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25 Jul 2022

Customer Orientation

Course material - 3 pages - Marketing theories

The approach of customer orientation can be explained in companies that highly value and give their customers a lot of importance. Such companies are said to be customer oriented. According to Bhasin (2018), their marketing strategies get designed with their customers...

20 Jul 2021

Employee Selestion Techniques for a Customer Advisor

Case study - 2 pages - Management

For this assignment, the elected job is Customer Advisor in the bank HSBC. This job is interesting to study because it is multi-tasking and requires soft skills. What's more, the banking context is very specific, for it deals everyday with sensitive data and complicated situations....

05 Aug 2022

Apprenticeship in Customer Service Support (CSS)

Diploma Thesis - 10 pages - Foreign markets

CSS service accompanies the sales representatives in order to support them for the cotations of the existing customers. While they are prospecting new customers or anything else, already known customers can send us a cotation request to ship their goods around the world. The...

07 Nov 2014

Customer Relationship Management in Riyadh Bank

Case study - 15 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management is a tool for attracting and retaining customers that a business has identified as potentially profitable in the long term. CRM can help businesses to build sustainable competitive advantage and protect their market share from possible erosion by new...

29 Mar 2016

Customer value creation: The case of Beats Electronics

Case study - 3 pages - Business strategy

Value creation is one of the core aspects of any firm as it is linked to shareholder value. It is important to care about the manner in which customers place value in the brand. Customer perceptions of value are often unclear which creates a wide opportunity for companies to tap...

13 Nov 2014

Customer service improvement

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Anacceptable standard of customer service policy is becoming a major component in various business organizations due to the increased completion and customer awareness. The standard policy is essential to the management, employees and the potential customers. They enable the...

04 Sep 2014

Sexism and Personal Experiences

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

As a women's studies student, I have realized the importance and driving force of sexism in education, workplace and personal life several times. Sexism is currently illegal and considered to be a type of discrimination; still, it is true that many people have ideology that confirms that males...

15 Dec 2010

Nespresso: Customers Benefits

Case study - 7 pages - Management

Nespresso, currently the market leader, has always offered coffee machines to suit everybody, for professionals and the general public. The success of the brand relies on increased consumption, and a strong want by the company to meet customer expectations. It can be any type of...

20 Jan 2009

Sephora customer relationships management analysis

Essay - 10 pages - Management

The aim of this paper is to discover how Sephora has developed its power of attraction, the loyalty of its customers and prospects by setting up sophisticated and personalized customer communication strategies. Sephora is a division of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world's...

17 Mar 2009

Customer satisfaction with regard to Xerox photocopier: Xerox India Limited

Case study - 36 pages - Management

The documentation industry is expanding at a rate of more than 20% and the world majors have recognized the Indian market as a lucrative area. They are present in India either through joint ventures or through 100 percent subsidiaries. The high import duties, which had tilted the balance in favor...

18 Mar 2009

A study on customer expectations on MFD's towards Xerox India Ltd

Case study - 34 pages - Business strategy

Xerox Corporation is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. XEROX INDIA LTD is the Indian subsidiary of Xerox Corporation. The US $15.7 billion, Fortune 500 global document management company was incorporated in 1983. Xerox India's strategic intent is...

31 Mar 2009

A Study on customer satisfaction towards Cipla products

Market study - 40 pages - Business strategy

Satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage. Satisfaction refers to the buyer's state of being adequately rewarded in a buying situation for the sacrifice he has made. Once the customers purchase and use the product they may then either be satisfy or dissatisfied. Today's...

02 Apr 2009

A study on customer relationship management

Tutorials/exercises - 58 pages - Business strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of those magnificent concepts that swept the business world in the 1990's with the promise of forever changing the way businesses, small and large, interacted with their customer bases. In the short term, however, it proved to be an...

02 Apr 2009

Customer Relationship Management and the call centers

Tutorials/exercises - 60 pages - Management

Before we begin to examine the conceptual foundations of CRM, it will be useful to define what CRM is. CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management." CRM is a business strategy and a collection of technologies that enable seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer...

02 Apr 2009

The concept of loyalty and identifying the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (Tesco)

Dissertation - 75 pages - Business strategy

Traditionally, marketing has focused on market shares and customer acquisition rather than on retaining existing customers and on building long-lasting relationships with them (Kotler, 2003). More recently, however, market share has been gradually losing its revered status as...

09 May 2009

Experimental marketing: Building customer associations

Dissertation - 60 pages - Services marketing

Experiential marketing uses brand relevant experiences to engage key audiences while creating a forum where these audiences interact with a brand. It involves high levels of interactivity and sensory impact and seeks to elicit an emotional response the target through a more personal level...

21 Jun 2009

The customer is the king: Relationship marketing

Dissertation - 55 pages - Services marketing

Today it is the consumer who delivers the final verdict. The major application of Relationship Marketing is in industrial good markets and service markets. For relationship to start individual identifiable customers have to surface from the statistical mass of a target segment and for this...

29 Sep 2010

Comparison of customers'satisfaction and delivered quality in case of McDonald's and Burger King

Essay - 33 pages - Services marketing

McDonald's is the leading foodservice retailer globally with over30,000 local restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries daily. More than 70% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. The Burger King operates over...

14 Oct 2009

The need of customer relationship management (CRM) to succeed in the world of business

Thesis - 26 pages - Business strategy

A woman once purchased a car, and several days before the scheduled delivery date, she got a call all from the sales manager at the dealership. Fearing the expected bad news about the potential delay in the delivery date, she answered the call with trepidation. To her surprise manager asked her...

28 Aug 2009

Customer relationship marketing

Thesis - 10 pages - Services marketing

Traditional marketing strategies focused on the four Ps (price, product, promotion, and place) to increase market share. The main concern was to increase the volume of transactions between seller and buyer. Volume of transactions is considered a good measure of the performance of marketing...

09 Aug 2010

The relationship between internal customers and customer satisfaction

Thesis - 2 pages - Management

Customer satisfaction is one of the major indicators of the performance of a company. If the requirements and expectations of the customers are met or even exceeded without using excessive resources, then customer satisfaction is guaranteed. It is claimed that the cost of...

18 Jan 2011

Dell's customer relationship management (CRM) strategy

Thesis - 11 pages - Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most efficient systems which could be implanted in a company for its success. CRM is a process, a data mining, a technology and a philosophy base on the customer which aims to strengthen the relationship between the...

10 Mar 2011

AMD: A Customer-centric approach to innovation

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

This report focuses on the microprocessor manufacturer AMD's current and future positioning on the processor market. It first analyzes AMD's prospective growth: Could the company's success in servers be leveraged to other segments? Then, it analyzes the competition with Intel: will...

07 May 2009

Literature review: Customer relationship management (CRM)

Thesis - 3 pages - Management

Customer relationship management has been defined in many ways. Metagroep defines CRM as ‘the automation of horizontally integrated business processes involving front office customer contact points (marketing, sales, service and support) via multiple, interconnected delivery...

16 Jan 2009

The building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing

Essay - 23 pages - Services marketing

The research in this dissertation focuses on the building of customer loyalty and retention strategies in sports marketing with the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) as an example. This research aims to provide the factors which influence customer loyalty from a sports...

19 Jan 2009

Reaching Mexican customers in the real estate business

Market study - 22 pages - Services marketing

Real estate market is changing, it no longer exists one and only way to sell. Consequently, real estate companies must develop marketing researches, by studying clients' needs, understanding them, and then implement prospective solutions. Today, reaching Mexican consumers, on both sides of the...

05 Mar 2009

A study on comparative analysis of customer satisfaction

Case study - 48 pages - Services marketing

Marketing is the business function that identifies customer needs and wants, determine which target market the organization can best serve, designs appropriate products, services and programs to serve these markets, and calls upon every one in the organization to “think and save...

16 Apr 2009

Market research on customer satisfaction survey for Henkel (B2B)

Case study - 42 pages - Services marketing

This research was implemented to determine the level of Customer Satisfaction with Henkel Products and Services. It is a Business to business (B2B) research. The approach adopted for conducting the research includes surveys and personal interviews conducted in May 2008. Henkel deals its...

07 May 2009

Managing customer relationship and their financial aspects: Standard Chartered India

Case study - 33 pages - Finance

The objective of the project was to study the choice criteria to decide upon a bank for savings account and accordingly prepare the competitive update, i.e. Standard chartered VS other private banks to facilitate sales. The nature of the project involved a comprehensive market survey in which the...

13 May 2009

Are customer's management softwares and quality customer service key elements to gain customer's satisfaction and build loyalty?

Thesis - 24 pages - Management

Nowadays, companies possess lot of tools in order to gain customer's satisfaction and build loyalty. They understood that they have to focus on customers in order to increase profit more than before. Indeed, by focusing on customer's satisfaction they build loyalty and a...