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24 Nov 2022

The application of an EIB to address environmental challenges in urban Belgium

Thesis - 96 pages - Finance

Cities face increasing environmental challenges including, but not limited to; air pollution, CO2 emissions, energy, transport and waste management. The success of Social Impact Bonds (SIB) by solving social issues in a public-private partnership has been the driver for the development of...

10 Sep 2021

Environmental Law - Sustainable Development in South Africa

Essay - 4 pages - Environment law

The expression "sustainable development" has been used for years now. It is all about the promotion of people's well-being, the improvement of their life quality, especially in the long run. This means that what the current generation is doing has consequences on future generations. Therefore,...

12 Sep 2014

Environmental management and development

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Environmental management has played significant roles in the protection and regulation of the ecosystem. Changes in the climate and survival habitats have led to increased talks by international management organizations to intensify their role in environmental...

15 Jan 2009

Institutional Failures of the Global Environmental Governance

Essay - 42 pages - Ecology & environment

Despite a great awareness of environmental questions from developed and developing countries, there is a degradation of environmental issues and an appearance of new environmental problems. This aggravation of environmental matters is due to the inefficient state of...

27 Sep 2013

Environmentally sustainable economies

Case study - 3 pages - Psychology

Economic growth is what propelled America's leap to become the world's only superpower and most influential nation, but not without sacrifice. Our exponential growth has depleted our nonrenewable resources and polluted many of our nation's greatest natural wonders. While it is imperative that...

03 Feb 2011

Environmental risks and sustainable development

Essay - 7 pages - Ecology & environment

In 2006, Davis Guggenheim and Al Gore released a movie called “An inconventient Truth: Global Warming”, and this movie basically talks about the risks associated with development. In 2007, they were honored with the Noble Peace award by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on...

16 Jan 2009

How can organizations tackle environmental constraints to reach an eco-efficient supply chain?

Essay - 10 pages - Management

For many years, being ecologically and environmentally friendly was not a concern for companies; they mostly focused on costs no matter how harmful their practices and processes might be for the environment. However, today, environmental issues are growing and becoming a real threat....

15 Jan 2009

Global environmental politics: A study of the world heritage convention (1972)

Essay - 8 pages - Ecology & environment

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention has been established in 1972. It recognizes the way in which people interact with nature, and the fundamental need to preserve the balance between the two. Thus, that convention concerns both the cultural and natural properties, but I will focus in that essay...

29 Jun 2010

Environment protection initiatives by the European Union

Thesis - 7 pages - European law

Environment policy is one of the greatest social challenges faced by governments and Businesses today. This is due to the rise in awareness of the impact of the environment on public health and welfare. The need for environmental conservation gave rose to a series of Community initiatives...

29 Sep 2010

The Impact of Environmental Issues on Toyota's Strategy

Essay - 17 pages - Services marketing

This thesis will seek to understand the controversial relationship between environmental factors and Toyota. Indeed, motor vehicle exhaust-emissions notably that of carbon monoxide pollution, is caused directly by the automobile industry. However, these negative impacts changed the...

16 May 2008

Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Essay - 40 pages - Ecology & environment

The Nobel-winning IPCC group of climate scientists on Saturday the 17th, 2007 issued their starkest warning yet on global warming. Global warming bore the seeds of "catastrophe" yet there was also hope, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon emphasized. Nonetheless "There are real and affordable ways...

15 Jan 2009

How Convincing Are Neorealism & Neoliberal Institutionalism To Understand Environmental Cooperation?

Tutorials/exercises - 12 pages - International relations

International cooperation is a radically different prospect with regard to positivist theories of international relations. According to each approach, states live in a specific international system, are motivated by diverse factors and possess various resources. Each theory then offers a...

24 Feb 2010

Enforcement of environmental policies in Europe

Thesis - 2 pages - Political science

Acid rain, coastal pollution, deforestation, toxic waste, and industrial contamination infect Europe's landscapes, waterways, and skies at higher levels than ever before. The United Nations, the European Union, and other international organizations have been implementing new environmental...

19 Jan 2009

Business report : Veolia Environmental Services

Essay - 32 pages - Business strategy

As part of the Business to Business project, a team comprising Nicholas Dawson, Arnaud le Floch and Rouh Rouh Tan Tan decided to conduct an in-depth business study concerning a leading European waste management company: Veolia Environmental Services. Following the aftermath of “An...

16 Jan 2009

Ben & Jerry's ice cream: Environmental policy report

Essay - 11 pages - Business strategy

Hailing from a single store in Vermont, created by two men making ice-cream, Ben & Jerry's has rapidly become a truly global company, employing 514 people in the US alone, and operating 550 small ‘Scoop Shops' spread across the US and 23 other countries across the world. By their own...

17 Dec 2010

Environmental consequences of universalization: The maritime transport in the United States

Case study - 8 pages - Logistics

While entering a supermarket and by looking at the labels of the various products indicating the source of the manufacturers, we rarely find ‘Made in the USA' labels. A portable DVD costs less than 85 Euros and is manufactured in Singapore; the label of a T-shirt decorated with a character...

03 Aug 2014

Environmental issues affecting beauty salon in the international arena

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The beauty industry has been drastically growing and spreading into various countries around the world. In the United States, the industry has proven to be a recession-proof industry that has not been affected by the economic recession. A beauty salon is a component of the beauty industry that...

29 Sep 2010

The company Renault and the consideration of environmental issues in its production

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Renault was founded by Louis Renault and his brothers in 1898. It is a familial and traditional company that made a name for itself through the years, different periods and centuries. Indeed, Renault's group went thought two wars and an economic crisis, and by always adapting its strategy and its...

29 May 2012

Why international agreements are necessary to protect environmental health and community health?

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Environmental health refers to the elements present in the environment that affect and influence human public health. As established by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the United Nations health agency, Environmental health refers to both direct pathological effect of different...

24 Sep 2008

Advantages and limitations of using tourism as a rationale for nature conservation and protected area establishment

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Nearly everyone on the planet would love to see animals and wildlife in their natural habitat with plenty of the space and the resources they need to survive on their own. The problem is that this level of nature conservation is expensive. Leaving land free from development comes at a price. One...

22 Oct 2014

Discuss the main microeconomic environmental factors affecting the junior mineral resource industry

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This report is to discuss the main microeconomic environmental factors affecting the junior mineral resource industry. To avoid confusion the report will concentrate on the junior exploration mineral industry versus the mining industry. The mining industry is directly related to the junior...

25 Sep 2008

Effects of environmental enrichment on the consumption of a palatable food reward

Case study - 13 pages - Ecology & environment

Environmental enrichment (EE) is the study of organisms reared in complex, varied environments and the subsequent influences on behavior. Studies have shown many mechanisms for how EE elicits changes in behavior, mental and physical processes, and neurophysiology. EE has been shown to work...

13 Jan 2009

Green or environmental logistics

Essay - 5 pages - Logistics

For a number of years, environmental issues have been a growing concerns in society, particularly in the business practices. Under influences of lobby, customers or stakeholders, the idea of sustainable development and of ecological respect has become more popular. Thus, as many other...

29 Sep 2010

Mattel faces its social and environmental responsabilities

Case study - 9 pages - Services marketing

Today's business organizations constantly face internal and external pressures in addressing their social and environmental responsibilities. Since the 1960s, the society has expressed growing expectations for more responsible management of companies through the incentive of the social...

29 Jul 2009

The environmental impact of aquaculture operations

Thesis - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Human cultivation has produced habitats specialized for artificially spawning and nurturing aquatic animals and plants in fresh and marine waters. By assisting to meet the market demand for seafood consumption, aqua cultural operations have yielded clear and significant financial advantages,...

19 Oct 2012

Basic concepts in global environmental politics

Case study - 4 pages - Political science

Bringing a variety of perspectives to the table, there are three very influential actors involved in global environmental governance: Nation States, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Corporations. Scientists have been excluded from the category of “actor” because any of these...

24 Mar 2009

Environmental pollution: A growing problem

Thesis - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Environmental Studies (ES) is an inter-disciplinary area of study incorporating the social and scientific aspects of nature and natural resources. The major aim of Environmental Studies is to project the inter-relationships between living beings-especially human beings- with the...

25 Nov 2008

Diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of forest health and protection

Essay - 9 pages - Ecology & environment

Over the last 30 years forest health became a popular issue together with the concern about acid rain, air pollution, and climate change. Terms like forest decline, and the German ‘Waldsterben' (forest death) and ‘Neuartigen Waldscha ┬Ęden' (new type of forest damage) became frequent in...

05 Mar 2009

Consumer Protection Act of India: When the consumer is a king

Thesis - 31 pages - Other law subjects

A consumer is a user of goods and services. Any person paying for goods and services which he uses is entitled to expect that the goods and services are of a nature and quality promised to him by the seller. The earlier principle of "Caveat Emptor" or "let the buyer beware" which was prevalent...

18 Mar 2009

Analyzing the links between disability and child abuse and evaluating the role of Social Services with regards to Disabled Child Protection

Thesis - 21 pages - Social sciences

The protection of children is today a high profile issue, within both the voluntary and statutory sectors, although the abuse of disabled children is a matter that has only recently attracted professional interest. Whilst many people find it difficult to believe that disabled children,...