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29 Jul 2020

Business Plan for a Coffee Shop in Morocco - Agora Coffee Shop

Business plan - 7 pages - Business strategy

The business we propose is called 'AGORA Coffee Shop'. In our opinion, a coffee shop is not only a place of entertainment, it can also be a crossroad where people (students, professors, professionals, ...) can share ideas or debate on actual phenomenons. Therefore, inside...

16 Jan 2015

Starbucks as Solution to Globalization and the Coffee Crisis in Colombia

Case study - 5 pages - Business strategy

Globalization has affected every part of the society around the world. Multinational corporations are opening new shops, manufacturing plants, and marketing agencies in other countries around the world. These efforts are aimed at reducing costs of production, in search of cheap labor as well as...

29 Mar 2012

Market research: coffee market

Market study - 15 pages - Services marketing

Coffee is a product in the market generic hot drink. Roasted coffee is the first and largest segment of the market generic hot drinks with more than one billion turnover in 2002 in France carried out at the supermarket. Competition from other hot drinks (tea,herbal, blends,...

03 Sep 2012

Starbucks coffee: Case study

Case study - 24 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks Corporation is a leading roaster and retailer of coffee in the world. The company has been in existence since 1972 and has grown to be in over 16,000 locations in more than 50 countries (Starbucks, 2010). The company serves millions of customers every day offering them the best...

27 Jan 2011

Strategy marketing of the coffee chain Starbucks Coffee

Case study - 35 pages - Services marketing

The Starbucks Coffee Company was founded in 1971 by three friends who were amateur connoisseurs of quality coffees. They opened their first store in the U.S. in the city of Seattle. The shop then sold retail coffee grounds, prepared according to customer's demand. During the...

27 Jan 2011

Study of the Krups coffee machine

Course material - 23 pages - Services marketing

The Krups company is a German company which was founded in 1836. Having adopted an international policy, it established itself in many markets. Since 2002, it has been a subsidiary of the Seb group. Krups' policy has been marked by a constant search for precision and technical perfection. The...

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of television advertising: The coffee brand Nespresso

Case study - 7 pages - Management

Television conveys messages in mass, both visual and auditory. It serves as a support for other advertising discourses, which is one of the instances of production that we find in the media which will be the topic of our study in this paper. We will devote our analysis on one of the TV...

27 Jan 2011

Strategic analysis of Starbucks Coffee

Case study - 22 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks is a multinational chain of coffee shops and restaurants and is known as the coffee shop. The first store was opened in 1971 in Seattle. The idea emanated from three teachers: Jerry Baldin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. Starbucks is named after the character that appeared...

29 Sep 2010

Malongo's coffees

Case study - 12 pages - Services marketing

Back in 1934, Malongo coffees came into being in a small roasting shop in the heart of Nice. After the Second World War, the brand was launched on the radio.In 1980, the first cafés were opened in Cannes and Nice. In 1992, Jean-Pierre Blanc, the general manager of Malongo met Father Van...

31 Mar 2010

McDonald's and the McCafe coffee initiative

Thesis - 10 pages - Business strategy

McDonald Canada opened in 1976, after decade of operating in Untied States. McDonald Canada was first McDonald restaurant to be opened outside United States. Company's strategy was the same as in every country : be the first runner and leader in market, although food preparation, menu and...

28 Jul 2010

Starbucks: Making a million bucks from coffee

Thesis - 4 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks is the world's leading retail, roasting and coffee brands. It is an international coffeehouse based in Seattle. It is the largest coffeehouse in the world, with 17,133 stores in 49 countries. Its specialty includes drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other...

31 Mar 2010

McDonald's and the McCafe Coffee Initiative: A presentation

Presentation - 20 pages - Business strategy

McDonald Canada opened in 1976, after a decade of operating in Untied States. McDonald Canada was the first McDonald restaurant to be opened outside the United States. McDonald Canada has 1200 locations throughout the country and 70% of them are owned by franchisees. Company's success is based...

12 Aug 2010

Moments at the shoulder during work at a coffee shop using only available materials

Thesis - 4 pages - Social sciences

I thought it would be fun to tackle this problem with only the equipment that I had on hand on a typical day studying. I did this at the Tierra Coffee Shop in Coralville. I first imaged my position as I sat in the booth with my laptop (since this is the position I normally assume when...

29 Sep 2010

Starbucks Coffee in China

Case study - 13 pages - Economy general

Because of the globalization phenomenon, people living in emerging countries have new expectations and needs. That's why big companies are developing their offers on the global scale in order to tempt these potential customers, increase their recognition and gain market shares. However,...

29 Sep 2010

Goals and planning of Starbucks Coffee Company

Case study - 6 pages - Management

This paper examines strategic management, which includes business decisions and actions that define the organization's missions and objectives, determine the most effective utilization of organizational resources, select best ways of action to achieve its goals and missions, and seek to...

30 May 2009

Barista Vs Coffee Day

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Services marketing

It all began around 1000 A.D. when Arab traders began to cultivate coffee beans in large plantations. They began to boil the beans creating a drink they called ‘qahwa' which translates to ‘that which prevents sleep'. The Coffee Café industry is currently one of the...

15 Jan 2009

Using the examples of organically grown coffee in Mexico and fair trade bananas St-Vincent, this paper argues that a new global 'Green Revolution' is underway

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

'Globalization is the increasing interdependence, integration and interaction among people and corporations in disparate locations around the world' . This phenomenon can have good effects such as helping developing countries improve their economy or their industry but also their...

22 Apr 2009

Coffee in Italy and the United States

Thesis - 9 pages - Journalism

Coffee has been grown, processed, roasted, and brewed for thousands of years. This age-old drink has become increasingly popular within the last decade due to the attractiveness of the modern coffeehouse (Shultz 1999:76-77), along with increased global marketing. Yet this popularity is...

28 Aug 2009

An overview of the Indian Coffee Board and its operations

Case study - 19 pages - Management

Currently India produces around three lakh tons of coffee per annum. A large portion of coffee in India is exported. Domestic consumption of coffee in India is estimated at around 55000 tons per annum and it has been stagnate at this level for the last few years....

29 May 2009

An analysis of cost-accounting in Starbucks Coffee Company

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

Starbucks did not start as a seller of beverages. Its history stems in 1971 from the putting up of a business, which focused on the distribution of coffee beans, by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. It was with the entry of the entrepreneur Howard Schultz into the company that...

02 Jun 2008

Organic and fair trade coffee in Chiapas

Essay - 8 pages - Services marketing

Though I have never been a coffee-drinker, the ideological and symbolic weight of coffee has not escaped me. With caffeine for the office worker and flavor for the distinguished upper-class palate, coffee's appeal stretches across many socioeconomic categories and occupies a...

29 Jun 2008

Combating a Coffee crisis: Starbucks strengthens its semblance

Market study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Coffee is an essential part of the morning for many people in America and all around the world. For some people, not having that morning cup of coffee can mean the difference between a productive day at the office, and a miserable day filled with sleepiness and aggravation. As...

22 Jan 2005

The current situation of small scale coffee production in Latin America

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

Recently, the global coffee market has fallen into a profound crisis. Prices paid to coffee producers in real dollar terms, have fallen to a hundred year low. Many families have been forced to abandon traditional farming. There is consequently an important wave of unemployment in...

07 Jul 2022

Internationalization Strategy Proposal - Tim Hortons

Case study - 12 pages - International marketing

The Tim Hortons chain was established in 1964 and opened in Hamilton, Ontario. The first Tim Hortons restaurants offered only two products: coffee and donuts. Over the years, Tim Hortons has become Canada's largest national chain in the coffee and bakery market. Tim Hortons has...

13 Oct 2020

PESTEL Analysis - Starbucks

Case study - 5 pages - Distribution marketing

The United States-based Starbucks Coffee Company was founded by three friends who met at The University of San Francisco in 1971. They opened their first coffee bean store in Seattle, Washington, in March of that year, near the historic Pike Place Market which bore its now historic...

25 May 2021

Marketing Mix - Starbucks

Case study - 4 pages - Brand management

Starbucks is an American-born multinational company specialising in the sale of hot drinks, coffees and related products. The group was formed in 1971 in the United States, originally with the opening of a single store in Seattle. The store was originally intended to sell coffee...

07 May 2021

SWOT Analysis - Starbucks

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

STARBUCKS is a global American company specializing in the business of coffee, hot drinks and related products. The group has existed for 50 years in the United States and is headquartered in its hometown Seattle. The company initially specialized in the trade of coffee beans, tea...

14 May 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Nestle

Case study - 6 pages - Distribution marketing

Present in many countries, Nestlé is a company that occupies an important place in the agri-food sector. Thanks to its diversified products of different quality and nature, the Nestlé company has found a loophole that has enabled it to attract as many consumers as possible, gain a remarkable...

19 Jan 2015

Life Event

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

My significant event in life that I will not forget happened when I was eleven years old. My father kicked me out of our house. The main thing that triggered all this according to me was the fact that my father moved in with my step-mother, and since she was pregnant, there was a need for more...

22 Apr 2015

Transport systems

Case study - 3 pages - Management

The Santa Catarina western colonization zones formed from the 1916 newly arrived immigrants of Rio Grande do Sul spent to develop a natural and market economy in their small farms. However, his problem was the disposal of surplus produced. So these small producers depended on the...