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12 Feb 2024

Illegal cattle farming - Implications and possible actions by the European commission and Brazilian government

Case study - 11 pages - Environment law

The Amazon Forest is the world's largest tropical rainforest and is a vital ecosystem with a wide range of flora and fauna (WWF, n.d.). However, the Amazon Forest is under threat due to various anthropogenic activities, including illegal cattle farming which is a significant driver of...

01 Feb 2014

Is the European Commission more or less powerful than it should be?

Essay - 4 pages - European law

The resignation en bloc of the Jacques Santer Commission, a few months ago, after charges of nepotism and mismanagement against some of its members, including Edith Cresson and Manuel Marín, has cast discredit on an institution that has already been much criticized in the past, portrayed...

17 May 2009

How does the European Commission foster the integration of the energy market?

Thesis - 5 pages - European union

The European Union (UE) proves to be an efficient exporting actor for the goods and services market. However, its capital account remains negative in the energy market. UE's growing dependency on gas and electricity suppliers is becoming an economic and strategic weakness for the business...

12 Jan 2009

The European Commission

Thesis - 6 pages - European union

If Jacques Delors, one of the most famous President of the European Commission (between 1985 and 1995), called the European Union as a UPO or Unidentified Political Object, it can be explained by the special characteristics of its architecture. The European...

29 Sep 2010

The European Union Court of Justice is more relevant for the advance of the EU political unity than the Commission and the Parliament' - Discuss

Essay - 4 pages - European law

The European Union's political role has been a big issue among the main theoriticians of the European Union. The place of the European Parliament and the Commission in the process toward political unity is obvious. The Commission, as the institution which...

07 May 2009

How has European competition policy empowered the commission?

Thesis - 6 pages - European union

This question could appear really simple, and the first answer that comes is “yes of course”: with the introduction of European Competition Policy, the EU Commission has an extended power, and can now decide if a company respects competition laws in the Union or not. But...

17 May 2009

The Commission white paper on a European communication policy, an analysis of the conceptual and political issues at stake

Thesis - 5 pages - European union

While it symbolized the failure of national politicians, the rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by the French and Dutch citizens in the referendum of Spring 2005 left the European establishment under the shock: it was evident that both the continuous strengthening of the...

31 Mar 2006

'The European Union Court of Justice is more relevant for the advance of the EU political unity than the Commission and the Parliament' - Discuss - publihed: 31/03/2006

Essay - 4 pages - European law

Its political role has being a big issue between the main theoricians of the European Union. The place of the European Parliament and the Commission in the process toward political unity is more obvious. The Commission, as the institution who has the power of...

02 Nov 2023

The growing involvement of the European Union in the control of foreign investment in its territory

Essay - 6 pages - European union

This is what the European Commission said on March 25th, 2020 for the Member States concerning foreign direct investment and free movement of capital from third countries, and the protection of Europe's strategic assets. From this quotation, we can see that the European...

12 Dec 2023

The Institutional Structure: The European Balance of Powers

Course material - 7 pages - European law

The European community created particular institutions, which were quite different from the usual skims of the separation of powers. In the traditional system of separation of powers, more or less separation is between executive, legislative and judicial power.

16 Jun 2022

The European employment strategy

Dissertation - 7 pages - European union

Over the last ten years, employment has remained the top concern of Europeans, including new EU members. In fact, due to the lack of change in each national level, EU citizens have grown to trust the European Union more than their own governments to improve their country's...

21 Feb 2022

European urban policies - A summary note on the urban agenda for the EU

Summary - 15 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Today more than half of the world's population lives in urban areas. This figure is projected to increase to 80% by 2050 (United Nations, 2019). Even though Cities are home to many complex, interlinked challenges (related to climate control, energy efficiency, pollution, and many more) they...

10 Dec 2023

Investment law - The reinforcement of the control of foreign investments by the European Union

Essay - 4 pages - European law

How do the European Union's reinforced measures for controlling foreign investments, including the EU FDI (Foreign direct investment) Screening Regulation, national investment screening mechanisms, and increased scrutiny on state-owned enterprises, impact the attractiveness of the EU...

08 Dec 2022

Future Opportunities, Threats, Challenges and Goals of the European Union

Essay - 4 pages - European union

The European Union is the largest and most successful political and economic union in the world, making it a key player. Research on the European Union focuses mainly on its construction, its functioning, the challenges and threats it faces. Our research aims to examine the...

30 Jul 2022

Towards a Kind of European Constitution? From the Saint-Malo Franco-British Meeting to the Lisbon Treaty (1998-2007)

Course material - 6 pages - Modern history

In 1998, Prime Minister Blair had to realize that the fact that GB did not participate in the Euro would actually marginalize her inside the European Union. He decided to recover the initiative, and to take up the subject of European defense, where GB could contribute in an...

30 Jul 2022

The European Union and its International Role - Towards a European Federation? (From the European Conference in The Hague to the Rome Treaties, 1948-1957)

Course material - 6 pages - Modern history

Already during the war, many Resistance groups asked themselves how to stop the cycle of recurring European wars. After 1945, many groups and associations suggested going back to the European ideas of the 20s, which included the concept of a European Union (Briand Plan of...

01 Jan 2024

Ukraine joining the European Union: myth or reality?

Essay - 1 pages - International relations

Ukraine is an Eastern European country located between Poland and Russia. However, it is not a member of the European Union, which is a unique partnership between 27 European countries, known as Member States, or EU countries. This country has shown interest in joining the EU...

21 May 2024

How does Hungary's and Poland's illiberal approach to democracy, accompanied by a nationalistic retreat, constitute a break with the values of the European Union?

Essay - 4 pages - European union

On 28 July 2014, at the twenty-fifth summer university in B?ile Tu?nad, Romania, Viktor Orbán declared: "The new state we are building in Hungary is not a liberal state, it is an illiberal state based on the value of labour." Indeed, since he came to power in Hungary in 2010, and won the...

30 Jul 2022

Towards a European Confederation? From de Gaulle's Return to Power to the Milan European Summit (1958-1985)

Course material - 6 pages - Modern history

After the failure of the federal concept and the more prudent approach of the Rome Treaties, for about 30 years, the European Economic Community (EEC) seemed to develop more along the concept of a European Confederation, not a Federation, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers,...

07 Jul 2015

The European Convention: Human Rights

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The European Convention on Human Rights, however, is a model of effective protection of human rights in that it has a binding force. This is possible due to judicial review of compliance with the rights enshrined in the first instance, the control of the European Commission...

09 Dec 2023

The Limits of the European Model : the Failure of the Federal Dream

Course material - 3 pages - European union

The notion of "solidarité des faits" has always been the core of the EU, and the idea was that an integrated EU would grow step by step, and that it would unite people. However, there was a debate about the final goal of the EU: it should go above the way to what is a federation, but should never...

22 Jul 2015

European Sovereign Debt Crisis and its impact on financial markets and institutions

Essay - 5 pages - Finance

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis of was basically the failure of the Euro which was the monetary symbol that tied together 17 Countries across Europe (Arezki et. al, 2011). This therefore means that the start of all these is retraced back to the second world war in 1945. At this time...

28 Jul 2021

Relationships between Serbia and the European Union

Essay - 4 pages - International relations

Serbia also officially called the Republic of Serbia is a small sovereign state whose capital city is Belgrade. On June 5 of 2006, the Republic of Serbia was created after the independence of Montenegro which composed a federation (Serbia and Montenegro) since 2003 after the disruption of...

31 Jul 2022

The Interplay of National and European Considerations in the Foreign Policy of EU Members - The Countries Other than France and Germany

Course material - 8 pages - Political science

France and Germany alone can no longer call the tune in the EU. They henceforth have to take much more into account the agenda of the other members. We shall see first that agenda, regrouping, of course, the different countries into larger groups along their affinities, and then the possible...

02 Nov 2023

Why do European courts refuse to enforce U.S. punitive damages?

Essay - 6 pages - International law

In terms of civil liability in Continental Europe, the principle is to compensate only for the damage. Civil liability is not punitive. The purpose is only to put the victim back in the situation she knew before the operative event. If the behavior deserves a sanction, it is a matter of criminal...

12 Oct 2021

Could colonization have gone differently with Europeans and Indians living together peacefully?

Essay - 1 pages - Medieval history

Between 1775 and 1884, Indian territories in the Americas drastically declined. This decrease in territory has been accompanied by a decrease in the people themselves. Today, we'll try to see if this colonization could have been different, and if those people could have lived together, in...

15 Jan 2009

Gender equality and employment in the European Union

Essay - 29 pages - European union

Gender equality is among the fundamental principles and the common values of the European Union. In the 2nd Article of the Treaty of the European Community, it is even mentioned as a “task” to perform for the Community, and again in Article 3(2) TEC. But two questions...

09 Jan 2009

Multi-level governance in the European Union

Essay - 5 pages - European union

The former French President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors, once stated that the European Union was an “unidentified political object”. This phrase highlights the complexity of the EU polity, which various theories have tried to capture and which has...

15 Jan 2009

Implementation of European Law in a federal state: The Belgian case between coherence and autonomy

Case study - 9 pages - European law

‘Ultimately the impact of EU rules depends on the willingness and capacity of Member States authorities to ensure that they are transposed and enforced effectively and fully and on time' (Graver) . This statement from the European Commission in its White Paper on Governance...

02 Jan 2011

European rules on competition

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

Largely inspired by the U.S. Antitrust law, the European Commission's rules on competition play a central role in the laws of the European Union. Grouped under Title VI of the European Council's Treaty, these rules concern the "common rules on competition, taxation and...