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18 Aug 2014

E-Learning in education-role, applicability, and advantages

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Despite limitless opportunities, the field of education has remained painfully stagnated in usage of technology. The stagnation is so sticking that there are few differences between the classrooms and approaches today and 20 years ago. However, the area has started to advance, and...

07 Nov 2014

Education Sector and Information Communication Technology

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

Information Communication Technology is a general term that encompasses all communication devices and the various applications that are associated withthem. ICT devices may include among others, radio, computers, television, phones and satellite systems. The services and applications...

18 Aug 2022

The American Legal system versus the English Legal System

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Other law subjects

When we talk about the American legal system, it should be understood as the legal system that applies in the United States of American (US), whereas the English legal system is the one that takes place in the United Kingdom (UK) : England, Wales, Scotland and Northern...

21 Nov 2014

Education: Case study

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Children often ask adults for guidance, respect and patience and this should include the right to hear the voice of children. The various contexts of decision making include participation in the process of individual decision making, service development, research, participation in communities and...

28 Jul 2015

Charter schools and the future of public education

Essay - 2 pages - Educational studies

According to Karps analysis on the issue of charter school in relation to the role played by the public schools, he thinks that there are many devoted charter school educators who share the dream of schooling in a advanced, student-centered institute. And he also indicates that there are more...

28 Sep 2016

"Toward Neutral Principles of Constitutional Law" by Herbert Wechsler and the Brown v. the Board of Education Legal Decision

Essay - 2 pages - Constitutional law

In "Toward Neutral Principles of Constitutional Law", Herbert Wechsler brings up difficult issues that are eternally present in cases that make their way up to the Supreme Court. While we often deny these issues and simply assume that the court is making a decision that is "Constitutional" and...

20 Sep 2022

The System of Government and the Prime Minister

Presentation - 23 pages - Political life and election

This document tackles the British system of government and the role of the Prime Minister.

18 Aug 2014

Emerging Technology in Diabetes Care; Real-Time Diabetes Monitoring System

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

The management of type 1 diabetes has evolved and with the new technology, it's easier and cheaper. Monitoring has been made easier with the caregivers getting the new technology. The Real Time Diabetes Monitoring System which has come to supplement the existing technology as well as...

04 Mar 2023

Geography, Demography, Social Issues, Education and Culture in the United States of America

Course material - 20 pages - Sociology

(...) One of the characteristics of US climatic conditions is the constant fear of violent climatic happening such as hurricanes (in the Southeast, particularly during the fall), violent wind storms known as "tornadoes" (the Midwest), or flooding due to heavy rainfall and storms in the eastern...

13 Oct 2022

History of the Common Law System on the English Legal System

Essay - 11 pages - International law

As a direct result of the colonization by the British, many of its states naturally acquired this common law system, being the English law in globo, maintaining its primary principles, procedures, actors and modes of proof. As a consequence of this adoption and utilization of English law,...

20 Dec 2021

Opinion: the process of plea bargaining should be reformed in the American Justice System

Essay - 5 pages - Criminal law

According to the Department of Justice, more than 90% of Criminal Justice cases end in plea bargains (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2005). This statistic shows how important the process of plea bargaining is in the American Justice System. Clark Neily (2021) describes plea bargaining as "a...

07 Dec 2014

Comparison of the media systems between USA and China

Case study - 8 pages - Educational studies

Media is an overall term used to identify the different types of mediums that enriches us with vital information and knowledge (Sarah, 2011). It is a flow of information running throughout the society in a form of print, visual and audio mediums known as newspaper (newsletters, magazines and...

17 Apr 2015

Nursing Services respectful - place in the health care system

Case study - 1 pages - Biology

A nurse, who takes the role of advocate, must promote a climate in which the individuals, groups, families or a population can act in their own interest, and this includes having access to resources and intervenes when they are unable to act in their own interests. The role of client advocate is...

16 Jan 2015

The Russian political system

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

In the 1990s, Russia seemed to be a good example of the disadvantages of federalism in times of transition. Several republics that were ethnic-based challenged the central government which appeared not to be able to counter their sovereignty claims. Since the elections carried out in 2000,...

27 Aug 2014

Performance Management Systems

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Over the years, globalization has rapidly leveled the playing field for business operators, blurring the previously existing lines characterized by distinct operations attributed to the acquired comparative advantage. Additionally, with competitors bridging such features of differentiation, it...

25 Nov 2014

Systems and Operations Management

Case study - 4 pages - Management

The need for information systems is facilitated by numerous factors for instance, transformation in the industrial economies, emergence of global economies and changing business enterprises. The emergence of digital firms has also necessitated improvement in the information system....

23 Sep 2016

How education reproduces inequalities and social difference

Essay - 5 pages - Sociology

Inequalities in the society have historically been based on stratification and the creation of classes within the society. The struggle for achievement and the existence of the society based on the individual achievements has led to the differences between different classes in the society. Class...

18 Aug 2017

Education and gender bias in accounting - Literature Review

Book review - 3 pages - Literature

In a workplace, managers, employees, and other workers are faced with different situations that require critical thinking and involving decision-making. Interactions and people's behaviors influence their perception towards each other. For example, gender issues arise from these factors and...

17 Apr 2015

Unit and Standards That Students Are Expected To Meet In Education

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

It is simple for learners to get disappointed in a class of blended capability. Stronger students may feel kept down weaker people may feel compelled. The instructor may feel focused. The best answer for this is to have an open-class talk about the classroom circumstance - to guarantee the best...

08 Oct 2015

Information security system management for Swift Courier Company

Essay - 40 pages - Management

This paper focuses on the information security management of Swift Courier. Swift Courier is a relatively small company deals in courier services involving the delivery of various goods and services. The company is based in Abu Dhabi and has clients across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The...

17 Apr 2015

Media Ethics, Accountability Systems-Theory of Media Gate keeping

Case study - 3 pages - Management

This paper will show that the role of ethics determining the content of media outlets is dependent on social demands. Ethics are present in every social function. They dictate the modes of communication and their application based on the propriety and social structures. Media ethics are a...

16 Feb 2015

Technologies used in booking systems/websites and efficiency

Case study - 12 pages - Business strategy

An in depth understanding of the internet will be undertaken outlining the underlying technologies. The target audience and their requirements will also be examined and then a justification for design choices will be made. Implementation is the concluding point of the project however low level...

12 May 2010

Education and the American dream: Breakdown in Mann's report

Thesis - 3 pages - Social sciences

After gaining independence, USA began to face new challenges in its new found land. With the increase in population, more problems were faced in securing the prosperity and well being for the citizens. How and in what manner should the government enact upon to secure these unalienable rights that...

03 Jun 2008

Is multicultural education a paradigm for improving education?

Essay - 5 pages - Educational studies

Over the course of the last 45 years, the process of multicultural education has emerged as one of the most notable paradigms for student development. Although multicultural education is often seen as antithetical to more traditional educational paradigms, the reality is that this...

07 Jul 2008

A framework for the development and implementation of character education into the larger school curriculum

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

The current state of the American education system has promulgated a substantial outpouring of criticism for what teachers and administrators are accomplishing in the school. Although many schools defend their academic programs—arguing that a lack of funding makes it difficult...

15 Jan 2009

Compare and contrast the working conditions, aspirations and prospects of French students entering higher education in the 1960s and those entering higher education since the 1990s

Essay - 4 pages - Educational studies

Students entering the French higher education system in 1960 and since the 1990s will have undergone quite different experiences. However, so will the students entering higher education in France at the beginning of the 1960s compared to those entering towards the end of...

20 Feb 2009

A discussion on the theories of the child and the inextricable link to education

Essay - 6 pages - Educational studies

Educational provision has always involved much more than the ways of accumulation of academic knowledge. It has been central to the processes by which ideas of childhood has been socially constructed and, therefore, its history has much to tell us about the development of different educational...

18 Mar 2009

How does education determine people's life chances?

Thesis - 6 pages - Educational studies

In order to answer the question, "How does education determine people's life chances?"… I am going to look at education in the sense of learning opportunities provided by the state and concentrate on issues of social class, race and gender. Life chances is a very vague phrase...

16 Apr 2014

Girl child education and economic development in Africa

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

The objectives of this essay are to: Discuss reasons why girl child education is essential for economic development in Africa. Discuss reasons why the girl child in Africa is underprivileged in terms of education Discuss the impact of the low level of girl child education on...

11 May 2009

Is education in Japan is truly meritocratic?

Thesis - 4 pages - Educational studies

At first sight, Japanese education system seems to be truly meritocratic. Indeed, in Japanese consciousness, all are born equal. It is only thanks to their work and efforts, that they achieve their goals. As the education system is grounded on those principles, we may...