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27 Jan 2011

The policy of service at Decathlon

Case study - 26 pages - Services marketing

In France, Decathlon is the leading specialized distributor of sports and leisure. Its success is the result of the introduction of an innovative policy. The concept was to offer facilities for all athletes, from beginners to professionals, in all brands available under one roof. The company now...

29 Sep 2010

International marketing strategy: Ikea

Case study - 29 pages - Services marketing

This Swedish chain began as the vision of one enterprising young man. As a boy, Ingvar Kamprad used to purchase matches in Stockholm, and sell them to people in his native rural town of Agunnaryd at a discount price. Eventually, he applied this concept from matches to mattresses and home...

07 Jun 2011

Business Strategy: Domino's Pizza International Inc.

Case study - 4 pages - Business strategy

Thomas S. Monaghan began Domino's Pizza with one store in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1960. To better serve his largest customer segment, i.e. University of Michigan students who were reluctant to go out for a pizza when preparing for exams, Monaghan began delivering to the customer's door....

03 Mar 2011

Pepsi-cola versus Coca-Cola

Case study - 24 pages - Services marketing

The PepsiCo group distributes products of different brands in 192 countries, including Pepsi, which is the primary brand of the group. The core business of Pepsi Co is the manufacture and distribution of soft drinks. Thus, the Pepsi brand ranks the second in the world in soft drinks, behind...

27 Jan 2011

Analysis of the study of a brand:IKEA

Case study - 56 pages - Services marketing

The comfort of the living is at the heart of the expectations of ones contemporaries. It is omnipresent and multifaceted and includes user comfort, mental comfort, and existential comfort. The modularity is synonymous with functionality. There is a constant search for excitement and conviviality...

26 May 2009

The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the retail industry in India

Dissertation - 102 pages - Finance

Retailing is the largest private industry in India and second largest employer after agriculture. Retailers not only provide consumers with a wide variety of products, but also a wide range of complementary services such as assurance of products delivery which can lead to more informed...

29 Sep 2010

Food Processing: Frozen ready meals - The Marie Case

Case study - 24 pages - Business strategy

Marie is a food processing company that specializes in fresh ready meals and frozen ready meals. Marie manufactures and commercializes products with the brands Marie, Bocuse, Luang (exotic meals), Weight Watchers (light meals) and also the Uniq group which is a major player of the food...

03 Mar 2011

Sectoral study of Louis Vuitton

Case study - 50 pages - Services marketing

Leather is a strategic market for the luxury industry. Supported by interest of customers, leather goods are upscale and luxury goods that are experienced as one of the fastest growing sector in recent years while offering high margins. Even today, the leather remains one of the luxury segments...

27 Jan 2011

Product analysis of Senseo

Case study - 20 pages - Services marketing

Senseo was established by the merger between the small electrical company Philips and Douwe Egberts, and it is the subsidiary of the Sara Lee Corporation. By 1995, both companies began combining their projects, 6 years after the concept Senseo was launched in the Netherlands. Senseo coffee makers...

30 May 2009

Barista Vs Coffee Day

Tutorials/exercises - 73 pages - Services marketing

It all began around 1000 A.D. when Arab traders began to cultivate coffee beans in large plantations. They began to boil the beans creating a drink they called ‘qahwa' which translates to ‘that which prevents sleep'. The Coffee Café industry is currently one of the biggest and fastest...

20 Jun 2008

Latinos and healthcare in the United States: Diverse challenges and unmet needs

Dissertation - 26 pages - Social sciences

Since 2003, Latinos have become the largest minority group in the United States, composing over 12.5% of the population. Unfortunately, many Latinos are not able to access healthcare in a meaningful way, as barriers of availability, accessibility, affordability and adaptability create a...

29 Sep 2009

A study on Ikea's strategy

Tutorials/exercises - 18 pages - Business strategy

The main Ikea's service is to provide all consumer design furniture at a low price. IKEA entails a qualitative change by making design and practical products at the same price than the basic one. IKEA creates something new by creating new processes through innovative design, production,...

09 Dec 2010

The TNT Group and its Sustainable Development: Strategy and Financial Analysis

Thesis - 55 pages - Business strategy

For many years, TNT has been communicating actively about social values and its social commitments, and neglecting to talk about its trade and transportation. Thus, the group seems to incorporate the concept of sustainable development in its business fundamentals. However, is this just a desire...

16 Feb 2011

Logistic strategies of the companies of luxury - Example of Louis Vuitton

Case study - 42 pages - Logistics

In this paper, we will focus on logistics and strategies of luxury companies. We will also analyze their future prospects. Initially, key concepts and existing models in terms of logistics are defined in the first paragraph. Therefore, one sees three different types of strategies, the offensive,...

21 Feb 2012

Case study -

Case study - 10 pages - Business strategy

Value Proposition: Successful e-commerce value propositions; An innovative concept; A new mode of consumption; Fashion and lifestyle e-commerce business; International website. Experience: Specialist for over 20 years of storage; Facilitation of transactions by managing product delivery;...

29 Sep 2010

e-business in the development of Interflora - Case study

Case study - 11 pages - Services marketing

Our study will focus on Interflora with respect to the French market. The French website will have interface with all other region based Interflora websites throughout the world, so as to ensure prompt and efficient global deliveries. Interflora is the largest flower delivery company by...

17 Dec 2012

Picard marketing strategy

Case study - 20 pages - Business strategy

The creation of Picard in France coincides with the beginning of frozen food in the USA but the technology in France was far from being as advanced. Therefore, in 1906, Raymond Picard created “les Glacières de Fontainebleau”, begun by manufacturing and by delivering blocks of ice which...

29 Sep 2010

The Ikea site visit : organisation of Saint Quentin Fallavier platform

Case study - 16 pages - Logistics

IKEA is a privately held international low-cost home-furnishings retailer. It was founded in 1943 in Sweden by Ingvar Kamprad, but is now owned by a Dutch-registered foundation, which is still controlled by the Kamprad family. This foundation, whose offices are in the Netherlands, Sweden...

12 Mar 2021

SWOT Analysis - McDonald's

Case study - 5 pages - Brand management

The McDonald's Group (full name: McDonald's Corp) is undoubtedly one of the best-known groups in the world. The emblem of fast food (and sometimes even a symbol of junk food), the group offers fast food services (burgers, salads, wraps), on-site, take away, drive-through or...

23 Nov 2010

How can Unilever adapt its marketing policy to effectively counter price rise?

Thesis - 42 pages - Services marketing

My objective in pursuing a graduate course in a food company was to study the function of trade on a circuit outside home for a period of four months. Keen on studying a company policy different from those I has encountered during my previous experiences in the field of retail, my choice...

12 Mar 2009

Ascendum Systems Pvt Ltd

Dissertation - 86 pages - Business strategy

India is poised to become a global IT superpower is not a revelation. Indians dominate the IT sector workforce, not only in US, but all over the world. In the last year or two, countries like Germany, France, and Japan have opened doors and are hiring hundreds of thousands of Indians in the IT...

29 Apr 2009

Building digital brands

Thesis - 40 pages - Services marketing

Online has always taken a back seat to offline in brand building. Yet online offers the best options for building a meaningful brand, options that didn't exist only a few years ago. Companies without a solid digital brand strategy are literally being left behind as leaders build new digital...

29 Sep 2010

Airbus, A380 - Company profile

Case study - 41 pages - Economy general

Airbus is one of the world's leading suppliers of commercial aircraft. This 100-seater boasts a major portion of the market share of annual deliveries worldwide. Its market share has grown from 15% in 1990 to 52% in 2003. On December 31, 2003, its backlog of orders (1,454 aircraft) stood at...

29 Sep 2010

AuchanDrive, E-ZPass and Amadeus cases

Case study - 10 pages - Economy general

The drive-in hypermarket Auchan Drive is a concept which was launched in Leers (north of the France) in 2000. This new service offers the customer the possibility to place an order on the website (or on a terminal located into the stores), and to pay for it by credit card...

29 Sep 2010

Three Case Studies of Business Law

Essay - 7 pages - Business law

In the first situation, we can identify three main issues. First of all, the order arrived a few days late. Then the Buyer asserts that the MP3 Players were damaged by moisture by the ship's hull. These two problems are linked to each other: the Buyers wants us to cut the sell price from...

29 Nov 2010

Study of the company Grand Optical

Case study - 15 pages - Management

Grand Optical is a chain of optical stores, which was created in 1989 with the opening of a single store in the mall of Belle Thorn in the Paris region. For the first time a laboratory was built within the institution and was in full view of the customers. This channel belongs to the group which...

15 May 2009

From a new organization to sustainable development

Thesis - 9 pages - Business strategy

The aim of our proposal is to attract new customers and adapt C2D to the new market industry. C2D likes all companies in the world needs to adapt itself everyday to stay competitive in the actual market. The company image is important now more than ever and each company must find new markets to...

27 Jan 2011

Human Resources department of IKEA

Essay - 38 pages - Human resources

Since it was registered as a corporation in 1943, IKEA has developed into an international group, present in approximately 43 countries. IKEA gets its name from the initials of Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, located in Småland, Sweden. Ingvar Kamprad was just 17 when he registered IKEA...

28 May 2009

A study of human resources development climate in hospitals and its impact on patient satisfaction

Tutorials/exercises - 43 pages - Human resources

Combining medical technology and the human touch, the health care industry administers care around the clock, responding to the needs of millions of people—from newborns to the critically ill. Industry organization - About 580,000 establishments make up the health care industry; they vary...

15 Jan 2009

Business communication: Netflix and

Case study - 7 pages - Business strategy

Amazon is company which has been experiencing strong expansion. They moved from book distribution to, tools, auto, industrial, sports, health & beauty, grocery, electronics & computers and other products and services. Amazon is constantly scrutiny new market for new growth opportunities. The...