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01 Aug 2022

Towards a "Europe-puissance" or towards a free trade zone?

Course material - 8 pages - International relations

The development of the European Union, along the line of constant progress towards more integration, which more or less prevailed since 1950, appeared to stop suddenly in May 2005 with the French "No" to the so-called Constitutional Treaty. That problem has been solved, at least for now, with the...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - France and Germany

Course material - 11 pages - Political science

Since the origins of the European project, Europe has depended on close Franco-German cooperation. As we have seen, all the big moves forward were possible because of the basic Franco-German agreement; the last major instance was Maastricht in 1992. The other countries had to follow. Of...

31 Jul 2022

The Possible Geopolitical Consequences of Further Enlargements of the EU

Course material - 6 pages - Political science

The big enlargement of the EU in 2004 and the last one in 2007 to Bulgaria and Romania have been greeted with skepticism or even hostile reactions in large sectors of European public opinion. This situation, which probably contributed to the failure of the Constitutional Treaty in France and the...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - The Countries Other than France and Germany

Course material - 8 pages - Political science

France and Germany alone can no longer call the tune in the EU. They henceforth have to take much more into account the agenda of the other members. We shall see first that agenda, regrouping, of course, the different countries into larger groups along their affinities, and then the possible...

01 Aug 2022

The United States and the World: Bush's Second Term and Current Trends in the US Foreign Policy Establishment

Course material - 9 pages - Political life and election

After Bush's re-election in November 2004, there were some doubts about the kind of policy he would now follow, after the occupation of Iraq had revealed itself as a much more difficult undertaking than what the Administration had contemplated. Many felt at the time the President would vastly...

01 Aug 2022

Towards a Federation of Nation-States? - From the Milan summit to the Nice one (1985-2000)

Course material - 7 pages - Modern history

To try to describe the aim of the European Construction at the beginning of the 90ies, Jacques Delors, president of the European Commission from 1985 to 1995, invented the concept of a Federation of Nation-States. An oxymoron? What does national sovereignty become in such a system? But still it...

31 Jul 2022

Towards a European Defense?

Course material - 7 pages - International relations

The problem of a European defense system is not new: we remember the Brussels Treaty of 1948, which was a military alliance between GB, France and the Benelux countries, including a common European general staff which was stationed in Fontainebleau, until it was taken over by NATO in 1951, but...

01 Aug 2022

The European Union and its neighbors to the East and South-East of the Continent and to the Middle East

Course material - 11 pages - Political science

The European Union has still very limited means in terms of foreign and security and defense policy, and its members still follow quite different foreign policy agendas. But the EU confronts several and often growing problems and crisis in her immediate vicinity.

08 Oct 2010

Globalization: Knowledge-based economy in Europe

Tutorials/exercises - 31 pages - Economy general

It is a fact that today's European economy is strongly impacted by globalization. European firms have the opportunity to go to the global market. In order to be successful and to achieve a local and international development, those companies have to adapt and to reinvent their strategies. The...

15 Jan 2009

The current brand situation: EDF

Essay - 8 pages - Business strategy

There are great modifications in the organization of the electric sector in Europe. It is agreed that the sector management must change and must adapt to the requirements of the European Unique Market, and that consequently the invisible power of the private market must replace the visible...

17 May 2009

A look at Electricite de France (EDF)

Thesis - 12 pages - Business strategy

There have been great modifications made in the organization of the electric sector in Europe. It is agreed that the sector management must change and must adapt to the requirements of the European Unique Market, and that the invisible power of the private market must replace the all too...

29 Sep 2010

The Yuan under the pressure of the International Community Should we revaluate the Yuan?

Essay - 65 pages - Economy general

In three decades, China has transformed from an economy based upon agriculture (low effective and auto centered) to an economy based upon mass industry and export. The wish of Xiaoping to open the country is completely reached (on an economy level) but his wish to develop China from the inside by...

13 Jan 2009

Have we reached the limits of the EU enlargement?

Thesis - 8 pages - European union

In the light of the massive 2004 European Union (EU) enlargement and the current one of Bulgaria and Romania, the question of whether the EU is reaching the limits of its enlargement shows all its relevance. In fact, since the moment the European integration process was launched, it has welcomed...

30 Apr 2014

Operation "Althea" in Bosnia and Herzegovine: the European security and Defence policy (ESDP) coming of age?

Essay - 14 pages - International relations

The European Union (EU) is a newcomer in the business of peace support operations. Of course, its members have long been involved in almost any sort of non-Article 5 (NATO/WEU) mission in the past, and they still are today. But they have usually done so under other flags than the EU one. Even if...

07 Jul 2022

Internationalization Strategy Proposal - Tim Hortons

Case study - 12 pages - International marketing

The Tim Hortons chain was established in 1964 and opened in Hamilton, Ontario. The first Tim Hortons restaurants offered only two products: coffee and donuts. Over the years, Tim Hortons has become Canada's largest national chain in the coffee and bakery market. Tim Hortons has more than 4600...

18 Nov 2020

Traditional and low cost airlines - marketing strategies

Case study - 11 pages - Tourism marketing

The airline industry has undergone profound changes in the space of a few years. First of all, because of increased digitisation, but also because of other so-called low-cost companies which have emerged and which have disrupted the traditional aviation pattern. This has been a great thing for...

29 Sep 2010

China in Africa: Political or Economic Interest?

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

China's growing involvement in Africa has been actively commented upon over the last few months. In 1996, President Jiang Zemin stated he wanted 'a new relationship' with Africa, based on five points: reliable friendship, sovereignty equality, non-intervention, mutual beneficial...

29 Sep 2010

The Iraq war: an International Relations Theory Analysis

Case study - 16 pages - Political science

On the nineteenth of March 2003 America and its allies started their invasion of Iraq. This intervention had the official goal of the struggle against a terrorism-friendly country, to avoid the expansion of mass destruction weapons and establish a democratic breakthrough in the Middle East. This...

05 Dec 2011

Strategic Marketing of Caroll fashion house in China

Market study - 9 pages - Services marketing

Caroll is a French fashion chain of stores created in 1963 by Raphael Levy and Joseph Bigio with the will to create good and nice clothes for women. Indeed, in a first time they decided to produce comfortable and customized pullovers and as it was a great success, Caroll Company launched a line...

16 Apr 2014

The Kashmir conflict

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

When we speak about Kashmir, we think at first of this multitude of conflicts which concerns the history of this country. This territory situated in South Asia is a junction point of India, Pakistan and China. It always generated enormous desire. Without dwell upon the long lineage of dynasties...

07 Apr 2023

To What Extent Have the United States and Europe Grown Closer or Further Apart After September 11?

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

September 11, 2001 appears to be a major turning point in the American management of foreign affairs. Europe, as a major partner and ally, is also impacted by this attack. The objective of our analysis will be to determine the consequences of these. Moreover, the exponential rise in power...

29 Sep 2010

Beneteau, an international market leader

Case study - 39 pages - Business strategy

Beneteau, the giant in the nautical industry, was founded by Benjamin Beneteau in 1884, with the creation of a familial shipyard. After the long wars period, the apparition of the polyester had cost the yard to develop itself considerably, by starting a mass production. Thus, Beneteau has really...

03 Feb 2011

Chinese Presence in Africa, and its Economic Impact

Essay - 16 pages - International relations

The African continent is the second largest continent in the world, and is the second most populous continent. This continent has abundant natural resources like gold, diamonds, oil etc. and has been the bone of contention between the super powers of the world for a long time now. China has...

29 Sep 2010

Can India be called: « The future superpower »?

Case study - 4 pages - Economy general

Nowadays, Western countries are facing the ascendance of new economic rivals, especially the two Asian giants: China and India. India is described as an emerging global power through the eyes of the journalists in the financial press, who emphasize its successful Bollywood movie industry, its...

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of company: H&M

Case study - 38 pages - Services marketing

Large companies and major groups have a more enhanced transparent business strategy than small and medium sized ones. Some elements are present in our daily life, such as marketing campaigns, communications, advertising etc. They make us dream and we are passionate because they seem out of reach...

29 Sep 2010

The Global War on terrorism and the effects in the Euro-american relations: Causes, consequences, solutions

Essay - 11 pages - International relations

Terrorism has become the most important threat regarding international stability in the 21st century. Though the Euro Atlantic community considers that it is of the utmost importance to eradicate it, it is not able to set up a common strategy. Since the war in Iraq, the Bush administration has...

07 Aug 2018

Anatomy of the Russian disinformation campaign: understanding the complexity of a covert network as part of state policy and a military tool against Europe

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Journalism

About two decades ago, it was impossible to imagine that foreign disinformation could actually affect the policy decision making or disturb social cohesion and solidarity in European countries. Back then, media outlets such as television, radio stations and newspapers enjoyed munificent funding...

19 Feb 2015

Are Consumers Interested In Ingredients? - Horse Meat Scandal, Europe

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Time and again, most consumers purchase items from the shops including groceries and other food products without considering the ingredients that make up the food product or the grocery. However, recent findings and scandals regarding ready-made food and grocery, most notably, the horse-meat...

13 Jan 2009

The Next General Election and its two main candidates

Thesis - 9 pages - Political science

7th September 2006 : Tony Blair declared that he intended to stand down as Labour Party Leader. Thus, he will not stand for the next general election, which will probably take place in 2009. Originality of the election : all three main parties go into the General Election with new leaders. The...

16 Jan 2009

Theoretical explanations of the period of peace between Japan and the USA (from 1945 onwards)

Essay - 9 pages - International relations

On the 7th of December 1941, Japanese submarines and carrier-based planes attacked the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, killing 3000 military personnel, and destroying a great part of the fleet. This led to a 4-years war culminating in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a milestone in human history....