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27 Nov 2013

Single parent's homes and the effects on children

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Family lifestyle is constantly changing, and almost half the number of children in the current generation spends part of their lives in a single parent family. Single parenting is becoming a normal trend mostly a result of family break-ups. The decision to bear a child by...

27 Sep 2006

The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison

Essay - 8 pages - Literature

The Bluest Eye contains a number of autobiographical elements. It is set in the town where Morrison grew up (Lorain), and it is told from the point of view of a nine-year-old girl, the age Morrison would have been the year the novel takes place (1941). Like the MacTeer family, Morrison's...

31 Jul 2007

Power and Independence of Hmong Women in Laos and America

Essay - 5 pages - Sociology

The Hmong are an ethnic group indigenous to the Southeast Asian peninsula. They typically live in the mountainous regions of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They are rice farmers who are well known for their embroidery and the color of their dress, which gives its name to the different Hmong clans....

30 Aug 2007

Fishing, Spirituality, and the Simple Life: A River Runs Through It

Essay - 2 pages - Film studies

In Robert Redford's beautiful adaptation of A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean, Norman and Paul Maclean seek to find the purpose for their lives growing up under the guidance of their Scottish- Presbyterian Minister father, in a Montana setting that could be described as no less than...

19 Oct 2007

Rush into the Secret House

Essay - 7 pages - Literature

Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet loved Romeo, and in the end, they both died to prove it. Neither the Capulets nor the Montagues could understand such love, so neither could allow such love. Romeo and Juliet died to prove it. Yet centuries later, William Shakespeare's darker tragedy is still revered...

11 Dec 2007

Prize Winning Design

Essay - 2 pages - Psychology

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, directed by Jane Anderson and released in 2005, tells the true story of a mother from Defiance, Ohio who helped raise her rather large family by winning contests to earn money and necessities in absence of a steady income from her husband. Julianne Moore...

10 Feb 2008

Morality in the Resistance: overview through "Your Name is Renee: Ruth Kapp Hartz's Story as a Hidden Child in Nazi-Occupied France", by Stacy Cretzmeyer

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

The 1940's will forever remain a significant period in French history. It was during this time that World War II occurred and Germany managed to take over three-fifths of mainland France. The remaining land became known as Vichy France. With such a strong a German presence and influence, even in...

16 Apr 2008

Exodus to America: The experience of Irish Women in a New World.

Case study - 6 pages - Humanities/philosophy

Throughout the 19th century, the Irish were leaving Ireland by the thousands in hope of a better life in America. During the famine the numbers intensified, bringing large amounts of poor and destitute families over to the growing American cities of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. But...

22 Apr 2008

Alienation in the Butcher Boy

Book review - 5 pages - Literature

In the Butcher Boy, Patrick McCabe paints a picture of the perfectly dysfunctional family in The Bradys, who are shown in stark contrast to the perfectly normal family, the Nugents. From the start, Francie Brady's family was the epitome of unstable. Francie's father was an...

24 Apr 2008

Combating an American Epidemic: A Look At Autism

Case study - 4 pages - Psychology

Today, our country is in the midst of a major epidemic. Our children are being overtaken by a debilitating disorder that leaves them and their families devastated. The Center for Disease Control estimates that one in one hundred fifty children are born with this affliction. In fact, more children...

10 Jul 2008

An ethics case study: Trial by fire

Essay - 4 pages - Journalism

In March of 1988, a young man named Joey Philion suffered burns over 90 percent of his body. The U.S. and Canadian media reported that Joey, fifteen at the time, had run back into his fire engulfed home to save the life of his younger brother. The story showed Joey as a hero and soon money and...

22 Jul 2008

How does Steinbeck portray gender, in his novel : 'The grapes of wrath'

Book review - 5 pages - Literature

In the novel, Steinbeck skilfully creates a complex communal structure, through which the genders are portrayed. This community has a harsh and realistic nature. Many tragedies and disappointments threaten the family as they move through life, Tom kills a man and goes to prison, Rose of...

27 Jul 2008

The holy union: Religion and marital conflict

Essay - 7 pages - Social sciences

In a time when conservatives worry that allowing homosexual to marry will destroy the sanctity of marriage and the family, heterosexual Americans are divorcing at a greater rate than ever before. The ratio of divorces to marriages is around 50% , suggesting that half of all marriages are...

25 Sep 2008

Divorce and its effect on educational development

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

Divorce is something that we see more often in society today. From starting as an unheard of phenomenon within families, divorce has increased, and is encompassing more and more children each and every year. Is divorce something that we as educators can expect to affect our students? Yes, but...

26 Sep 2008

The effects of marital discord and dissolution on adult offspring's romantic relationships

Essay - 5 pages - Psychology

Current psychological research suggests divorce is transmitted from generation to generation, although causation of this transmission has yet to be proven. This paper applies existing research on the intergenerational transmission of divorce and its effect on adolescent and adult romantic...

04 Dec 2008

The sociology of housing and the housing problem

Essay - 9 pages - Social sciences

At its most elementary level, housing serves as shelter, offering protection against inclement weather and victimization by street crime. Housing fulfils other functions as well. It is typically a significant economic investment, for households as well as builders. Residents also tend to hold...

08 Dec 2008

Becoming Me: My journey through life

Essay - 7 pages - Journalism

From birth my life was destined to be anything but usual. I was born into the broken lower-class home of a sixteen year old girl and her parents, who resented the girl for having pre-marital sex. I know this because of a letter this girl wrote to me and sent with me when I was adopted. Soon...

18 Dec 2008

The theme of isolation in Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis'

Book review - 5 pages - Literature

Franz Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis concerns a traveling salesmen named Gregor Samsa who “[awakens] from unsettling dreams one morning” and “[finds] himself transformed into a monstrous vermin” (Kafka 7). Gregor is late for work, and he gripes about his joyless job; he...

18 Dec 2008

The morality of drug use and dealing

Essay - 6 pages - Journalism

Everyone in America wants to live the American Dream. They want to make a lot of money and be happy. Life is not easy though, and it is difficult to successfully live out the American Dream. Some people are fortunate enough to be born into families who are financially well off and everything in...

18 Dec 2008

Masculinity in Korean and western films

Essay - 5 pages - Film studies

Korean cinema has made significant progress over the years. Two of the greatest Korean movies are A Stray Bullet (Obaltan) directed by Yu Hyun-mok (1960) and The Coachman directed by Kang Dae-jin (1961). A Stray Bullet is about a man named Chul-ho who leads a life of honesty and morality. Despite...

09 Jan 2009

Disruptive and violent delinquent girls: Behavioral causes and treatment options

Essay - 6 pages - Psychology

Delinquency among females is on the rise, with cases among adolescent females increasing by eighty-three percent between 1988 and 1997 (Leve and Chamberlain, 2004). While it is often found that girls are brought into custody for more minor offenses than boys, the proportion of females committing...

15 Jan 2009

Parenthood in French law and filiation

Essay - 9 pages - Services marketing

The purpose of this paper is first to understand French parenthood, namely the way to be the legal father or mother of a child. Investigating further, we will see whether the current legislation is modern enough or not, which will be our main question. Indeed, some scholars and politicians think...

20 Feb 2009

Efficiency and efficacy of Tricare

Essay - 7 pages - Political science

The US Department of Defense's health care program is perhaps one of the most complex in the country. With 91 hospitals and 374 clinics facilities spread over the entire country and overseas for the uniformed service individuals in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, Marine Corps, Public...

20 Feb 2009

Re-entry programs for juveniles: Suggestions for improving rehabilitative efforts and including juveniles in the community

Essay - 15 pages - Social sciences

Children who have spent time committed in juvenile facilities need assistance with returning to their communities. In collaboration with various educational institutions and other non-profit organizations, the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, has created a number of community re-entry...

26 Feb 2009

An assignment addressing key issues in social work

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

This assignment will focus on the key issues socially, economically and personally for the Hughes family, also the two methods of social work intervention I will use to assist with elevating issues, task-centred practice and crisis intervention. I will endeavour to critically analyse the...

12 Mar 2009

Report on Reliance Insurance Company Ltd

Case study - 45 pages - Finance

Insurance may be described as a social device to reduce or eliminate risk of loss to life and property. Insurance is a collective bearing of risk. Insurance is a financial device to spread the risks and losses of few people among a large number of people, as people prefer small fixed liability...

14 Apr 2009

China's one-child policy: Out-of-date and in need of abolition

Thesis - 5 pages - Political science

Now approaching its 30-year anniversary, China's one-child policy has been in effect since 1979, when it was introduced by Deng Xiaoping. It was a policy that was originally intended to be a short-term solution to an exploding population in the late 1970's. Designed to last a single generation,...

16 Apr 2009

Religious roles of women in the republican period of Rome

Thesis - 4 pages - Social sciences

The role of women in Roman religion during the period of the Republic was integral to Roman religious practice, and the vitality and import of feminine roles in Republican religion should not be underestimated. Although women did not always participate as directly in public religious practice or...

21 Apr 2009

Patient's right to refuse life sustaining treatment

Tutorials/exercises - 15 pages - Medical studies

Medicine and law overlap in regards to numerous issues, none more controversial than a patient's right to refuse life sustaining treatment. When a patient is suffering an incurable and irreversible medical condition they face the extremely difficult decision of whether or not to continue...

07 May 2009

From left to right: The most liberal conservative, feminist and socialist group in the U.S

Thesis - 6 pages - Political science

The wide spectrum of political groups in the United States has expanded as society and technology progress, creating groups that are can be very liberal, very conservative, very socialist, very feminist or any degree of moderate. The most extreme groups offer a foundation for individuals to view...