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21 Jul 2022

Foods that pregnant women should avoid

Summary - 2 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

Pregnancy is a time of rapid development, so mothers to be should be very careful when choosing what to eat, because some foods may harm them or their unborn baby. This research paper is written after reading several articles on the subject.

01 Sep 2022

SWOT Analysis - The organic food marketing strategy

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

The rising awareness concerning organic food substances among individuals across the globe has been one of the critical factors driving the accelerated growth of organic products within the global market. Additionally, rising concerns from potential consumers regarding the use of harmful...

11 Oct 2021

Example of a competitive benchmark - Fast food restaurants

Case study - 8 pages - Marketing theories

Marketing and competitor analysis play an increasingly important role in the life of businesses. Indeed, regardless of the sector, they are subject to very strong competition, and it is necessary to adapt to obtain the best results and always be more competitive. But developing effective...

01 Oct 2021

PESTEL Analysis - Kraft Foods

Case study - 4 pages - Distribution marketing

"The spirit of a start-up, the soul of a powerhouse": created in 1980 under the name of Kraft Foods Global, the company was initially based in Delaware in the United States before it relocated to Virginia in 2012. This move coincided with the company changing its name to Kraft Foods...

20 Oct 2021

SWOT Analysis - Kraft Foods

Case study - 5 pages - Distribution marketing

"The spirit of a start-up, the soul of a powerhouse": created in 1980 under the name of Kraft Foods Global, the company was initially based in Delaware in the United States before relocating to Virginia, with it should be remembered a change of name in 2012, to become Kraft Foods...

28 Jul 2020

Brand image analysis - Whole Foods Market

Case study - 2 pages - Distribution marketing

In today's society, which is becoming more and more aware of environmental problems and of the need to be more environmentally-friendly, Whole Foods Market is at the center of attention with its offer of local, organic, healthy food. Making it one of the leaders on the market....

29 Sep 2016

Genetically modified foods: a feeding system in need of improvement?

Essay - 4 pages - Medical studies

Genetically engineered food has become a very controversial topic over the past few decades, and the issue continues to gain importance as more companies are producing genetically engineered/modified foods. The process of genetic engineering involves taking food products,...

29 Sep 2015

Does displaying nutritional information in fast food restaurants impact consumers ?

Essay - 22 pages - Medical studies

In Western societies food is usually readily available, but poor nutritional choices have been linked to poor health as well as to such things as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Often these choices involve fast food. (NHS Choices, undated):- The observed association between...

25 Mar 2015

Social class - does it affect understanding of people's relationship with food and/or drink

Case study - 8 pages - Social sciences

A multi-national company is a company that has been formed to operate across known international physical boundaries (Cooke, 2003). These companies are often located to other international countries apart from the parent country in which it was originally founded. These multinational companies...

27 Jan 2015

Kraft Foods Marketing

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Kraft Foods incessantly continue building on the successes it has achieved by dealing with childhood favorites such as Kool-Aid, Jello, or Mac-n-cheese. This product line has been taken to this 21st Century through the provision of varied recipes that are usually accompanied with...

18 Dec 2014

Corporate Finance - comparison between "McDonalds" and "Burger King", two leading fast food chains

Case study - 11 pages - Finance

The two companies have been present in the fast food market for a long time and they produce different types of food. The turnover of Burger King amounts to US$2.234 billion and that of McDonald's amounts to US$ 22.79 billion, which reveals that both the companies are very important...

21 Nov 2014

Climatic Change and its effect on Food Production

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The agricultural sector plays an important role within our country's economy. Other than agriculture providing us with food, agriculture also comprises of seafood, and livestock which all together contribute an estimate of $200 billion dollars annually to our country's economy (Brian &...

28 Feb 2014

GMO food labeling

Case study - 2 pages - Business strategy

Following the failure of California's Prop 37 proposal that advocated for labeling of GM foods, a good number of American citizens, have never been demanding to be informed of the content of the food they consume. About 92% of the citizens have been calling Food and Drug...

27 Aug 2014

Cape Breton Island Foods

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Cape Breton, an island in the Nova Scotia province, is known for producing the winter foods from vegetables to fruits that line the farmers' tables. In the markets for cape Breton are filled with meat, cheese and honey during the winter seasons, as well as good ethnic choices such as...

31 Jul 2014

Why the government should increase taxes on fast foods?

Case study - 3 pages - Finance

Over the years, medical experts have been battling the fast food health related problems. Some of these health problems include obesity and weight-related health issues such as diabetes. However, this has not been a success for the Australian government. Relying on the food industry...

03 Nov 2014

The impact of the food we consume

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Varieties of plants and animals make up our planet. These plants and animals provide man with a variety of food to choose from in order to survive and reproduce. However, the type of food available in a certain part of the globe depends on environmental, economic, and ecological...

28 Feb 2014

Food and Sustainability

Case study - 13 pages - Educational studies

In the early 1990s, the phrase sustainability came out as a concept meant to lower the environmental human footprint. It was seen as an approach of seeing to it that there is conservation of natural resources for future use. The concept only picked momentum after few years due to public scrutiny....

07 Oct 2013

McDonald's: Corporate reputation after criticism of unhealthy food

Case study - 20 pages - Management

McDonald's is a large fast food chain with an international presence around the world. During the last few years, the company has been criticized by customers for offering unhealthy food causing obesity, and for dodgy corporate ethics. This is why we decided to study the...

09 Apr 2013

Food service management research project

Case study - 4 pages - Sociology

Anyone can own a restaurant, however not everyone can be successful in owning and operating one. For Arturo Kassel, opening his dream restaurant would be more of trail and error than a fairy tale ending. Beginning in 2008, Kassel was a beverage manager at a New York hotel with the drive and...

15 Aug 2013

An in-depth case study of Nestlé Foods from the view points of organizations as organisms and organizations as cultures, and leadership implications

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

This paper is submitted in requirement of the independent study in ‘Leading Complex Organizations' for the MAOM program for the Spring Quarter. The organization selected for study is the global company Nestlé Foods. The study is approached from the points of view of organizations as...

06 Dec 2013

What is functional food and what are its potential benefits?

Case study - 15 pages - Educational studies

People are becoming increasingly interested in disease prevention rather than cure the disease and holistic approaches to promote health, such as eating nutritionally diet, maintaining fitness, etc… Interest in ‘natural and nutritional' treatments and products therefore continues to...

12 Jul 2013

Marketing Strategy of Bulla Dairy Foods, Australia

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

Marketing is considered as one of the most important functions in any organization. Without right marketing, it is impossible for companies to reach wide range of customers in this globalized environment. When an organization is entering into foreign markets, the importance of marketing would be...

25 Nov 2013

Kudler Fine Foods

Case study - 4 pages - Management

This theory asserts specific traits possessed by leaders, primarily drive, leadership motivation, honesty and integrity, self confidence, resonance, and cognitive ability are necessary for leaders to produce the results needed for success. The strength of this theory exists in its reliance on...

06 Jun 2012

A study of current attitudes to genetically modified food

Case study - 30 pages - Business strategy

Since the 1990s, there has been an emergence of a new type of biotechnology namely, Genetically Modified Food technology (GM). GM organisms result from biotechnological process which consists of altering traits of original crops by inserting the DNA of another organism (MacCracken et al.,...

04 Apr 2012

Sensory marketing- What can we learn from food and beverages industry

Essay - 5 pages - Services marketing

The use of sensory approach to communicate brands' identity is on the rise. For example, it's been said that scent marketing- the use of smell to enhance sensory experience- is now a multi billion dollar business. Companies devoted to perfume creation and scenting solutions flourish all over the...

19 May 2011

The marketing strategies of organic fast food

Thesis - 22 pages - Business strategy

This paper focuses on the recent changes encountered in the fast food industry. Fast food restaurants are slowly changing their marketing strategies in order to meet new consumer attitudes and behaviors. The recent environmental issues and obesity problems are worrying consumers and...

03 Mar 2011

Strategic analysis of the launching of the Tassimo machine by Kraft Foods Inc.

Case study - 10 pages - Services marketing

Kraft Foods Inc. is the second largest global brand in the food and drink sector. The group markets its products in 149 countries, representing more than 114,000 employees, and has a portfolio of 61 brands achieving a turnover of over 100 million dollars anually. Kraft Foods...

12 Jan 2011

Genetically Modified Food: A trip to your grave

Thesis - 3 pages - Medical studies

Have you ever wondered if what you are eating is pure or not? Or whether it came from a natural plant or a laboratory experiment? GMF is ruling the world as we know it. People will anything that tastes good, but what about health? Is it not important to consider health in your life? Because...

15 Jun 2011

Importance of food in the Jewish culture: Research writing

Essay - 5 pages - Social sciences

Food is, and always has been, a recurring theme throughout Jewish life, culture, and tradition. All services, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, holidays, etc. commence with diverse and suitable meals. This culinary theme, which stays apparent throughout an entire Jewish year,...

31 Jan 2011

Impact of loyalty programs on consumer purchase behavior in the UK food retail industry

Essay - 6 pages - Services marketing

According to Huddlestone (2004), to survive in today's competitive food market, food retailers must develop and maintain a loyal customer base. This study explores the impact of loyalty programs on the customer purchasing behavior in the United Kingdom food retail industry....