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16 Jan 2015

Communication strategy

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Due to globalization and rapid economic growth, multinational firms are becoming very prevalent. Due to this, managers are faced by intercultural communication challenges. According to Hofstede (1980), culture is the software of the mind and as such it has the ability to influence behaviors and...

28 Oct 2021

How is a lack of a communication strategy detrimental to business development?

Dissertation - 9 pages - Communication

Communication occupies an increasingly important place in the business world, and for good reason, it has evolved a lot in the space of a few years. Whether internal or external, it is necessary for the development of groups, regardless of their sector of activity. The society in which companies...

30 Jan 2015

Integrated Marketing Communication

Case study - 6 pages - Journalism

Integrated marketing communication is a term that implies the application of constant brand messaging across a variety of marketing channels. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact that internet marketing would have in facilitating internet marketing communication in the case of...

04 Nov 2021

Internal communication: a necessary vector for the efficiency of the company

Dissertation - 8 pages - Management

The business world has undergone profound changes in the space of a few years, in all sectors of activity. Indeed, new technologies and, in particular, the many digital transformations have impacted lifestyles, but also the purchasing behavior of consumers, not to mention working methods, which...

17 Apr 2015

Communication strategy for Audi

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

In the recent past, UK's car market has expanded quickly and is rated amongst the worlds competitive. With the addition of automotive competitors in the market, from the entire Europe, a brand of a car requires a deeper understanding of its customers to help it in the development of communication...

11 Nov 2021

How do brands manage to create genuine consumer communities through social networks? Case Study of Starbucks and Burger King

Dissertation - 7 pages - Digital & e-marketing

With the emergence of the Internet, any business wishing to retain consumers and increase brand awareness must have an excellent digital marketing strategy. For this, brands generally turn to social networks that allow them to create a community of loyal and engaged consumers while having...

11 Jul 2022

What methods of communication could Drop employ to reach out to its two primary audiences directly and personally?

Case study - 4 pages - Digital & e-marketing

Drop Technologies Inc. is a loyalty program startup that was formed in 2015 and is based in Toronto, Canada. This startup offers a loyalty program to its consumers. The concept is straightforward: Drop users download the application on their phone, create an account, and attach their preferred...

17 Apr 2015

Theories of Communication

Case study - 3 pages - Journalism

Media Determinism is derived from technological determinist theory. This theory proposes that the progress of a society is a function of technological advancement. In addition, the advancements in the field of technology are determined by social demand because demand creates a void in the market...

08 Feb 2021

Public consultation - A new communication strategy launched by the EU through the web

Essay - 3 pages - European union

On 29th May 2005, French people refused the EU constitution, I was in Italy and had the news on a bus, through my neighbour's newspaper. In this context, the 'no' from French public opinion was the opportunity to reveal the wide gap between the EU and its 'citizens'. This...

23 Jan 2015

A vision of great teaching and learning in the communal studies

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The learners should be given guidelines of how and what they should do during the assessment. They should be aware in the event that there are any penalties given in case of fraud work done. These guidelines should make them know what is expected of them during the assessment process as well as...

14 Apr 2021

Skills and communication

Practical guide - 15 pages - Management

A Powerful Introduction - Greeting - Who is speaking - Who you are representing - Attention Grabber revealing product - Objective and Need - Time - Structure An Attention Grabber? - A PROBLEM to think about? - Some AMAZING FACTS? - A STORY or PERSONAL ANECDOTE? - A QUOTATION?

17 Apr 2015

Tewkesbury Borough - Marketing Communications

Case study - 4 pages - Management

Tewkesbury Boroughis currently characterized by dropping rates of tourism compared to the rest of the country. The rates of tourism have been declining over the last few years in the entire country. However, Tewkesbury Boroughis affected more than the rest of the country. In addition, the rates...

26 May 2009

Voice communication

Presentation - 23 pages - Computer science

VOIP is common term which means voice over internet protocol. Voice communication is the hottest feature now a days. The success of IP in becoming a world standard for data networking has led to its adaption to voice networking. Hardware and software both are required for telephony. Voice over...

11 Aug 2010

Light is the medium of communication for a photographer

Thesis - 2 pages - Electronics

The medium of communication for a photographer is light, just as words are for the writer. It is not enough whether light is sufficient or insufficient. Light has other properties as well which create special effects. These special effects can happen only if light can be controlled by the...

16 May 2009

Brand and communication - Nike: The goddess of marketing

Presentation - 5 pages - Services marketing

History Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman imported Japanese shoes and created BRS “Blue Ribbon Sports”. First polemic with the advertisement “you don't win silver - you lose gold” First partnership with football team Strategy of Nike Knight & Bowerman sold the shoes in...

28 Jun 2010

The role of the works council in the company's internal communications

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Business strategy

The Works council was established in 1945 with the aim of involving the employees in the running of the company and establishing cooperation between employers and employees without undermining the authority of the entrepreneur, and thus increasing competiveness. The purpose of the works council...

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of communication campaigns of Dolce and Gabbana

Case study - 4 pages - Services marketing

By definition, ‘promotion' describes the messages that are sent through various media and are directed by a company towards its various stakeholders. It is intended to create a positive image of the brand and its offerings. Promotion is a fundamental element of the marketing strategy for the...

30 Mar 2012

Integrated marketing communications plan- Levi's Curve ID

Essay - 6 pages - Business strategy

This report aims at analyzing the advertising campaign of Levi's new product, the Levi's Curve ID. By using RABOSTIC method this will help us to understand the integrated marketing communication methods chosen by the brand and what they bring to realize. In 2007, 1.8 billions jeans were...

14 Jun 2013

Russia: From communism to capitalism

Case study - 3 pages - Political science

Russia, the great bear of Europe and Asia, is the largest country in the entire world with an area covering over 17,075,200 sq km of the known world. The country borders over 14 countries and has a unique history as well. Its population from July 2007 was estimated to be over 141 million...

07 Apr 2015

Usage of Different Philosophies to Communicate Same Ideas in Different Texts

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Different writers use different methods to communicate their points. An external analysis of articles shows many differences in approach as well as ideologies. Though writers often have divergent reasons for writing, a deeper exploration reveals unexpected similarities. A deep analysis reveals...

02 Apr 2007

Was the Macmillan government's decision to apply for membership of the European Communities the product of Britain's declining global status?

Essay - 6 pages - Political science

The fear that Britain would become, as Labour's post-war Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin put it “just another European country” , was one of the main reasons to explain the British refusal to join a European supranational organisation. The Attlee government was indeed in favour of...

11 Jun 2009

Location-based service over 3GPP IMS: Approaching real-time connectivity with the next generation of network communication

Essay - 5 pages - Electronics

Emerging mobile applications will need location information for delivering the right services to right persons at right places and time. A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability...

04 Dec 2008

Perceptions of nature by indigenous communities and their relation to the ecological contexts

Essay - 11 pages - Ecology & environment

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of how indigenous communities perceive and relate to the bio-ecological contexts of which they are part and on which they depend. The main message is that there is much more to learn from them than information about plant resources or methods...

15 Mar 2010

An essay on communication

Thesis - 2 pages - Social sciences

This 2004 conversation between American humorist P.J. O'Rourke and former Secretary of State Colin Powell (when he was still in the office), reveals how conversation is, as the book Bridges Not Walls puts it, “a process.” O'Rourke begins the conversation with the expectation that it is...

28 Jul 2010

Current communication: Ancient aphorisms

Thesis - 2 pages - Journalism

Communication separates human from animals. The ability to have distinct languages and understandings of them sets the human race apart. Humans have volumes of literature, books, plays, and poems that have survived throughout the centuries. Thus, efficient means of communication become...

14 Sep 2010

List of Chicago communities that interest real estate investors

Thesis - 4 pages - Finance

Logan Square is a community locality situated on the western part of Chicago. Proper Logan Square actually means the intersection of Kedzie Boulevard, Logan Boulevard and the Milwaukee Avenue-which is a three way intersection. The term Logan Square most often is used loosely to denote the...

29 Sep 2010

International marketing communication: Absolut Vodka case

Case study - 7 pages - Services marketing

We decided to study Absolut Vodka which constitutes the third largest international spirit in the world. Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand belonging to the public group Vin & Spirit. It is very successful and famous for the quality of its vodka and also for its special position in the market, the...

29 Sep 2010

Advertising and communication - published: 29/09/2010

Case study - 10 pages - Management

In this assignment, we analyze the selection and launch a new product. The product that I have to launch is a new deodorant, produced especially for women who have a sensitive skin and after a depilation. This product is sold in some specific shops only. Few brands are producing this product,...

10 Jan 2011

Dolce&Gabbana and its communication strategies

Case study - 11 pages - Management

Dolce&Gabbana sells ready made clothes and is a brand based in Legnano, Milan. It was launched in 1985 by two designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. In 1980, both were working in the same workshop in Venice. By 1982, they began working together to carve a niche for themselves in the...

27 Jan 2011

Strategy development and communication of the mobile phone company Orange

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

I) History The use of mobile phones increased suddenly in the 1990's until market saturation was reached shortly after 2000. Although it was originally limited to professional use by social elite, it grew to become the preferred means of communication for many people. A) The merger of two...