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08 Jun 2022

The automotive industry in the world

Case study - 5 pages - Automotive marketing

On a global scale, the automobile industry can go so far as to produce more than 60 million cars per year, both for passenger vehicles and for those destined for any other use. The current trend is such that China dominates the industry in almost every aspect. In fact, it abounds...

22 Oct 2020

The post-COVID-19 Automotive Industry - Challenges and Solutions

Sectorial analysis - 5 pages - Purchasing & supply chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all industries. While the tourism sector, as well as the aeronautics sector, has been particularly affected by the pandemic, several other sectors are also facing a similar crisis. This is particularly the case with the automotive...

27 Jan 2011

Technological survey project in the automotive industry: The Volkswagen group

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

Volkswagen AG is the leading German automotive group. The global market share of the group is 12.1% and has reached about 20% in its home market: Germany. With 25,400 vehicles leaving the factory each day, the group has been since 1998, the number one European car manufacturer. And it...

09 Aug 2010

Automotive industry: China

Thesis - 25 pages - Business strategy

In China, the government does not offer premiums to the purchasers of new cars contrary to the US government or to other European governments. Massive infrastructure investments have been realized by the Chinese government to accompany this development. With more than 2 million km of roads, and...

30 Jul 2010

Formula one and the automotive industry

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, F1 has been a highly-recognized sport full of extraordinary popularity. This is motor sport with racing cars that are deemed the most efficient in the world. For years, Formula 1 remained confined to a closed society exclusively meant for athletes and...

28 Jun 2010

Analysis of organizational boundaries: A case study of the automotive industry

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

Until the sixties the French automotive industry was operation on the principle of industrial integration. Gradually, however the industry was be inclined to break this mode of operation in light of the transformation of the market and the pressure it brings with it....

29 Sep 2010

Analysis of the European automotive industry through the expansion of Japanese cars in order to emphasize the major automotive strategy trends of the future

Market study - 26 pages - Business strategy

Automotive industry has realized that UK is an important location. A number of companies have set up production bases in UK. The Asian, American and European constructors have proved that UK occupies an important place in the automotive industry. However, the...

09 Jan 2009

Evolution of success in the Japanese automotive industry

Essay - 8 pages - Management

“The work of helping Toyota grow and of helping Toyota's people realize their ambitions has for me been a kind of mission. Yet I also realize that a corporation is just one part of society, that Japan is just one society in the world, and that the pursuit of only Toyota's interests would be...

12 Oct 2009

Automotive industry

Thesis - 5 pages - Business strategy

The automotive industry includes the development, model, manufacture, marketing, and trade of motor vehicles. In the 20th century automobiles have increasingly developed the world and changed the way individuals do business and travel. Automotive fabrications are amongst the...

06 Oct 2008

Corporate responsibility in the Automotive Industry

Essay - 4 pages - Management

Organizations work for the consumers and claim that they are the ones who make it possible for the generation of goods and social benefits. On the other hand consumers are of the opinion that organizations exist because of consumer endorsement. Organizations would not be possible had it not been...

19 Nov 2008

Consumer motivations regarding non-ownership decisions in the automotive industry

Essay - 6 pages - Other law subjects

In the analysis of non-ownership decisions in the automotive industry “non-ownership” must first be defined. Non- ownership is simply referring to a leasing type of contract, this type of a contract allows for consumption without ownership. Traditional purchase, cash or...

26 Apr 2022

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare Industry - A.I in Medical Technology : Medical Imaging

Dissertation - 35 pages - Management

Nowadays, we hear about artificial intelligence all around us and more specifically in the automotive, economic, computer and health sectors. The primary goal of artificial intelligence at its inception in the 1950s was to improve and extend human capabilities with machines (Pallanca O.,...

18 Apr 2018

The German Automobile industry: case study

Case study - 23 pages - Automotive marketing

The main content of the essay concerns the Automotive industry. The essay is divided into three sections. First, section one is concerned with the German Automobile industry, combining with PEST and Porter's 5 forces analysis tool, which measuring the competitiveness of...

29 Oct 2014

Supply Chain Management in Aerospace Industry

Case study - 16 pages - Educational studies

The uncertainty characterizing growth opportunities in the global economy mandates the aerospace organizations to shift focus towards improving their visibility in the supply chains. Contrary to serial identity implied by a chain, the reality in the aerospace today demonstrates a network of...

22 Oct 2014

Discuss the main microeconomic environmental factors affecting the junior mineral resource industry

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This report is to discuss the main microeconomic environmental factors affecting the junior mineral resource industry. To avoid confusion the report will concentrate on the junior exploration mineral industry versus the mining industry. The mining industry is directly...

22 Jul 2015

Industrialization in Germany

Essay - 3 pages - Economy general

This research paper analyzes various aspects of the German economy, tracing its development from the early nineties to the present. The country is an economic powerhouse which has spurred over the years to advance from its financial troubles to become one of the worlds' best-performing...

01 Dec 2010

The car industry in China (2008)

Thesis - 32 pages - Economy general

In the current context of significant economic growth of China, with 2008 being a year when Beijing hosted the Olympic Games, it seems wise to focus on the country. Indeed, it officially aims to give way to a spirit of conviviality around sports, but does not forget to attract as many people...

14 Dec 2010

Market Overview: India's Automobile Industry

Market study - 10 pages - Economy general

India's automobile industry holds many opportunities for profitable foreign investment. I believe we can find success by expanding our company's market into India. The recession has impacted the growth of the automobile industry worldwide, not excluding India, but India's market...

04 Apr 2022

Porter's diamond 5 forces : Stellantis, an automotive company

Case study - 5 pages - Automotive marketing

Stellantis is an automotive company founded very recently, on January 16, 2021. It is the result of the merger of car manufacturers FCA and PSA. It is, therefore, a global manufacturer that brings together more than ten brands (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Opel, RAM, Citroën, Abarth, DS Auto,...

16 Jan 2009

The green future of the car industry

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

Cars and, through them, all the automotive industries, from the conception to the end of the vehicles is one of the most polluting industries. Nowadays nobody can ignore that the effect of the pollution on the earth is the major problem that humanity has to deal with. We should react, and...

17 Sep 2009

A study on the Indian automobile industry in relation to Skoda

Case study - 25 pages - Business strategy

If the business is all about finding or creating a customer, Indian Inc started developing a nodding acquaintance with this idea only around the1990s. In the last five years though the learning process has accelerated as competition intensified and the customer started slipping away from the...

29 Sep 2010

Operation management: industrial reality of Peugeot PSA Citroën

Case study - 11 pages - Management

During the 20th century, the world went through many evolution phases, especially in the automotive industry. Today, this industry is a very important factor in economic development. PSA is a French automotive manufacturer. In 1973 the company made a merger with...

31 Dec 2010

The automotive market in Russia

Thesis - 20 pages - Economy general

"Russia will become the largest car market in Europe in the next two years”, said Carlos Gohsn (2008), CEO of Renault of France and Nissan of Japan. For both its macroeconomic and social policy reasons, Russia is growing. In 2007, all sectors of the Russian economy had seen steady and...

29 Sep 2010

Software business models for AUTOSAR automotive world standard (rapport de stage, 2006)

Essay - 12 pages - Computer science

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Standard ARchitecture) is a promising initiative that aims at establishing open standards for automotive E/E architecture. AUTOSAR compliant basic software ensures independency of the application software from the underlying hardware and allows modularity as...

29 Jul 2009

Automotive bailout: Ontario ministry of education

Thesis - 5 pages - Finance

General Motors (GM) is requesting a significant financial bailout from the federal government of Canada in order to protect its operations from insolvency. The company claims that it requires an immediate influx of $6-7 billion from Canada to counter the economic downturn and fiscal loses...

29 Sep 2010

What are the impacts of advanced supplier quality assurance implementation on automotive lighting overall business performance?

Case study - 28 pages - Business strategy

Innovative company of automotive lighting industry, automotive lighting (AL), daily develops strategies which play a leading role in insuring its competitiveness. For this reason, AL's purchasing division targets to reach Purchasing Excellence. To assure this target,...

29 Sep 2010

International business strategy: The Japanese Car Industry

Market study - 24 pages - Business strategy

The Japanese Car Industry is aiming to expand its market share across the world. The major manufacturers operate on all continents with production facilities spread all over the world. They have expanded throughout the past 20 years with a combination of Greenfield Investments, Joint...

29 Sep 2010

Global business context, car industry

Essay - 6 pages - Management

The car industry has witnessed major changes over the years, thanks to the growing number of external forces that changed the decades-old practices of manufacturing. This paper analyses the important forces in the last two decades that have had a major impact on the car manufacturing...

10 Mar 2011

Limited perspectives for electric cars: Auto industry facing new challenges

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

The Earth is warming up. This assessment has been highlighted by numerous scientists for several decades and is currently one of the main concerns all around the world. Even if the causes are not objectively acknowledged, the fact is unquestionable: During the 20th century, the average...

28 Oct 2009

An overview of the Indian four wheeler industry in relevance to Maruti Udyog limited (MUL)

Thesis - 14 pages - Business strategy

The automobile revolutionary era in India started with the commencement of foreign collaborated establishments like Maruti Suzuki, Daewoo, Ford, Opel, Hyundai, etc. the old concept of Fiat and Ambassador which prevailed in India for about half a century is now virtually wiped off. The revolution...