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12 Jul 2021

The Catering Market - Home Delivery

Market study - 7 pages - Services marketing

The restaurant business has grown in size in the space of a few years. Indeed, the digital world, as well as digitisation, has helped to energise the entire market. In recent weeks, however, a transformation of consumption habits has taken place, undoubtedly linked to the coronavirus, which has...

25 Jun 2021

SWOT Analysis - FedEx

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

The parcel delivery market has grown considerably in recent months, especially since the onset of the health crisis around the world. Thus, in 2020, the sector grew by more than 43%, recording a turnover of 190.6 billion euros. In 2020, more than 40% of consumers subscribed to an online...

08 Mar 2023

Growth Analysis - Domino's Pizza, Inc

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

After a slight decline in performance since mid-2022, Domino's Pizza is starting to perform well again and this leads us to believe that for the year 2023, new marketing strategies will be put in place to continue to have good growth. Domino's Pizza has released its results for its first...

10 Nov 2022

How to reduce the turnover of a company dependent on a single supplier by developing a multi-supplier and international merchant site?

Dissertation - 28 pages - Digital & e-marketing

MANICO is an ESPRIT franchise. This type of contract creates a high dependency on a single supplier and eliminates any possibility of online sales. In order to reduce this reliance on ESPRIT, the company wishes to develop a merchant website with several French and foreign brands and to provide...

30 Sep 2022

Market Study - The Do-It-Yourself in the US

Market study - 10 pages - Distribution marketing

The global do-it-yourself home automation market has been expected to reach about 22 billion dollars by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 38 percent between 2016 and 2021. The United States has held a considerable portion of the market, along with Europe, whereas the Asia Pacific...

11 Aug 2019

Carrefour's logistics strategy

Case study - 9 pages - Business strategy

The term strategy comes from the Greek -statos-, having as meaning -army- with -agen- which means -to drive-, and then from the Italian -strategia-. It is usual to associate this term strategy with an exclusive approach undertaken by the General Management of any company. There are many, and...

05 Sep 2014

Problems that students face at home that causes non-completion of college education

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

The paper is primarily going to examine the problems that students face at home, which hinders them from completing their college education. Challenges emanating from home can cause non-completion of college education by students. Non-completion of college education is a menace to...

06 Oct 2022

Market Study - The Do it Yourself in the UK

Market study - 9 pages - Distribution marketing

The world's do-it-yourself home development market has gotten expected to reach 27 billion pounds by the fourth quarter of 2022, at an intriguing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 40 percent between 2017 and 2022 (Seo et al., 2021). The United Kingdom has not only managed to achieve but...

27 Jan 2011

Impact of the delays of delivery of A380 Airbus in the sector of aeronautics and the restructuring plan

Essay - 11 pages - Business strategy

These last months, the situation of the air transport has been strongly influenced by the crisis which Airbus saw, due mainly to the delays in the delivery of A380. Sonaca is also touched by this crisis, and this, because Airbus is a very important customer. Indeed, the orders for A380...

01 Aug 2022

Pestel Analysis - The real estate market in the US

Case study - 6 pages - Services marketing

The United States' housing market is experiencing a considerable shift. As the government tries to quell the impacts of inflation with relatively higher interest rates, every other aspect of the economy from foreclosure rates to housing market prices remains in flux. As such, housing prices...

30 Jun 2021

Marketing Mix - Fedex

Case study - 5 pages - Services marketing

The delivery sector has grown considerably in recent years and arguably even more since the onset of the health crisis. In fact, in recent months, more and more consumers have placed orders during successive lockdowns, which has considerably increased the turnover of online stores, but...

09 Jan 2009

Entry level nursing preparation and its impact on health care delivery

Essay - 13 pages - Educational studies

Few professions have changed to the degree that nursing has in the past one hundred years. Despite the obvious challenges, most notably the ongoing nursing shortage, it is crucial to update the requirements of being certified as a registered nurse. The only logical approach to this, taking into...

20 Apr 2009

Credit appraisal process and customer satisfaction on home loans with reference to ING Vysya Bank Ltd

Market study - 46 pages - Business strategy

The changes after liberalization and globalization process was initiated in 1991 had a significant impact on the financial sector. In India, housing finance segment has increased in the recent years. Boost to housing can rejuvenate the economy. The success of the housing companies in the market...

02 Sep 2022

Sub-populations within a population - The older age group

Dissertation - 6 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Sub-population refers to a minority group within a population. Understanding these groups assists governments when developing policies that touch on the general population. In Canada, the government considers anyone from the age of 55 years to belong to the older age group population in society....

11 Oct 2021

Example of a competitive benchmark - Fast food restaurants

Case study - 8 pages - Marketing theories

Marketing and competitor analysis play an increasingly important role in the life of businesses. Indeed, regardless of the sector, they are subject to very strong competition, and it is necessary to adapt to obtain the best results and always be more competitive. But developing effective...

07 Apr 2010

An effective knowledge delivery for understanding hypothesis testing: Adding a step zero

Thesis - 5 pages - Mathematics

Knowledge on statistics is increasingly important for professionals in modern business. For example, hypothesis testing is especially one of the critical topics for quality managers and team workers in Six-Sigma training programs. Delivering the knowledge of hypothesis testing sometimes is an...

21 Apr 2009

Financial services through non branch delivery channels

Case study - 42 pages - Finance

With more than 70 percent of financial system assets owned by the banks, the banking sector continues to be the most dominant force in the Indian financial system. However, with the growth in the economy being sluggish, banks can no longer afford to rely on ‘corporate banking' to...

01 Mar 2013

Tesco: Homeplus subway virtual store

Case study - 8 pages - Business strategy

The service that we have chosen is the Tesco's HomePlus Subway Virtual Store. This concept appeared first in the subway of Seoul, in South Korea, in September 2010 . It was developed by Tesco, a distribution group mainly based in the United-Kingdom, Ireland and Asia . The principle of this...

10 Jan 2011

Analysis of the e-business strategy used at Picard Surgeles

Case study - 13 pages - Business strategy

Picard Surgeles or Picard Frozen foods is a French company that was founded by Raymond Picard in 1906. This company is France's leading frozen foods specialist. It is both a manufacturer and distributor of frozen foods. It has about 1000 products on offer, and a distribution network of 800...

30 Apr 2013

Venture in international markets - Picard in Brazil

Case study - 40 pages - Business strategy

Picard is a French frozen food retailer focusing in its own brand product lines. Currently, Picard has over 800 stores in metropolitan France and has a market share of approximately 20% in the frozen food market. The retailer´s overall strategy is characterized as a premium proposition with a...

13 Aug 2009

An overview of Netflix

Thesis - 8 pages - Business strategy

Reed Hastings founded Netflix in 1997 during the emergent days of Internet retailing, to offer home delivery of DVD rentals through the U.S. Postal Service. The company has grown at a rapid pace since to the point that in 2006, subscribers could use Netflix's website to choose from...

24 Feb 2012

Financial analysis of the French company Carrefour

Thesis - 10 pages - Finance

Carrefour SA is a France-based company that is engaged in retail distribution. It was founded in 1959 and opened its first supermarkets and hypermarkets in France in the 1960s. During the following two decades Carrefour expanded in Europe (UK, Italy) and widened its service range (consumer...

23 Sep 2009

An analysis of the Indian retail industry

Tutorials/exercises - 63 pages - Business strategy

The Indian retail sector is witnessing tremendous growth with the changing demographics and an improvement in the quality of life of urban people. The growing affluence of India's consuming class, the emergence of retail entrepreneurs and a variety of imported products particularly in the food...

26 Sep 2011

Subway - UK Operations

Market study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Subway, an American restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads, opened operations in the UK in 1996. In 2001, the company reached the 50th store mark and by 2010 it had become UK's most successful seller overtaking its chief fast food rival McDonalds in the number...

29 Sep 2010
doc financial and marketing analysis

Case study - 20 pages - Services marketing is the first online grocery retailer in Switzerland. It has been on the market since 1998. Until the end of 2003, its majority shareholder was the Bon appétit Group with 33% of the shares. This major Swiss wholesaler, decided in December 2002 to close down it's business. However, by...

29 Sep 2010

FedEx strategic analysis

Dissertation - 32 pages - Business strategy

FedEx is the IT-focused market leader of the international express courier business and further offers supply-chain-management solutions. Indeed, this company was founded as Federal Express in 1971 by the U.S. Marine and Frederick W. Smith in Little Rock (Arkansas). FedEx has been chosen in...

29 Sep 2010

E -Business Model -La Redoute

Case study - 11 pages - Business strategy

With 80-years of catalog experience, La Redoute has long been a household name in France, trusted for its quality, style and selection. Indeed, as a part of PPR's home-shopping division, Redcats, a global retail leader, the company is a Fashion and Home decoration...

30 Dec 2010

Dominos pizza - Failures and key success factors

Case study - 8 pages - Management

With beginning of the year 1960, the pizza pie registered such an obsession in the USA that many specialized chains were created in order to answer the requests. The first Dominos Pizza opened in 1960 in the State of Michigan. In order to meet the needs of its customers, the students of the...

29 Sep 2010

Tesco Case Study

Case study - 23 pages - Business strategy

To understand the essay, it will be useful to consider the environment of the national market. Indeed, it will be helpful to understand why environmental influences are particularly significant in the future of a company and its competitors. So, 'a dynamic PESTE analysis can be done in order...

23 Jun 2010

Segmentation for MCD: Service outputs

Presentation - 19 pages - Logistics

The new software made gave an option of speedier check out, nutrients & ingredients list, & a cumulative list of what has been purchased during an on-line shopping trip. In December 1998 Peapod started their 1st dedicated distribution center leading to a reduced delivery costs to...