010). As a marketing consultancy we would like to present to you possibilities to stretch out to new interesting markets to keep on with this...

17 May 2009

Cultural briefing: Asian markets

Thesis - 9 pages - Social sciences

Japanese business culture is wrongly perceived as the biggest obstacle to starting business in Japan for many foreign companies thinking of entering the Japanese market. Many foreign companies never do start business in Japan (or only enter the Japanese market through a distributor)...

12 May 2009

Mary Kay cosmetics: Asian market entry

Thesis - 10 pages - Services marketing

Mary Kay Cosmetics (MKC) is an American company that deals directly with selling of cosmetics and toiletries products. It has existed for 15 years since 1992. It is implanted in 21 countries and planning to market 4 or 5 new markets. It is a “feminine firm” which...

14 Oct 2020

SWOT Analysis - The Asian luxury market: LVMH

Thesis - 3 pages - Services marketing

The Asian market is offering a lot of opportunities. As it's an emerging market (except Japan), there is a high growth rate with a global increase in wealth. Consequently, Asians are becoming richer and have more purchasing power. So the propension to consume luxury...

29 Sep 2010

Asian business environment : A market survey of wine in China

Market study - 5 pages - Economy general

The idea of choosing this particular market for our study is of course mainly due to the long history and passion for Wine in France. As a matter of fact, we wanted to have a better understanding of the Wine Market in China so as to study the opportunity of creating a Business...

07 May 2009

The Asian cosmetics market: The "" case study

Thesis - 2 pages - Services marketing

By the way of listing its products for sale on the website LOOKS.COM, a manufacturer will get various advantages, and also some disadvantages. Obviously, the aim for LOOKS.COM is that the advantages overcome the drawbacks, so that the manufacturer will be likely to list its products in that way....

30 Sep 2022

Market Study - The Do-It-Yourself in the US

Market study - 10 pages - Distribution marketing

The global do-it-yourself home automation market has been expected to reach about 22 billion dollars by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 38 percent between 2016 and 2021. The United States has held a considerable portion of the market, along with Europe, whereas the Asia...

06 Oct 2022

Market Study - The Do it Yourself in the UK

Market study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The world's do-it-yourself home development market has gotten expected to reach 27 billion pounds by the fourth quarter of 2022, at an intriguing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 40 percent between 2017 and 2022 (Seo et al., 2021). The United Kingdom has not only managed to achieve but...

08 Apr 2022

The operation of the bank and the financial market

Practical guide - 9 pages - Finance

The financial system is part of the economic activity of a country and contributes to its proper functioning. It designates all the regulations and, in general, the institutions that make it possible to connect the organizations that can offer financing and the consumers or businesses that need...

12 Apr 2021

Marketing Mix - Zara

Case study - 4 pages - Fashion and ready to wear marketing

Zara is a Spanish brand of clothing for women, men and children. A few years ago, the brand created a line called Zara HOME, which includes decorative objects and articles intended for the home, sold in different stores. The Zara brand is owned by the Spanish group Inditex. Zara is originally...

25 May 2021

Marketing Mix - Starbucks

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Starbucks is an American-born multinational company specialising in the sale of hot drinks, coffees and related products. The group was formed in 1971 in the United States, originally with the opening of a single store in Seattle. The store was originally intended to sell coffee beans, tea and...

22 Jul 2015

European Sovereign Debt Crisis and its impact on financial markets and institutions

Essay - 5 pages - Finance

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis of was basically the failure of the Euro which was the monetary symbol that tied together 17 Countries across Europe (Arezki et. al, 2011). This therefore means that the start of all these is retraced back to the second world war in 1945. At this time Europe was...

29 Sep 2010

Heineken and the beer market

Case study - 15 pages - Services marketing

Heineken was born in 1973 in Amsterdam. The company grew with its brand image and acquired international recognition in a momentum which was fairly gradual. One of its key product which is beer was being exported to Dutch India which is now called Indonesia. Further, in 1876 France was identified...

03 Mar 2011

Launch of a new wine and methods of consumption in the Chinese market

Market study - 35 pages - Services marketing

We will analyze the launch of the French wine in the Chinese market and examine whether it meets the expectations and methods of the Chinese consumption. For this, we must determine the consumption patterns of the country and adapt them in accordance with laws of the Asian...

27 Jan 2011

The Blackberry solution: strategy and marketing

Case study - 19 pages - Services marketing

Research In Motion (RIM) comprises cutting-edge designs, manufacturing and sales of innovative wireless solutions for worldwide mobile communications market. It develops hardware, software and integrated services to meet the standards of wireless networks and provides platforms and...

22 Nov 2010

Market research: 'Amazon' from Hermes (2009)

Essay - 22 pages - Services marketing

"A scent is like a mirror of personality. We want to be different and individualistic. Scent is like a dress that reflects the personality of the person who wears the fragrance. This is a signature scent. A perfume is made of both good and bad odors. It is a balance of doses that determines the...

03 Mar 2011

Strategy and marketing of Christian Dior

Case study - 16 pages - Services marketing

Dior or the House of Dior was established in 1947 by Christian Diorwho controlled and managed the house for ten years. After his death in 1957, Christian Dior's young assistant, Yves Saint Laurent became the art director of the House of Dior. His “Spring 1958 collection” saved the...

29 Sep 2010

International marketing strategy: Ikea

Case study - 29 pages - Services marketing

This Swedish chain began as the vision of one enterprising young man. As a boy, Ingvar Kamprad used to purchase matches in Stockholm, and sell them to people in his native rural town of Agunnaryd at a discount price. Eventually, he applied this concept from matches to mattresses and home...

29 Sep 2010

At the heart of the Lyon Silk market: Stakes and challenges of international prospects

Case study - 29 pages - Economy general

Our initiative cleary describe the historic interweavings between our city of Lyon and the international market of the silk. The story of the silk begins dates back to the Chinese tradition in XVIIth century BC and continues with three millenniums of exclusivity in the course of which...

22 Nov 2010

International customer behavior: How mp3 industries created and developed a new market?

Thesis - 26 pages - Services marketing

We prefer to study the MP3 player market as it is a novel and fast growing one. Flourished in 2004, the MP3 player replaced the old devices like walkman and disc man, thanks to the technological developments. In 1998, an unfamiliar brand introduced the first MP3 player and it was only in...

10 May 2013

Marketing analysis of Helena Rubinstein

Case study - 14 pages - Business strategy

L'Oreal is the leader of cosmetics in the World with a turnover of 19 496 million of euros in 2010. L'Oreal has four-divisions/ branch: Active cosmetics, Professional products, consumer products and Luxury products. We have decided to study a brand of Luxury branch of L'Oreal: Helena...

19 Jan 2009

What are the major opportunities that emerging markets offer to international companies and what are the key considerations that such companies have to take into account when formulating strategies for doing business in emerging markets?

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

The notion of an emerging, or developing, market economy appeared 1981 in a World Bank report. This term was used since emerging countries have embarked on economic development and reform programs, and have begun to open up their markets and "emerge" onto the global scene. Therefore...

29 Sep 2010

Marketing plan for the French fashion house 'Caroll' who are aiming to enter the growing 'middle market' in China

Market study - 16 pages - Services marketing

To build a marketing plan, this is necessary to understand the business we are talking about. In this document, we will present recommendations to the Caroll brand, which will help expand its clothing business in China to target the middle market. Thanks to the different tools and matrices...

02 Dec 2010

Business appropriateness in the Mexican food market

Thesis - 48 pages - Economy general

The 12 presidential elections that took place in Latin America have attracted considerable media attention this year. Indeed, in addition to informational interest, a considerable change is looming on the American continent and a new socialist trend creates a major part of Latin America. Outside...

20 Mar 2012

International marketing report: Burberry

Market study - 35 pages - Business strategy

For the purpose of this report, the analysis of the product element of the marketing mix will incorporate the analysis of the product itself and its design, brand, packaging and positioning across international markets. Positioning - In this case, positioning can be considered the most...

29 Sep 2010

Case study: Dior Addict and its launch in on the South Korean market

Case study - 18 pages - Services marketing

For this report, we have chosen to export a new product having a French branding origin which is within global reach. The export has been done to an Asian country (South Korea) which has a strong demand for the perfume "Dior Addict". Addiction does not hide its game or its intentions. The...

19 Jan 2009

H&M on the Japanese market (2007)

Essay - 9 pages - Business strategy

Hennes & Mauritz AB, better known as H&M, one of the inexpensive clothing fashion brand's leaders, established an expansion strategy, above all towards the East. They opened a lot of new stores in the best location, on shopping streets and in shopping centers in the United States (Beverly Center...

28 Dec 2010

Coco-Cola and Pepsico : Market, Finance and strategy analysis for BRIC countries

Thesis - 40 pages - Business strategy

Since 2006, the soft drinks market has been "flourishing” thanks to two factors: rising disposable incomes and well-being. Consumer lifestyles are undergoing a major change due to a growing awareness of the link between diet and health. On the other side, enhanced living standards,...

26 Sep 2011

Yamaha: Dominant market penetration,United Kingdom

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Leading motorcycle manufacturer and distributor in United Kingdom. Largest motorcycle producer and distributor in United Kingdom, with volume share of 16.5% in 2010. The company offers motorcycles, outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment and race...

20 Jan 2009

The French wine market and international competition

Market study - 32 pages - Services marketing

For a long time, France has been a "wine country", a reference in terms of production and consumption of wine. Nevertheless, this world leader has seen erosion in its market share for the last few years: volumes exported are decreasing and national consumption is down. The main cause is...